Health & Fitness Covid and flu - why is it such a lethal combo? Expert claims 60,000 fatalities 'realistic'

13:26  16 october  2021
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Are YOU eligible for a free flu jab? Rollout begins THIS WEEK

  Are YOU eligible for a free flu jab? Rollout begins THIS WEEK FREE FLU jabs are offered every year to help protect people from flu and its complications, and this year's rollout will begin at some pharmacies this week. So are you eligible for a free flu jab? Boots "Currently, Boots has more than 5,000 pharmacists and technicians trained to administer more than one million flu vaccines to customers across the UK."A variety of providers will offer the flu jab later this year.Other pharmacies, such as Lloyds Pharmacy, are allowing people to register their interest in a flu jab this year.

Covid and flu : Why is having Covid and the flu at the same time so lethal ? (Image: GETTY). “ It makes intuitive sense that simultaneously dealing with two viruses is more difficult for the immune system than dealing with just one virus at a time.” Covid and flu : Health officials estimate up to 60 , 000 deaths as a result of getting Covid and flu (Image: GETTY). Britain could be hit with an early flu outbreak as a result of cases already soaring, a London's Francis Crick Institute flu scientist this week warned.

Why the Case Fatality Rate does not reflect the risk of dying from COVID -19. There is a straightforward question that most people would like answered. If someone is infected with COVID -19, how likely is that person to die? This question is simple, but surprisingly hard to answer. The main reason why it does not answer that question is that the CFR relies on the number of confirmed cases, and many cases are not confirmed. In order to understand what the case fatality rate can and cannot tell us about a disease outbreak such as COVID -19, it ’s important to understand why it is difficult to measure and interpret

The coronavirus pandemic has left Britain open to a deadly flu epidemic prompting the UK Government to urge eligible individuals to take up the offer of the influenza vaccine and booster Covid jabs. Influenza infections declined dramatically in 2020 due to Covid restrictions quashing the spread of these viruses - but this year with restrictions eased, experts are warning of the potentially devastating combination of COVID-19 and the flu.

The coronavirus pandemic has been the worst and most urgent global medical crisis in many years.

Every country around the world has been fighting against the virus - but now as the winter months draw closer, the Government has taken steps to ramp up its influenza vaccination efforts to protect more lives.

Flu jab 2021: Where to get the cheapest flu vaccine this winter

  Flu jab 2021: Where to get the cheapest flu vaccine this winter FLU JABS are slowly starting to be rolled out again and as the UK Government pledges to vaccinate more people than ever before this year, where can you get a jab? And where can you get the cheapest flu vaccine? For anyone who isn't eligible for the NHS vaccine, but still wants to be protected against a nasty case of the flu, UK pharmacies are offering the jab to anyone who would like it, as long as it is medically suitable for them.Asda is offering the flu jab at their pharmacies in stores for just £8. A total of 255 Asda stores across the UK have a pharmacy service.

Experts fear flu could kill up to 60 , 000 Britons this year because of waning immunity from the virus, as many have not been exposed to it for at least 12 months. There are also mounting fears that the NHS will be struck down at the same time by Covid , with colder weather and darker evenings leading to 'India has had flu as well — but it is difficult to know how widespread it is in such a large country.' Professor Francois Balloux, a geneticist at University College London, said that it was possible for flu to surge earlier this year than in previous seasons. 'One argument that this could happen is that so few

Super-spreaders of Covid lies: How a small cabal of anti-vaxxers are cashing in while risking countless lives with celebrities targeted at home and children terrified at the school gate. Michael Chaves, 55, a former paramedic, peddles conspiracy theories about Covid vaccines on his YouTube channel. In context, it was perfectly clear that Mr Vine was not calling for compulsory vaccination — but that didn't stop anti-vaxxers from splicing the remark and posting it on Twitter and the encrypted messaging app Telegram, where it has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Covid and flu: Covid patient © GETTY Covid and flu: Covid patient

The big concern this year is if there is a resurgence of Covid with other respiratory illnesses coming back strongly alongside it, particularly the flu.

Influenza infections rapidly declined and largely disappeared across many nations last year as the Covid pandemic took prominence.

Social distancing measures used to contain COVID were even more effective in reducing the spread of influenza.

However, as Covid protections have been eased in many countries this year, the UK and other countries are braced for a particularly ferocious flu season.

Covid and flu: Vaccine © GETTY Covid and flu: Vaccine

Professor Martin Michaelis a virologist and professor of molecular medicine at the University of Kent said more research is needed to understand about co-infections of Covid and the flu, but essentially dealing with both at the same time stresses the bodily system.

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  Freshers flu symptoms: Is it freshers flu or Covid? FRESHERS' flu strikes every year as a new cohort of university students embark on their first term but could YOUR freshers flu symptoms be Covid?

Covid -19 infection fatality rates (IFR) based on antibody studies. The covid infection fatality rate (IFR) depends on demographics (age and risk structure) The lower-than-expected hospitalization rate may explain why many covid -19 ‘field hospitals’, e.g. in the US and the UK, remained largely unused.

There are no unfounded claims and the data presented is clear and verifiable. All associated references are included for proper peer review. “The data shows that we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world,” the report states. On top of that, a private researcher told Sorenson and Zelenko that there are at least 150, 000 cases that are “missing” from the VAERS database entirely. Nobody knows how many of these are injuries and how many are deaths, but it is suspicious nonetheless. The VAERS database only captures about one percent of

Professor Michaelis told Express.co.uk: "We know that such co-infections happen in humans. Moreover, there are data from human patients and animal experiments suggesting that infections with both viruses result in more severe disease and higher mortality.

"However, more research is needed to understand the impact of co-infections in more detail and to investigate the underlying molecular processes.

"It makes intuitive sense that simultaneously dealing with two viruses is more difficult for the immune system than dealing with just one virus at a time."

Covid and flu: Vaccine © GETTY Covid and flu: Vaccine

Britain could be hit with an early flu outbreak as a result of cases already soaring, a London's Francis Crick Institute flu scientist this week warned.

This damning assessment came amid a warning immunity against the flu virus was so low after the coronavirus lockdowns, this year as many as 60,000 could be killed as a result.

How to book a flu jab: Who's eligible and where to get a flu jab in Edinburgh

  How to book a flu jab: Who's eligible and where to get a flu jab in Edinburgh The NHS is planning to vaccinate 35 million people against the flu this winter.As a result, a large-scale flu jab programme is being launched, encouraging more people than ever to get the vaccine if they are eligible.

It is a sad indictment of our mainstream media that such a landmark ruling, of such obvious and pressing international importance, has been roundly ignored. And it is not the only country whose institutions are clashing with received wisdom on Covid . Finland’s national health authority has disputed the WHO’s recommendation to test as many people as possible for coronavirus, saying it would be a waste of taxpayer’s money, while poorer South East Asian countries are holding off on ordering vaccines, citing an improper use of finite resources.

Earlier this year, Fauci said 60 -70 percent – a typical range for such a virus – but he moved the goalposts to 70-75 percent in television interviews about a month ago. Last week, he told CNBC that the magic number would be around “75, 80, 85 percent.” Radio host John Ziegler offered a theory as to how Trump got the blame for 326, 000 US Covid -19 deaths, while following Fauci's policy advice, but the doctor was elevated by the media as a hero and genius. “Fauci is really loved because it is perceived he took down Trump, not Covid ,” Ziegler said.

These horrifying figures prompted the Government to ramp up its vaccination efforts for the flu - vaccinating more individuals than is typical and urging all vulnerable people to get jabbed as soon as possible.

Professor Michaelis warned 60,000 deaths is a "realistic scenario".

He told Express.co.uk: "The number of severe COVID-19 cases is unlikely to surge in the same way as last winter due to the immunity provided by vaccines and previous infections."

The virologist said it is however difficult to forecast how a flu season will develop as the influenza viruses change each year.

Covid and flu: Ambulance © GETTY Covid and flu: Ambulance

As a result of variations with influenza each year, the vaccine is often adapted each year to tackle the most prominent and prolific strains.

But cases of the flu dropped so significantly last year meaning scientists have not has as much information upon which to base their design for this year's flu vaccine.

Professor Michaelis told Express.co.uk: "The efficacy of the flu vaccines depends on how well the virus strains, which are used for the vaccines, match the influenza viruses that will actually be circulating...After a year largely without flu cases, such predictions are more difficult than normal."

How to book the flu jab near me: Vaccine booking explained, who can get it free and how much it costs in Boots

  How to book the flu jab near me: Vaccine booking explained, who can get it free and how much it costs in Boots Health officials are worried about a surge in flu cases, with England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam calling it a 'realistic possibility'A report from the Academy of Medical Sciences suggested the UK could see as many as 60,000 flu deaths this winter.

The molecular medicine expert added: "Low flu levels in the human population mean that it is more likely that new strains, against which we have little pre-existing immunity, replace the old ones, against which we have already developed some level of immunity in the past.

"At the same time, unexpected changes can also affect the efficacy of the vaccines, because they may not match well. Indeed, early data seem to suggest that some influenza virus strains, which used to be among the most dominant ones in humans, may have largely or completely disappeared.

"If other unexpected influenza viruses can fill this gap, this may result in a particularly bad flu season."

He added vaccination for both Covid and the flu this year is crucial.

Professor Michaelis said: "Hopefully, high vaccination rates and increased caution turn the dire projections into self-defeating prophecies."

Covid and flu: Covid winter plan © EXPRESS.CO.UK Covid and flu: Covid winter plan

The combination of flu and Covid is dangerous not only for the individual infected - but also for the UK's healthcare system.

Professor Michaelis said the impact of coronavirus and the flu together could put the NHS and hospitals under immense pressure.

He told Express.co.uk, if the flu season turns out to be particularly bad this winter, the hospitals "might be at risk of becoming overwhelmed again."

Last year, Covid protective measures suppressed the spread of the flu "almost completely" the virologist claimed - but now with restrictions lifted, it is expected the flu will return.

The University of Kent virologist said the resurgence of the common cold so far this year - at rates much higher than normally seen - is another indicator the Government's fears about Covid and the flu are justified.

He said common colds, like the influenza virus, were quickly returned after the removal of all COVID-19 measures.

Professor Michaelis told Express.co.uk: "The current level of infections with common cold viruses is much higher than it used to be at this time of the year.

"Thus, it seems likely that we will see a similar picture with the flu and that the return of the common colds heralds the return of the flu."

Covid booster and flu jab in one go - what really happens? .
Chills, fever, headaches and cramps are some of the side effects MoS readers experienced after having the flu and Covid vaccine at the same time -but most readers said they'd had no trouble.We know because we were inundated with letters after our resident GP, Dr Ellie Cannon, reported in her column last week that she'd heard of patients being knocked for six by the double dose – and asked for more information.

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