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Russian professor, 69, infected himself with Covid-19 twice

Wednesday  21:15,   28 october 2020

Dr Alexander Chepurnov, 69, from Siberia, Russia, reinfected himself with Covid-19 after recovering from the killer virus without requiring hospitalisation when he caught it the first time in February.Dr Alexander Chepurnov, 69, first caught... >>>

113 patients with Covid moved from hospitals to Scots care homes

Wednesday  21:15,   28 october 2020

She admitted 'we've got some things wrong' as a Public Health Scotland study released today also showed more than 80 per cent of patients moving from hospitals to homes were not even tested. The report found a total of 113 people who had >>>

Total Chaos Or A Genius Plan? The Pros And Cons Of Having Two Under Two

Wednesday  21:15,   28 october 2020

This week Kara Tointon revealed that she and her fiancee her expecting their second child - but when is the best time to think about expanding your family?‘It happened much quicker than we expected’ is a phrase I have heard uttered numerous times by >>>

Lauren Pope posts a throwback pregnancy snap to mark Happy Bump Day

Wednesday  21:00,   28 october 2020

The former TOWIE star, 37, looked incredibly chic in a throwback photo from her pregnancy on Wednesday, as she celebrated Happy Bump Day on Instagram. The former TOWIE star, 37, also shared pictures of expecting mothers who are members of her... >>>

Our gardens can help improve mental health this winter, says Monty Don

Wednesday  20:50,   28 october 2020

Monty Don says getting out in the garden will help improve mental health – yes, even when it's cold!It’s a sentiment echoed by our favourite gardener and broadcaster, Monty Don. Monty, who has documented his struggles with depression, launched... >>>

Spice up your push up workouts with the best push up variations you've never heard of

Wednesday  20:35,   28 october 2020

Ready to level up your push up game? These push up variations will build arm strength and help grow your pecs tooDid you know that push ups are just as good as a bench press if you want to get big arms, according to science? That's right, you can... >>>

Zedd's Brutal Leg Day Workout Helps Him Stay Healthy on the Road

Wednesday  20:35,   28 october 2020

"Being on stage, jumping for two hours can be really enduring."Traveling for concerts and events can be straining on the body, and keeping up with eating well has been hard for Zedd over the years. Between eating at difficult times of the day and... >>>

'I've Been A Personal Trainer For 21 Years—This Is The Best Exercise For Fat Loss'

Wednesday  20:30,   28 october 2020

Hint: The first fitness machine you ever owned is still the best.Over the years, I’ve seen clients shed half their size and heard from readers who have lost more than 100 pounds by adding cycling to their weight loss arsenal, which, yes, must... >>>

Get big arms with push ups: follow these press up workout tips for big guns and a broad chest

Wednesday  20:20,   28 october 2020

Push ups CAN build big arms and a broad chest, as long as you do them right. Here's howNot to mention, according to science, push ups (a.k.a. press ups) are equally as good for building pecs as the bench press. Pretty surprising, right? Not so... >>>

9 tips for getting your baby to sleep through the night

Wednesday  20:20,   28 october 2020

Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Here are 9 tips for making sure your children get a good night's sleep. From sleepy music to timing and nifty gadgets including the GroEgg. >>>

Primera Division: Ramos etches against supplier adidas

Wednesday  20:10,   28 october 2020

central defender Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid has criticized supplier adidas for the design of the current collection of the royal team. A video of the statements of the Real captain is circulating on the net. © Provided by SPOX Sergio Ramos is not... >>>

Student has kidney transplant from brother postponed for a second time

Wednesday  19:50,   28 october 2020

Mali Elwy, from the Conwy Valley in North Wales, was due for the operation with her sibling Morgan last week after a previous postponement in August at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. The 19-year-old, who lives with chronic renal failure after her... >>>

Toning Off Muscles: How To Shrink Your Arm Muscles (And Look Better)

Wednesday  19:30,   28 october 2020

To many, the idea of ​​working off the size of your arms or their muscles may seem strange, as we usually want them to look bigger. However, for some it can be uncomfortable to have too many muscles in your arms when wearing clothes and even... >>>

The Best Barefoot Shoes for Men

Wednesday  19:20,   28 october 2020

Promote natural movement and strengthen your feet with this selection of stylish and practical barefoot shoes for any occasion. There’s a lot of confusion about what “barefoot shoes” actually means. Contrary to one common misconception, they’re not... >>>

Mastectomy support page in 'constant battle' with Facebook over 'nudity' images

Wednesday  19:20,   28 october 2020

A mastectomy support group on Facebook says it faces a "constant battle" with the social media platform to keep its page open, despite not posting content which breaks any of the company's rules.Jay Walker, the founder of the Mastectomy Network... >>>