Health & Fitness Too much sugar, less fruit: what do you really contain your yogurts?

16:30  28 september  2021
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Pepsi wants to reduce sugar content in drinks

 Pepsi wants to reduce sugar content in drinks The beverage and snack corporation Pepsi wants to significantly lower the sugar share in drinks. In its drinks offered in the EU, the Group seeks a quarter of less sugar to 2025, until 2030 it should be 50 percent. © Johannes Schmitt-Tegge / DPA Advertising for Pepsi Cola. The calories of the German beverage portfolio are to decline by 90 percent - half of the calories had already been banished compared to 2015.

Trop de sucre, moins de fruits : que contiennent vraiment vos yaourts ? © D3SIGN / GETTY Images Too much sugar, less fruit: what really contain your yogurts? A 125-grams pot of lacted dessert may contain the equivalent of four pieces of sugar.

The Association Consumption Housing Living Frame (CLCV) has decided to pass yogurt to the test bench. As the RTL relay, 264 yogurts or milk desserts have been tested: some results are sometimes amazing. It comes first that all the products tested contain an average of 14% of sugar, the equivalent of three pieces of sugar for 125 grams! The palm returns to milky desserts, type cream dessert with chocolate, with the equivalent of four pieces of sugar.

Runners often deviate from their race-day hydration strategy, study shows

  Runners often deviate from their race-day hydration strategy, study shows In fact, most runners take in 'significantly more' liquid than they ever intended . © stevecoleimages - Getty Images In fact, most runners take in 'significantly more' For the study, which was published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology, the team surveyed marathon runners (a mix of first-timers and seasoned marathoners) to compare their hydration practices between their training runs, their intended intake on race day, and their actual hydration strategy during the race, which happened to be the Hyannis Massachusetts Marathon.

of the numbers that are disputed syndifrais, which represents the manufacturers, with RTL, ensuring that the rate of sugar in yogurts was down between 2009 and 2017. 80% of the products tested contain aromas (fruit, vanilla ...) while the 98 yogurt references and desserts highlighting at least one fruit on their packaging contain on average ... 8% fruit. In a product out of ten, the fruits are even absent!

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"Attention, the presence of a 'natural aroma' does not guarantee the presence of the fruit put forward on the 'Packaging, "warns the study. "Indeed, a fishing taste yoghurt can contain a natural aroma that is not derived from fishing but from castor oil!" More than 7 out of 10 products contain at least one additive, whether there are thickeners and gelling agents (for 88%), emulsifiers (63%) or dyes (19%). Of the 264 products tested, 75 do not contain anyone. After this survey, the CLCV asks industry and distributors to minimize the use of additives and aromas and be more transparent about the origin of the ingredients. A strengthening of packaging regulations is also requested: the association wants it to be forbidden to use a fruit on a package if yoghurt does not contain any fruit.

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