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21:00  28 september  2022
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Déclin cognitif : un mélange multivitaminé pour améliorer la mémoire © Adobe Stock Cognitive Decline: a multivitamin mixture to improve memory

A dose of daily multivitamins would be effective in improving memory and fighting brain aging, depending on what 'A new study reveals.

A new study has established a link between the A daily consumption of multivitamins and the slowdown in cognitive decline in the elderly . It was discovered that could improve memory and cognition in seniors. A discovery that raises interesting tracks because, if the cognitive decline affects everyone and, from an early age, time increases the risks of developing

cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Exposing people at the most advanced age.

Cognitive health and factors that influence it like the rest of the body, The brain also ages over time . This cerebral aging is directly associated with the cognitive decline, which then results in concentration difficulties, passenger oversights, loss of motivation and many other evocative symptoms. Also, the scientific body directs many of its research towards the factors that can influence cognitive health , as well as the solutions that would help to prevent or slow down its

Daily vitamin pill could keep brain sharp and protect against dementia

  Daily vitamin pill could keep brain sharp and protect against dementia TAKING one multivitamin tablet a day could improve brain function in older people, a study has revealed. A daily pill may also protect against dementia, possibly slowing cognitive decline by 60 percent.Study co-principal Professor Laura Baker, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in North Carolina, US, said: "Our study showed that daily multivitamin-mineral supplementation resulted in significant cognitive improvement.


The latest study, published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia, precisely highlighted the multivitamins and minerals . To obtain these results, a clinical trial was carried out on more than 2,000 adults, aged 65 and over

. The study eligibility criteria required participants have no history of heart attack or serious illness.

Vitamins, cocoa and placebo As part of this clinical trial, the influence factors of an extract of cocoa , an mixture of vitamins and minerals and a placebo

were analyzed . The researchers had, at the start of the study, established a reference base concerning the cognitive function of the participants: the ability of each person to remember certain memories and events, as well as their executive function - linked to concentration and Reflection - were evaluated each year for 3 years.

Finally, if no significant improvement or influence have been noted for cocoa extract, Multivitamins have proven themselves

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. The latter have shown "an improvement (or protection) potential of cognitive capacities in the elderly" who have taken a dose daily, according to experts who do not fail to add that "additional work is however necessary before to be able to formulate a general recommendation ”.

Positive effects on cardiovascular diseases The multivitamin supplement "showed a relatively greater benefit for adults with cardiovascular diseases. Given that only 10 % of our sample (around 200 people) reported significant cardiovascular events (for example, pose of a stent, congestive heart failure, angioplasty) when they participated in the study, this Result must be reproduced in a wider sample comprising more people with significant cardiovascular diseases

, ”add the study authors.

If it is normal to forget where we have put its keys and what we have eaten the day before, the brain systematically declining according to age, it can however lead to more important disorders like Alzheimer's disease or even dementia . Thus, the positive correlation observed between the consumption of multivitamin supplements "provides a certain support in the idea that ensures levels adapted in key micronutrients can be useful for brain health

in the longer term within aging populations, and especially those with pre -existing vascular disease ”. X1

Pills that claim to boost memory and brain function are USELESS .
Over-the-counter brain supplements are generally useless, experts warn, and could actually prevent people from seeking medical treatment.Experts warn that while the supplements often contain an amalgamation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are great from brain health, the pills themselves do not translate to any benefit.

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