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Healthy detoxification instead of a radical cure - Lose weight between the years: So you will simply get the Christmas kilos again

Wednesday  13:40,   28 december 2022

at Christmas. Many eat a few extracilos - thanks to raclette, roast and speculoos. A good way to lose weight between the years up to New Year's Eve is a short detoxification cure. You can find out here. © Getty Images/Svetikd Getty Images/Svetikd... >>>

Scotland’s NHS is ‘haemorrhaging’ staff due to relentless crisis mode, doctors warn

Wednesday  12:20,   28 december 2022

The chair of BMA Scotland said the number one focus should be on retaining existing staff to help the NHS survive over the winter , as it faces unprecedented pressure. Dr Iain Kennedy’s comments came as the union published “harrowing” testimony from >>>

DWP PIP claimants with health conditions could receive £627 a month

Wednesday  11:50,   28 december 2022

Recent data shows a rise in people receiving PIP across the UK increased from 3,129,589 to 3,164,551 from September to October 2022 - a rise of 34,962 claimants. This included a rise of 10,200 in people claiming for Musculoskeletal Conditions such... >>>

Beat the festive slump and boost your energy levels with this five-minute stretching routine

Wednesday  11:50,   28 december 2022

Add these five simple stretches to your mornings and reap the benefitsA small study published in the Medicina journal found that slumping for long periods could increase lower back pain, so we'd recommend getting up and stretching fairly regularly... >>>

Losing weight while sitting: A simple exercise boosts fat burning on

Wednesday  11:10,   28 december 2022

© Panthermedia/Imago Ginger water can help you lose weight. (Symborgoto) Lose slimming: A simple exercise boost fat burning to It sounds too good to be true. But a simple exercise should help to lose weight. A new study is hope. Houston - simply... >>>

Doctor recommends two best supplements to prevent blood clots - 'Take action'

Wednesday  09:40,   28 december 2022

There are also a number of lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk of clotting.This is because clots can break away and travel to vital... >>>

‘Most important step' to stop window condensation and damp - even ‘reduces energy bills'

Wednesday  09:40,   28 december 2022

Condensation can damage windows and furniture, cause mould and be detrimental to your health. To help combat this experts have shared their top tips on how to avoid this build up.The air around contains lots of microscopic droplets of water that go... >>>

20 possible reasons you feel tired all the time

Wednesday  09:30,   28 december 2022

Lack of sleep may be the great challenge of our time. We’re not talking about the occasional bad night of shut-eye. This is night after night of tossing and turning, unable to get uninterrupted deep sleep, followed by day after day of trying to keep >>>

I tried MuscleFood's meal prep food delivery service and this is what I thought

Wednesday  09:20,   28 december 2022

Pizza, pasta and pancakes are not always what you think of when it comes to eating healthy food, but the MuscleFood Goal Getter plan helps to make that a reality. Express.co.uk tried out the subscription service for three weeks and this is what I... >>>

What 'happiness' data shows about living in BCP - as 'anxiety' rises since Covid

Wednesday  09:20,   28 december 2022

Data has revealed how happy people in BCP are - and have been over the past 10 years. The Office for National Statistics data shows residents living in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole are as happy as they were in 2018, although levels dipped due >>>

Berkshire businesses that have won awards in 2022 including 'enchanting' Reading brunch spot

Wednesday  09:20,   28 december 2022

A pub in Bracknell with a 'Bavarian Wunderland' won an award, as did a fantastic looking Japanese restaurant in ReadingSo many businesses offer their services to the people of Berkshire and quite a few of these rank cream of the crop. It's... >>>

Is the nap restful?

Wednesday  09:20,   28 december 2022

Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.We all know it. We slept badly last night and have been dog-tired all day. A nap would solve our problems. In southern countries it is known as the so-called siesta. It is customary to take a break at midday and >>>

Healthy intestinal flora preserved: You should better do without these foods

Wednesday  08:30,   28 december 2022

Healthy intestinal flora: You should better do without these foods "Death is in the intestine" is an old saying. In fact, it is important to pay attention to your health. Some foods are taboo. Frankfurt - The intestinal flora plays a crucial role... >>>

Everybody alive today came from Sudan, according to study

Wednesday  07:10,   28 december 2022

Everybody alive today came from Sudan, according to studyResearchers at the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute mapped the entirety of genetic relationships among humans to create the largest human family tree... >>>