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20:00  22 november  2022
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Which flu shot should I get?

  Which flu shot should I get? With so many different types of flu vaccines available for the 2022-2023 season, which flu shot is right for you?In general, flu shots are recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older. The specific types of vaccines you can get depend mainly on your age, and certain flu vaccines are preferentially recommended for older adults. In addition, certain health conditions may affect which flu shot you can get. Here's a rundown of the different types of flu vaccines available, and who's recommended to get them.

While the first clusters appear in Brittany, the vaccination campaign has lagged behind 18% of doses distributed compared to last year, threatening France with a virulent epidemic.

L'épidémie de grippe arrive! Une première région française, la Bretagne, est passée en phase pré-épidémique et les autorités sanitaires s'attendent à ce que les autres suivent bientôt. © AFP.com/joe Raedle The flu epidemic arrives! A first French region, Brittany, has moved to the pre-epidemic phase and the health authorities expect the others soon.

There are 18.3% less to have been vaccinated against seasonal flu, compared to last year at the same period. Thirty-two days after the launch of the antigrippal vaccination campaign (on November 18), around 7 million doses were distributed, compared to 8.6 million last year, according to data collected from 14,000 French pharmacies (on 20,000) by the company IQVIA, specialist in health data .

Everything you need to know about vaccination this winter as 'twindemic' set to strike UK

  Everything you need to know about vaccination this winter as 'twindemic' set to strike UK All eligible Britons are being urged to get their flu and Covid vaccine ahead of winter as the "twindemic" gathers steam. This is your essential guide to vaccination.All primary school children and some secondary school children are eligible for the flu nasal spray this year, which is usually given at school.

In press releases, the two main pharmacist unions, the USPO and the FSPF, sound the alarm on this delay which could cause an "particularly intense" epidemic this winter. However, time is counted: "There are already flu clusters in the west of France, especially in Brittany", points out Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the USPO and pharmacist union near Dijon, joined by L’Express.

Factors that are accumulated and causes a delay

according to him, it is an accumulation of factors that causes this delay. "First the weather was mild, people did not feel that we were going back in the winter, so they felt the need to be vaccinated," he said. Another catch, technique, this time: "This year target audiences received their good early for vaccination, about 1 and a half months before the start of the campaign. They came to see us, we sent them home Then they forgot. The ideal would be for the organization to be closer, so that people can recover their vaccine in pharmacy upon reception of the good and have it in front of them in their fridge, "he said.

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Last factor, "many people wanted to kill two strokes with one stone by asking for a double vaccination flu-Cavid 19, with the new recall adapted to the variant. About 90% of people who came to be vaccinated against the covid in my pharmacy Last week also came for the flu. But unlike the flu, you have to make an appointment for the covid vaccine, which was able to shift vaccination of a few weeks ".

The epidemic could be more dangerous than in previous years

to this is added for professionals a tendency to always minimize the gravity of the flu, especially among fragile audiences over 65 years of age. "The flu is an unpredictable virus which can cause severe or even fatal complications (between 10,000 and 15,000 deaths each year) in fragile people, and aggravates a chronic disease already present", recalls the union in its press release .

Worst of Covid IS over - but one in 30 people still have it

  Worst of Covid IS over - but one in 30 people still have it Statisticians at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate 1.7million people in England, or three per cent, were infected with Covid in the week to October 10.Analysts at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate 1.7million people in the country, or one in 30, were infected on any day in the week to October 10.

This year, the risk could be even greater. "Fragile audiences have been very little exposed to viruses in the past two years, thanks to confinements and barriers that have now disappeared. This also means that they have not developed antibodies and that their immunity is low , and therefore that the virus could be particularly violent for them, "points Pierre-Olivier Variot. "Additional reason which vaccination is important this winter," he concludes.

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across the Atlantic, the combinatorial effect of epidemics of covid, influenza and bronchiolitis ( which also rages in France and plunges the pediatric services already reduced in great difficulty ), causes panic in American hospitals.

The delay is still catastrous, such a disaster is avoidable in France according to the pharmacist. "What is essential is that the state and health insurance communicate better on the need to be vaccinated, as they did for the covid," he said.

Sunday, November 20, the Minister of Health François Braun assured RTL that the health system could "endure the arrival of the flu if everyone puts hers and if the most fragile people are vaccinated". "Our hospital system is already out of breath and personnel. It would be good to protect it from this epidemic thanks to the vaccine by vaccinating a maximum, even the populations not particularly at risk, since we have the means," reacts the President of the union.

Five healthy habits to avoid getting flu this winter - 'protect yourself and others' .
There are five simple lifestyle habits you can adopt to lower your risk of catching flu this winter, a health body has said.Similar to colds, flu becomes more widespread in the winter months.

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