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09:24  30 july  2021
09:24  30 july  2021 Source:   edinburghnews.scotsman.com

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Care homes closure

Plans to close five Edinburgh care homes are ‘wrong’, warn critics

Vicki Childerstone

There is already a huge gap in the care sector. I work supporting adults with learning disabilities, and once they reach a certain age or stage, there is nowhere for them to go. We had someone go into hospital after numerous falls, as we can't be there 24/7, ended up there for months as nowhere suitable could be found, couldn't put them in a "normal nursing home" due to their learning disability and couldn't be left in the house without someone 24/7, which the council won't provide. Same with my grandad, he had dementia, couldn't live at home, but not downhill enough for a nursing home, there is no in-between and it's a dreadful system.

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Raymond Rose

This is appalling, the privitisation of public services never works out better for service users. Those that preside over such dismantling of public service, ought to hang their sorry heads in shame, as they take huge bonuses for doing so and then are awarded honours. How they can sleep at nights is beyond me!

Sharon Groom

Stop giving the fat cats huge salary increases.

Jacqueline Bell

The operation of Edinburgh Integration Joint Board is nothing new. Closing things down without proper consultation with residents, families and staff is all linked to the shifting the balance of care philosophy - that people will be cared for with packages in the community. The mantra began in 2010 or so. Problem is there is not the capacity of care in the community. I worked at Liberton Hospital. Staff found out that it was planned for closure in 2015 from a newsletter- decision already taken. In 2016 wards were being closed but not enough beds. Older people being moved to interim care homes at a couple of hours notice leading to distress. The care packages have never been flowing. We still have delayed discharge. Some will still need 24 hour care - packages do not take you to the toilet at night, they do not give regular turning to prevent skin breakdown. They do not give 24 hour supervision for people with dementia who wander. There are care home shortages, particularly for those who have only social work funding. It seems NHS are considering taking on a nursing home in Lasswade. The lack of communication is not just Edinburgh IJB - its also happening in East Lothian.

‘Hidden Covid death toll’ finds more than 25,000 people receiving home care have died since pandemic began

  ‘Hidden Covid death toll’ finds more than 25,000 people receiving home care have died since pandemic began Figures suggest reported deaths increased in England by nearly 50 per cent between April last year to MarchMore than 25,000 people receiving home care – such as the elderly and disabled people with physical and learning difficulties – have died across England and Scotland since March 2020, according to data obtained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Yvonne Reilly

How can they close these care homes, where are all these people going to go? It’s just wrong. Instead of billionaires going into space, please help these care homes.

Drug deaths

A ‘grim milestone' of 10,000 Scottish drug deaths in 14 years is expected to be marked this week

Gordon Gillies

What is being done in Scotland to identify the source and to ensure when caught the sentences are severe to help act as a possible deterrent to these pedlers of death to so many unfortunate and susceptible people in Scotland?

CR Ronald

Congratulations SNP, you've really done a great job so far! Highest drugs deaths in the last few years. What an achievement.

Stephen Allison

Truly awful state. Government needs a serious shake up, letting this get out of control. Scotland should be ashamed of this stat. These people need help, to kick the habit. Something is seriously going wrong. No investment!

Which Edinburgh care homes were hit hardest by Covid-19 deaths?

  Which Edinburgh care homes were hit hardest by Covid-19 deaths? The Edinburgh Evening News has pulled together data published by the Care Inspectorate which details how many deaths in care homes were related to Covid-19.The searchable table allows you to search by individual care home, by provider, by local authority, or by sorting the table by clicking on any one of the columns.

Deirdre Silbourne

How can you blame the government for people choosing to take drugs?

Alastair McCarry

There is no case for the defence. A generation of youngsters who lack the maturity to make the right choices and are then addicted / neglected. Circa 30 deaths a week may not be a pandemic but it certainly merits being up there with Covid in the next year, yet no podiumor TV updates. Drug rehab is important but surely the government recognises that it has to deal with the core of the problem, ie the supply. Put the same effort into stopping the supply coming into the country as Covid and its a start.

Andy Donaldson

We should maybe start to consider that prohibition isn't the way forward, criminal justice solutions don't work, and move towards decriminalisation and health-based solutions.

Michael Linton

I feel sorry for their families but I have zero sympathy for the junkies. If you're stupid enough to put that stuff into yourself you deserve all you get.

Benjamin Paul

People are frothing at the chance to blame the SNP, as if Sturgeon and her party are forcing drugs on grown adults. People, for right or wrong, make their own choices.

Nicola Sturgeon faces backlash after thousands of care home residents have died since promised new visiting rights .
The First Minister pledged to enact Anne’s Law in the SNP’s manifesto for the Holyrood Election in May after a Sunday Mail-backed campaign. But angry relatives, activists and politicians who are still waiting four months later have accused her of failing to make good on the commitment while the rest of the UK races ahead. © Supplied Anne Duke, who law is named after They want a timetable to end the “torture” of people in homes when Sturgeon announces her Programme for Government next week.

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