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03:20  22 october  2022
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The best exercise bikes for your home gym

  The best exercise bikes for your home gym Looking to up your cardio indoors? These bikes will help you hit your goalsModern models go well beyond standard spin sessions, with bright touchscreens giving users access to hundreds of interactive cycling, strength, HIIT and yoga classes.

The best budget exercise bikes can save you money but also help you get fitter and stronger from the comfort of your home, whatever the weather. And with so many different types to suit every ability and budget, the best exercise bikes can help you level up your fitness game without breaking the bank.

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Whether your goal is to increase your cardiovascular endurance, train for an event or simply get fit, exercise bikes are great for home workouts as they don’t take up much space, are low impact and suitable for all abilities. They are also a good option for beginners or people returning to exercise after a break or injury. And of course, having your own exercise bike means there’s no line to use it, or expensive gym membership.

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Cycling has a ton of health benefits – as well as torching calories and boosting heart health, a study published in the journal Aging Cell found regular riding could hold back the effects of aging and keep your immune system young.

If you’re thinking about investing in one of the best budget exercise bikes, then read on to find out the pros and cons of the latest models in stock and available to buy now.

Best budget exercise bikes

The Yosuda indoor stationary exercise bike combines affordability with a basic design that gets the job done. It’s a sturdy machine with a small footprint that will appeal to anyone short on space.

The ergonomic seat makes it really comfortable to ride, and while it’s fairly simplistic you can still enjoy a challenging workout without spending a fortune. As with many of the cheaper exercise bikes, it only has a small LCD screen and it doesn’t come with any workouts, so we recommend finding free online classes over on YouTube or via the iFit or Peloton app.

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Despite the low cost, the lightweight bike has a heavy steel frame and a surprisingly quiet 35lb friction resistance flywheel. The bike’s wide base adds stability and the front-loaded transport wheels mean you can easily stow it away after use. Our main complaint is it doesn't track cadence (pedal revolutions to indicate pace), but you can look at metrics using some of the best fitness trackers.

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This basic exercise bike is a great entry-level machine that beginners will love. The pedals were comfortable, really easy to adjust and kept our feet secure, especially during standing rides.

The bike doesn’t have a cadence tracker, which means you can’t tell what resistance you’re at, so you have to guess your intensity during workouts. It’s also lacking a screen, device holder or any preset workouts – in fact, the only accessory is a water bottle holder. You can follow online classes on the Sunny website and YouTube channel, but they are slightly lackluster.

Should you buy an exercise bike in the Prime Early Access Sale?

  Should you buy an exercise bike in the Prime Early Access Sale? Is the Prime Early Access Sale the perfect opportunity to buy an exercise bike, or should you wait?Even at full price, we think the best exercise bikes are a brilliant option for high-octane, low-impact workouts. They’re capable of giving you many of the same great benefits as a run, such as crushing calories and boosting your endurance, without putting undue stress on your knees and ankles. So, you’re more likely to stay injury free as you work up a sweat.

Our other gripe is that the seat is quite uncomfortable, especially during longer rides. If you find it an issue, too, you could swap it for a more cushioned seat or even invest in a thick seat cover or padded cycling shorts.

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If you've been tempted to splash out on a Peloton, but would prefer a cheaper alternative, then this is the best fit for you. Not only does it come in a fetching black and red design, it mimics Peloton's set-up with its on-demand classes via the Echelon app (which costs an additional $11.99 - $39.99 per month).

There's no screen on the bike, which is probably why it's considerably cheaper than the Peloton. Instead, you'll have to plug into classes via a tablet or smartphone.

You don't technically need the app to enjoy the bike, so there's no need to splash out on monthly membership fees. Even without the app, the bike connects via Bluetooth and allows you to track the usual metrics (think calories, cadence, distance and duration.)

It's sturdy, well-designed and good value. Our only real gripe is that the resistance levels can feel under-sensitive, so you need to give the dial a good twist to feel like you've gone up a level.

E-bikes aren't helping people to reach recommended exercise levels

  E-bikes aren't helping people to reach recommended exercise levels The motorised bikes will set you back thousands - but might not be the best option if you're young and fit, a study found.A study found people who use motorised bicycles tend to take less physically demanding trips and spend less time in the saddle.

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When you’re buying a budget exercise bike, some of the main things to look out for are transportation wheels so you can easily move it around, easy assembly and a smooth, quiet ride. The Vigbody ticks all three boxes, and for the price is a great entry level exercise bike for beginners.

It has a high max weight capacity of 330lbs and a ‘whisper quiet’ belt drive system that you’d usually expect to find on a more expensive machine. The Vigbody has a basic LCD monitor that’s simple to use and easy to read, tracking all core metrics from time, distance, speed and calories burned. A downside is the bike only has a phone holder and nowhere to put a tablet. But you can easily buy a tablet holder to attach to the handlebars for around $15.

This is a great exercise bike for beginners and it provides a smooth and quiet ride. While we found the seat was rather uncomfortable, this is something you can easily change.

  • We are currently reviewing this bike and will update this guide once our full testing process is complete.

The Urevo Kardio T1 exercise bike is good value for money for people who want a low intensity ride without all the bells and whistles of more expensive machines. Put simply it’s a great option for people new or returning to exercise.

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It’s compatible with Zwift so you can enjoy virtual workouts, but bear in mind that after the free trial there’s a $13pcm fee. The Bluetooth connectivity means you can pair it with other apps, too.

It’s not ideal for taller users, and the resistance range is rather poor. To get a reasonable amount of resistance you have to turn the knob all the way. That said, if you prefer gentler exercise on a bike and you're a complete beginner, this cheap model could be a good fit.

  • We are currently reviewing this bike and will update this guide once our full testing process is complete.

With a small and simple LCD screen, the Xterra Fitness FB150 bike is super compact and folds away easily. It has a large and comfortable padded seat and takes up just 18.1” x 18.1” of floor space when folded. In fact this is probably its biggest pull, and it will appeal to people short on space.

It has a manual magnetic resistance system, which you adjust by turning the dial. There are eight resistance levels in total, so while it’s not that inspiring for seasoned cyclists, it’s enough to work up a sweat and be challenging for low impact training.

While it’s lacking any real features, including a bottle holder or somewhere to put your tablet or phone, if you want a bike that does a basic job without taking up too much space, this is a good choice. It's incredibly cheap, too, often retailing for less than $100.

  • We are currently reviewing this bike and will update this guide once our full testing process is complete.

How we test the best budget exercise bikes

We test budget exercise bikes by putting them through their paces. We complete a sprint interval session on each model and a lengthy recovery ride, to see how well they hold up under pressure. We then also rank each bike for its design, features, performance and value for money.

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What should I look for in an exercise bike?

The best budget exercise bikes often come without a screen (you’ll find these on more expensive machines) but you can use your smartphone or a tablet to access free and paid-for virtual classes.

One of the first things to consider is size and space. If you live in an apartment block or shared accommodation, you might want to opt for one of the more slimline models, or a foldable bike.

If you are particularly tall or short you will also want to check if you can adjust the seat and handlebar height. Budget exercise bikes often have a lower weight capacity, so take this into account too if you are on the larger side.

How noisy is the bike? You can read online reviews to find out if the bike you have your eye on is loud or quiet. Also think about resistance levels – beginners will probably be happy with a manual system, whereas more dedicated riders might prefer an auto-resistance feature, more often found on expensive models.

If you like group exercise, then you might want to consider a bike that comes with an app to stream live and on-demand workouts, like Peloton or iFit (subscription needed). You can use these apps on your phone or tablet even if you don’t have an actual Peloton Bike, but you won’t be able to sync your metrics.

Lastly, pedal type is important. Toe cage ones work best with normal sneakers, while clip-in ones need special cycling shoes. Many exercise bikes have dual pedals, which are interchangeable. Once you’ve chosen the best budget exercise bike for you, make sure you read our handy guide on how to get the most out of your exercise bike.

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