Health & Fitness If you do these 3 things before work, you are more productive and improve your mental health

19:40  29 july  2022
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with these 3 things you can improve your mental health and productivity

  Wenn du diese 3 Dinge VOR der Arbeit tust, bist du produktiver und verbesserst deine mentale Gesundheit © getty images

procrastination - honestly, who knows and experiences it Not? However, the mood for switching and focus on productivity and mental health is not that difficult. We'll tell you three simple methods with which you start the working day perfectly to feel more comfortable. A positive mindset is essential here - that is the best prerequisite for making everything as you imagine. Strengthening

& Mental Health and Productivity: This is how the

Expert environment goes: Inside, it is recommended to create a morning routine where you are only with you. How to use this can be individual. Whether you meditate , Affirmations says or write down to a journal, for which you are grateful. There should be a question of creating peace for yourself and shifting the focus on the interior. Here it is also advisable to address various questions: “What is important to me on this day? What do I want to achieve today? What does success mean for me? " This ME-TIME Before work can have a major impact on mental health.

Depression: why eat fruit preserves your mental health

 Depression: why eat fruit preserves your mental health © ISTOC Bowl of Fruit Salad According to a recent study, regular consumption of fruit would promote good mental health. Researchers assure that this reduces the risk of depression. We know the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but the fruits could also preserve our mental health. According to a recent study published in the last 26 in the British Journal of Nutrition.


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being active

in life is always about the right balance. This is also important in this case. In order to increase productivity throughout the day, it is not only mentally but also physically active. But of course at your pace. Some are good at taking a small walk in the fresh air in front of the office, others treat themselves to an work-out . Sometimes stretching is enough. However, studies have shown that movement in all forms can have positive effects on well -being.

& pampering

to spoil yourself before work, can also have a positive effect on productivity and mental health. It is of course very individual what this looks like. How about, for example, with a delicious Bowl for breakfast, your favorite song loud and on Repeat, a delicious cappuccino with oat milk around the corner or a foam bath ? Whatever it is for you personally, it's about being able to look forward to something in the morning. Precisely because you sometimes have the feeling that you only work. So: do something good for yourself before work and feel what it does with you.

What are B vitamins good for? From supporting brain health to helping with mood - benefits

  What are B vitamins good for? From supporting brain health to helping with mood - benefits B VITAMINS play key roles in the overall function of the body. However, just how varied those roles are few people know. From mood to neural modulation, some argue they are the Swiss Army Knives of bodily function.On this Dr Brewer said: "Vitamin B12 and B6 play a role in the production of brain chemicals such as serotonin which affects mood and other brain functions.

& 28072022-Wasser-trinken-Trick-Aufmacher-Stocksy © Stocky 28072022-water-drinking-trick-up-ups-stocksy

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do the test now!

Sometimes you really have to remember drinking enough. If you are unsure about your water balance, this trick could help

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Cara Delevingne Makes "Aperol Spritz Lips" for lipstick trend in summer 2022 -And shows how portable orange is

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Opportunity for Forces veterans in West Lothian to tackle mental health stigma .
A national mental health programme is calling on ex-Service personnel in West Lothian to be part of a new Scotland-wide campaign to tackle the issue of mental health stigma in the veterans’ community.The campaign, part of a wider Scottish Government project around veterans’ mental health, seeks to encourage veterans from all branches of the Forces to speak up and ask for help when struggling with their mental health. See Me is looking for veterans, their families and friends to help shape the campaign.

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