Health & Fitness The CDU, election campaign apps and criminal matches: Once Shitstorm is probably not

20:55  05 august  2021
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The CDU has a security researcher for volunteering at the security of the party-own election campaign app. This shows that this party can also 2021 neither basic IT principles nor reasonable fault culture.

Du CDU lernt offenbar nicht dazu. © Adriana Iacob / Shutterstock DU CDU does not learn not.

Only in May the CDU came into the headlines with its election campaign app CDU Connect. The IT security expert Lilith Wittmann had discovered a serious security gap in the software. She reported the weak point of the CDU, the BSI and the Berlin Data Protection Officer. Afterwards, it published details in a blog post. Responsible Disclosure is called the practice you followed to publish a gap until the risk is banned for those affected.

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The party had revealed Wittmann in the course of the vulnerability of the vulnerability offered a consulting activity . Wittmann has probably rejected the offer - and party representative: inside obviously threatened with legal consequences for disclosure of the vulnerability.

A drama in three files

on Tuesday she actually got mail from the LKA. There is a penalization against you. Wittmann published a screenshot of the mail on Twitter. This was followed by a drama in three files : The Chaos Computer Club announced on Wednesday morning, no longer want to report security gaps to the CDU in the future. In social media, the Hashtag #cduconnect, large media grabbed the topic. On Wednesday afternoon, CDU federal executive Stefan Hennewig Returned Via Twitter. The criminal application had been provided by fictitious. You have withdrawn the ad and apologized to Wittmann.

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Only, unfortunately she still has to harder. Only because the CDU has withdrawn the ad, that does not mean that the procedure is set, writes it to Twitter .

apart from it is the signal effect to other security expert: inside catastrophic. Anyone who has been threatened with an accidental advertisement - which may have been threatened before, upsi, will probably do a devil to sacrifice their own free time to check such a software on gaps in the future.

one goes!

The CDU shows with this behavior - the insecure app, the threat, the accidental display and the semi-yarn "apology", which followed only on a corresponding media echo - not only that its members have apparently nothing since lashes hacker slip-up in the May learned. It also shows where your priorities are. On IT security and expertise and a reasonable fault culture obviously not. Otherwise you could just be able to apologize for yourself. Not only at Wittmann by the way. Even with the nearly 20000 campaign helpers: inside and supporter: inside, with the data of which was flaked. Otherwise, at the latest after said blaming lashes at Zervakis could simply be able to further educate and inform how this works with this Internet.

maybe that's really too much. But even then, the CDU would have at least one: N communication advisor: in treat, who or times explained how to not stumble in the next one deserved Shitstorm. Actually, errors always have something good. You make you - and can learn from it. That did not understand only the CDU. Instead, the motto seems to be here: "Make mistakes and get the best again, because worse always goes".

The CDU applies according to surveys among voters: inside as a party with the highest digital competence in Germany. That this is a serious misjudgment, the party has now demonstrated more. When are the consequences?

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