Health & Fitness Incredible map lays bare staggering GP shortage in UK - with ONE doctor for 3,000 patients

13:25  16 october  2021
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Doctors warn un-jabbed people make up the bulk of recent fatalities

  Doctors warn un-jabbed people make up the bulk of recent fatalities Glenn Barrett, 51, was watching England v Croatia at a Grimsby social club when he probably contracted Covid-19. Three weeks later he was dead having earlier rejecting offers of a jab.Perhaps most worrying was the latest Public Health England (PHE) data showing more vaccinated people, on average, are dying from the disease compared to those who are unjabbed.

A shortage of GPs and newly qualified doctors joining the profession is putting increasing pressure on surgeries across the UK . An investigation by the BBC has uncovered a national shortage of GPs, doctors deserting the profession and junior doctors avoiding what they see as an "unglamorous" career. All these have culminated in the number of unfilled GP posts quadrupling in the past three years, which may help explain why your surgery's phone number is often engaged.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GP committee chairman at the British Medical Association, said: 'Placing more pharmacists into GP practice teams is a move the BMA has been advocating for some time. 'This proposal has the potential to improve the skills mix in local GP services and raise the number of healthcare professionals on hand to provide help to patients . 'This will be a welcome step forward,given that GP practices are currently under unprecedented strain from rising patient demand and falling resources.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has announced changes to GP services as we reach the tail end of the coronavirus pandemic. The overhaul will focus on getting more patients in to see their GP face-to-face should they wish, and rewarding practices with financial incentives if they revert back to pre-pandemic practices.

As part of the plans, patients will be able to rate their GP practice's performance via text message.

Practices that fail to provide an appropriate level of "access" will be named and shamed in league tables, as part of a move to encourage more face-to-face appointments.

UK Covid hospital admissions breach 1,000 for first time in 6 months

  UK Covid hospital admissions breach 1,000 for first time in 6 months It marks the first time there have been four-figure Covid admissions since February 24 when the second wave was being brought under control and the UK jab rollout was just gaining momentum. The DOH update — which often includes backlogged hospital data due to the way it's recorded — showed there were a further 943 Covid admissions on August 26 and 901 on August 27, which were both week-on-week rises.Meanwhile, there was a mixed picture as UK-wide infections increased by 4 per cent in a week to 32,181 but England's case numbers fell again, this time by 10 per cent.

Patients face seven-mile journey to new practice as GP shortages blamed for need to centralise care. It comes as BBC research shows the NHS is seeing the first sustained fall in GP numbers in the UK for 50 years. Powys health board officials and patient representatives described it as a "difficult decision". The number of GPs per 100, 000 people has fallen from nearly 65 in 2014 to 60 last year across the UK , according to analysis by the Nuffield Trust think-tank published on Wednesday

The number of patients registered with each GP practice has soared by up to a third in three years, figures reveal. Surgery list sizes are rocketing due to the effects of migration and a shortage of family doctors . Understaffed practices are having to close and their patients are being taken on by those Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s shadow health secretary, said: ‘There is now a chronic shortage of GPs and the Government needs to wake up to the fact that the NHS is facing pressures at every point’. Former health minister Norman Lamb added: ‘This cannot go on. Our GPs are the Cinderella service

GP map, a GP and mountain of paperwork © NUFFIELD HEALTH/GETTY GP map, a GP and mountain of paperwork

In September, leading GPs said that the current balance of face-to-face appointments was "about right" - but the public doesn't feel the same way, with a recent YouGov poll revealing two-thirds of people would prefer a face-to-face appointment.

The overhaul has been met with disdain from doctors who say the Government originally instructed them to move as many appointments online as possible and stirring up anti-GP rhetoric.

But one key pledge of the Tory's 2019 manifesto was for 6,000 more GPs to be deployed across Britain.

GP and patient © GETTY GP and patient

The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) has called on the Government to fulfil its manifesto pledge of an additional 6,000 GPs and 26,000 other primary care professionals in the workforce by 2024 - a target that is likely to be missed.

NHS hospital in Wales moves to 'red' alert

  NHS hospital in Wales moves to 'red' alert Dr Ami Jones, an intensive care medic at Grange University Hospital in south east Wales, said staff are facing the 'next wave of Covid patients' as the hospital's ICU ward moves to red alert.More than half of the 24 ICU beds at Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran in south east Wales are now taken up with the virus.

Frustrated by a GP ’s receptionist blocking a face-to-face appointment for my 97-year-old mother, in June this year, I wrote a special report for this newspaper, criticising the very situation that has been the subject of the Mail’s recent, successful campaign. That’s why all politicians should drop the dishonest sentimentality that prohibits discussing the NHS, and think of the welfare of patients instead of scoring points. We need a new way to deliver healthcare in coming decades — when the demands will be greater even than they are now.

Unlike those countries, the UK Government has rushed to close its remaining coal power stations – and banned the opening of a opencast coalmine at Highthorn on the Northumberland coast last year, despite it winning the support of the county council, the planning inspector and the courts when the Government appealed.

GPs are usually the first port of call when a medical issue arises, and patients have reported accessing care throughout the pandemic has been somewhat thwarted by the loss of most face-to-face appointments, which was necessary to curb the spread of COVID-19.

But the number of doctors per person throughout England varies dramatically, with some areas having more and others having significantly less, according to data compiled by Nuffield Trust.

Map showing the number of people per GP © NUFFIELD HEALTH Map showing the number of people per GP

How many GPs are there in the UK?

According to the Nuffield Trust, there are 35,146 GPs in the UK as of 2020.

To be on course to meet the government target of 6,000 more GPs by 2025, there should have been 1,200 more GPs by December 2020.

But this was not the case. There were 174 fewer permanent, qualified GPs than in December 2019, as well as 165 fewer locums.

However, the number of GP registrars increased by 776 full-time equivalents, meaning there was an overall net gain of 438 GPs, up from 34,708 in 2019 to 35,146 in 2020.

Study finds patients hospitalized with COVID-19 develop autoantibodies

  Study finds patients hospitalized with COVID-19 develop autoantibodies Over half of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 develop 'rogue antibodies' that attack their own body tissues - potentially causing autoimmune disease - a new Stanford study finds.Stanford University researchers studied blood samples from almost 200 patients hospitalized with Covid in the early months of the pandemic and identified signals in these patients' blood that were similar to those in patients with lupus and other autoimmune conditions.

Long queues of cars at petrol stations were spotted across the UK on Friday, with hundreds of motorists seeking to top off their tanks amid fears of fuel shortages . Britain’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has blamed the fuel issues on logistics problems. While the country’s refineries had “plenty of petrol” stockpiled, the UK has been plagued by the lack of lorry drivers, the official said, suggesting that the government might bring the army in to move fuel and other goods around.

GP surgeries are usually the first contact if you have a health problem. They can treat many conditions and give health advice. They can also refer you to other NHS services. you live outside the practice boundary and they are not accepting patients from out of their area. you have been removed from that GP surgery register before. it's a long way from your home and you need extra care, for example home visits.

GP and patient © GETTY GP and patient

The number of people per GP also varies wildly across the country, with the more densely populated areas tending to have less.

In London, NHS South West London has 1,995 people per GP, whereas NHS North Central London has 2,406 patients per practitioner.

However, some rural areas also have a comparatively low number of GPs to the general population.

Lincolnshire has 2,448 people to each GP in the area, whereas neighbouring East Leicestershire has 1,842 people per doctor.

Some densely populated cities also have a lower number of people per GP, such as Liverpool, which has 1,775 people per doctor.

How much does a GP earn?

The minimum a GP will earn in England is £62,269 per year - but this can go up to £93,965, according to the British Medical Association.

In comparison to other types of doctors, such as consultants, they earn less - as a consultant's salary can be as high as £114,000 per year.

Hispanic adults with asthma and COVID-19 have more severe symptoms .
Hispanic adults with asthma are more likely to have severe asthma attacks during COVID-19 infections than black and white patients, a new study from a Chicago medical center found.Researchers at a medical center in Chicago evaluated 174 asthma patients who contracted Covid in spring 2020.

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