Health & Fitness 'I felt amazing!' Woman loses over 6 stone with easy diet after 'trying most things'

10:50  26 november  2022
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Walker mum who has lost whopping 9 stone recalls time she didn't think she'd fit in plane seat

  Walker mum who has lost whopping 9 stone recalls time she didn't think she'd fit in plane seat Lyn Ross, from Walker, has opened up about her lifetime of weight struggles - including when she thought she wouldn't fit in a seat on a planeHaving been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 29, by the time she reached her thirties the condition was starting to have an impact on her everyday life. She was tired, lethargic, suffered extreme thirst, struggled to heal from infections, and her legs and muscles ached all the time.

Martinette Tindall © Martinette Tindall Martinette Tindall

Martinette has lost a whopping six and a half stone after making changes to her diet. Since August last year, she has dropped from 19st 9lbs to 13st 3lbs.

Losing weight has meant Martinette has also decreased in dress sizes. She is now a size 14, down from a size 26.

The 44-year-old explained she lost weight by finding a diet that worked for her. She started incorporating healthy foods into her diet and began eating nutrition shakes and bars.

Now, Martinette said she is "more confident than ever", especially as she has been able to wear whatever she wants - even shopping at Victoria's Secret, a brand she never thought she'd wear.

Slimmer lost half a stone without sticking to a strict diet - what he did

  Slimmer lost half a stone without sticking to a strict diet - what he did WHEN IT comes to losing weight or getting fit, joining a gym can be daunting. But one slimmer found out he could change his lifestyle without giving up his favourite foods and he lost over half a stone in the process.Civil servant Jose knew he needed to change his somewhat "sedentary lifestyle" where he managed to squeeze in only 30 minutes of exercise every day.

In terms of health and fitness, the business manager is also able to do exercise well. She is fit enough to run three miles twice a week and play tennis.

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Martinette Tindall © Martinette Tindall Martinette Tindall

One of Martinette's weight loss secrets is that she drinks a lot of water during the day to keep cravings at bay, and eats cucumber whenever she wants to snack.

Speaking about her weight loss transformation, Martinette said: "I've been on-and-off diets for as long as I can remember.

"I tried most things like intermittent fasting, exercise and low-carb, high-fat diets. I tended to lose a bit of weight, completely fall off the wagon, put all the weight back on, and then some.

Slimmer swaps carb-heavy meals with new diet and loses 1st - she saw 'results in no time'

  Slimmer swaps carb-heavy meals with new diet and loses 1st - she saw 'results in no time' After two operations on her ankle, a fitness fanatic soon piled on the weight. But she re-gained her love for fitness and nutrition after following a strict but successful meal plan and exercise regime.The 28-year-old got engaged in December 2021, and used her wedding as her motivation to shed the pounds she had gained.

"I think my main problem was that I never realised how big I was, because I wasn't unhappy either. But, being overweight had negative effects on my body and I wasn't able to live the active lifestyle I wanted to."

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Nothing seemed to work for Martinette until she discovered Exante, a brand that offers meal replacement diets and meal plans.

The Londoner started her new diet with the brand's four-week plan, which included a mix of low-calorie, nutritionally-complete meal replacement products.

Initially, Martinette had porridge for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, and a savoury meal for dinner, plus a protein bar as a snack.

She began on 800 calories a day, which is Exante's very low-calorie diet plan, often considered by obese or severely obese people.

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  'I'm a different person!' 50-year-old woman loses huge three stone in just three months Weight loss was something Nikki Ward felt like she needed when she began to approach her 50th birthday and knew that she was going to shy away from the cameras yet again during the celebrations. Fed up of being insecure about her body and weight, Niki decided to do something about it.Looking back at when she was at her heaviest, Nikki said: "I had tried everything to stabilise my weight and be happy with myself, but nothing worked, and it began to knock my confidence.

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Real life case study © Martinette Tindall Real life case study

Martinette now consumes around 1,200 calories a day. She said: "About a month into my diet I introduced other food.

"For example, I'd take an Exante soup and make it into a flatbread dish by adding zero fat yoghurt, avocado, and tomato too.

"Now, I mostly try to eat healthy meals which are high in protein and low in carbs, but I don't beat myself up if I have a juicy burger or treats every now and then. If I feel like I'm plateauing, I'll incorporate more Exante meal replacements into my diet."

As for exercise, Martinette "joined Wapping Running Club, which really helped me to stay motivated, because people would compliment me on my weight loss and help me to be consistent with my exercise".

Martinette Tindall © Martinette Tindall Martinette Tindall

She continued: "The fitter I've become the easier it's been for me to move around and exercise, I've knocked 15 minutes off my 10K run personal best.

"I'm much more confident now. I don't have to pick a seat on the tube next to a slimmer person so I can fit in the seat properly, or avoid sitting down next to someone altogether. My life has completely transformed.

"My purse isn't thanking me at the moment because I can go into almost any shop and find something in my size, before I was limited to a few shops that stocked larger sizes. I felt amazing when I walked into Victoria's Secret and realised I fit into their garments."

Martinette added: "My advice to people on a weight loss journey is drink enough water, if you have something off-plan, choose the best version of that thing and enjoy it, and track your calories using an app. I used to estimate the amount of calories I was having everyday and when I started tracking them properly I realised I was underestimating some meals by 200 to 300 calories."

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