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'I'm an Psychologist and These Are The Light Therapy Treatments I Recommend for Seasonal Affective Disorder'

Wednesday  19:20,   28 october 2020

Chances are you're not the only one experiencing the blues as the mercury drops. Here's why and, more importantly, how you can push back Despite how it may feel, you're not the only one — it's thought that around 10-20 per cent of people in... >>>

Kate Ferdinand 'feels like a zombie' and can't sleep during pregnancy with first child

Wednesday  19:20,   28 october 2020

Mum-to-be Kate Ferdinand has shared her struggles with sleep while pregnant with her first child.The former TOWIE star, who recently opened up about her mental health and anxiety during lockdown, took to Instagram to share her pregnancy... >>>

The Best Fitbit Alta Straps

Wednesday  19:15,   28 october 2020

Whether your focus is on comfort or style, we have the perfect Fitbit Alta strap for you At this point, the Fitbit Alta is a relic of a bygone era. What was once Fitbit's best lightweight fitness tracker range has long since been replaced by the... >>>

THE best core exercise has been found, using science: the best abs exercise to get a six pack AND functional strength

Wednesday  18:45,   28 october 2020

This core exercise will build a trunk that's both good-looking and functionalAs the belly apocalypse that is the festive season approaching, many of us are thinking about shaping up (or shipping out). You might well be thinking right now, do I... >>>

8 signs a loved one is suffering from anxiety

Wednesday  18:45,   28 october 2020

Anxiety is not all panic attacks. Here are the less obvious symptoms to look out for.But it's not always immediately obvious when someone you care about is suffering from anxiety. Not everyone will be vocal about their feelings, many will actively... >>>

And you, where are you going to spend your re-containment?

Wednesday  18:15,   28 october 2020

© svetikd / IStock.com During the first confinement, a quarter of Parisians had left the capital 8% of the French and Swiss populations had spent the first confinement far from their usual place of life, a long study of a researcher associated with >>>

Baby's hilarious reaction when phone she's playing with suddenly rings

Wednesday  16:50,   28 october 2020

Schuyler-Mai Walsh, 11 months, was mimicking her parents by putting the phone to her ear at their home in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland, in footage recorded on October 21.Schuyler-Mai Walsh, 11 months, was mimicking her parents by putting the >>>

14 out of every 1000 Covid-19 patients have a stroke

Wednesday  16:50,   28 october 2020

Scientists recommend that all stroke patients be treated as potential Covid-19 cases until screening results come back negative.A team of researchers from Cambridge University’s Stroke Research Group analysed 61 published studies that covered more... >>>

Do you have Covid-19 or a common cold?

Wednesday  16:50,   28 october 2020

The symptoms of the common cold can be similar to those of Covid-19 at first, which can understandably cause people to worry and wonder if they have coronavirus. However, there are certain symptoms to look out for that can help distinguish whether... >>>

Long Covid may compel researchers into broadening scope of treatment trials

Wednesday  16:50,   28 october 2020

Researchers are looking for medicines that can help people with Covid-19 symptoms get better quickly and stop them needing to go to hospital. But they are now considering expanding the scope of their trial.Chris Butler, co-lead of the Principle... >>>

Hospital patients are being sent home before receiving Covid test results

Wednesday  16:50,   28 october 2020

Hospital patients are being sent home before receiving Covid test resultsConcerns about patients being discharged early have been raised, following a new investigation conducted by Healthwatch England and the British Red... >>>

This is the best hairstyle against stress

Wednesday  16:40,   28 october 2020

Braided hairstyles can do more than just look beautiful - braiding can even have a meditative effect on us and reduce stress in everyday life © iStockphoto Hairstyle instead of meditation: How braiding can reduce stress iStockphoto During the... >>>

Lockdown Light: Finally download the damn Corona app!

Wednesday  16:25,   28 october 2020

The infection process in Germany is getting increasingly out of control. Everyone should help now where they can. In addition to the mask and distance requirements, this includes the corona warning app! © t3n Corona warning app. Now what is... >>>

These Sneaky Foods Could Be Damaging Your Heart

Wednesday  15:30,   28 october 2020

Man, there are some shockers in... >>>

This is how to find out your 'Covid-age' - and what it means

Wednesday  15:30,   28 october 2020

This is how to find out your 'Covid-age' - and what it meansStricter measures are now in force around the country in an effort to bring infection rates back under control. England and Scotland have introduced a tiered local lockdown system,... >>>