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Why you're eating healthy and still not losing weight: Dietitian reveals the one mistake people make with food that prevents a lean physique

Wednesday  15:06,   10 october 2018

Australian dietitian Paula Norris has shared side-by-side images of the same meal, with a completely different amount of calories to prove an important point. In one example of tacos (pictured), where the left side has 1,103 calories (4,614... >>>

Are YOU exercising but still gaining weight? Scientists claim HAMSTERS may explain why being active causes people to eat more

Wednesday  13:40,   10 october 2018

Researchers from the University of Bradford and MRC Harwell Institute report that when hamsters exercise it changes the size of their brains cells in the region that controls appetite. This is thought to encourage the animals to eat more to make up... >>>

Swimming helps 1.4 million people with their mental health - I'm one of them

Tuesday  18:28,   09 october 2018

Swimming helps 1.4 million people with their mental health - I'm one of... >>>

Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch Reveals J.K. Rowling Helped Her Overcome an Eating Disorder at Age 11

Tuesday  18:01,   09 october 2018

DWTS' Evanna Lynch: Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling Helped Her Overcome Eating DisorderMore than a decade ago, Lynch, now 27, was cast in the Harry Potter films as Luna Lovegood — a character that helped change her life for the... >>>

If You're Trying to Lose Weight, Avoid These 7 Snacking Mistakes

Tuesday  17:00,   09 october 2018

Snack time isn't just for kiddos: it can satiate hunger between meals and prevent... >>>

Are Standing Desks Good For Our Health?

Tuesday  05:50,   09 october 2018

While offices are introducing standing desks to reduce sedentary behavior among employees, the science behind them is not as strong as you would expect.For most workers, a majority of each day is spent sitting on a chair in front of a computer.... >>>

Is Excessive Daydreaming A Mental Health Problem?

Monday  19:00,   08 october 2018

Daydreaming is a normal human tendency all of us are prone to, with or without intention. But what if the activity becomes an obsession to escape reality?Now, researchers have found that it’s not always a bad thing. Many studies have suggested that... >>>

Children are 23% less likely to become ill if they wash their hands with a sanitiser instead of soap and water

Monday  17:05,   08 october 2018

Researchers led by the Andalusian Public Foundation for Biomedical Research found children who use hand sanitiser take up to 31 per cent fewer antibiotics than those using soapy water.Scientists found youngsters who use alcohol-based gels and follow >>>

Is Joe Wicks’s 30-Minute Meals Cookbook Any Good?

Monday  14:53,   08 october 2018

Oh yeah. It’s healthy, it doesn’t have any suspect diet agenda and it balances accessible flavours with some palate-expanding options Joe Wicks can shift books. His Lean In 15 series, which combine super-quick recipes with HIIT workouts, sold... >>>

Music from the movies at Symphony Hall - tickets, prices and what to expect

Monday  13:35,   08 october 2018

While drinking ample amount of water is generally good health practice for adults, it can be deadly for newborn babies. It turns out, just a few ounces of water can be too much for an infant to handle, resulting in water intoxication that can even... >>>

Tributes paid to 'superhero' Steve who died of cancer after raising millions for seriously ill children

Monday  08:25,   08 october 2018

Here’s How Much You Really Need To Workout, According to... >>>

A Trainer Says These 4 Things Are Essential in Order to Lose Fat and Keep It Off

Monday  04:55,   08 october 2018

You know the ins and outs of how to lose body fat, but the real question is - how do you keep it... >>>

Struggling to sleep? Stop cutting out food groups: Meat and dairy are GOOD for your body clock - and crash diets keep you awake, nutritionist warns

Sunday  14:05,   07 october 2018

Sleep has become widely recognised as playing a really important role in our overall health and wellness – alongside diet, stress management and exercise. Recently, researchers have been learning more about how poor sleep influences our dietary >>>

45 Things Doctors Want You to Know About Mental Health

Sunday  10:25,   07 october 2018

These expert-approved tips will keep you calm, happy, and... >>>

What food labels don't tell you about sugar

Friday  19:05,   05 october 2018

The must-know information you need to make healthier choices in the supermarketThe call comes as research that shows less than one in 10 yoghurts on sale in UK supermarkets (and one in 50 children’s yoghurts) would qualify as ‘low sugar’ – something >>>