Health & Fitness from the perennial in the glass: What you can do from blackberries now

20:05  01 august  2021
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Original Cocktail Recipe: Wine Slushie with Berries

 Original Cocktail Recipe: Wine Slushie with Berries Wine in a Slushie? Yes, heard right! With this special cocktail, red wine becomes perfect refreshment © iStockphoto with this cocktail red wine shows its refreshing side iStockphoto you still have red wine left, but desire for a little more refreshment? Then try this delicious drink! The combination of vodka, red wine and fruits gives it a bitter sweet note and the slushie consistency refreshes unemployed.

Whoever harvested too much, which can not only process the aromatic fruit for jam.

  Von der Staude ins Glas: Was man jetzt aus Brombeeren machen kann © Getty Images / iStockphoto / Nitrub / iStockphoto.com

The sweet-sour taste of the blackberries loves Martin Freimüller so much that he has set them a kind of monument in his nursery - picking themselves with a field to themselves: "Now is harvest time. So many fruits like this year have never been to the shrubs, "he is happy.

that he puts on blackberries and not like many colleagues on strawberries, was a plural decision: "I did not make a market analysis before: It was just the passion for the berries," says the gardener from Vienna-Floridsdorf (Brombreren.at). The advantage of his field: the shrubs have no thorns. Whoever harvest the black collecting fruits in nature, must be well equipped to make it not pique. Both for wild and bred fruits: "The full aroma have blackberries only when they are deep black and are so easy to pick themselves that they almost solve themselves by them," White Freimüller.

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Recipes for Syrup and Liqueur

If the harvest basket is lush, there are many ways to preserve the aroma. The classic is of course jam. A refreshing variant is the syrup that is prepared with a steam detachment or just in the pot. In the latter one lets a kilo of blackberries with half a liter of water boil five to ten minutes and cools the crowd. Then you mix them with a kilo syrup sugar and lets you pull it overnight in a cool place. The crowd is painted by a sieve or a fleet Lotte, boiled again for three minutes and bottled.

liqueur lovers swear to this recipe: two kilos of blackberries with a liter of mineral water and brush through a fleet Lotte or a sieve. Boil the crowd, mix with a kilo sugar as well as some vanilla sugar and cook for three minutes. A tablespoon of soluble coffee, which is now given to make the charm of this liqueur. Cook the whole for three minutes, add a three-quarter liter of rum (38 to 40 percent), cook for another five minutes and fill in sterilized bottles. Bottom up!

The Perfect Fruit Tart With A Creamy Sweet Filling .
Summer fruit at its finest.

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