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This is what happens to your body when an airplane cabin isn’t pressurized

Tuesday  08:25,   25 september 2018

What 166 Jet Airways passengers found out the hard way.On (last) Thursday morning, passengers on a Jet Airways flight traveling from Mumbai to Jaipur, India, began experiencing headaches and... >>>

Ease Your Anxiety With These Expert-Approved Breathing Tips

Monday  09:25,   24 september 2018

In the throes of severe anxiety, it feels like you're trapped inside your own brain: your thoughts race, your heart beats a mile a minute, you get nauseated, and it's hard to get a grip on reality. And while a dose of CBD oil or, in severe... >>>

The difference between panic attacks and anxiety attacks

Monday  07:05,   24 september 2018

There is a difference, but it's not what you think.Seemingly out of nowhere, my heart started racing, I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I began sweating, even though it wasn't even hot outside. Terrified of what was happening in my body, I ran >>>

How to live with a narcissist

Sunday  19:55,   23 september 2018

Understanding narcissistic personality disorder. If you’ve ever been ghosted by a Tinder date, a colleague at work has taken credit for your hard work or you’ve been tempted to unfollow certain friends on social media for posting excessive selfies,... >>>

Yes, You Can Eat White Rice and Potatoes and Still Lose Weight - Here's How

Sunday  14:51,   23 september 2018

A fat-loss coach explains how white rice and potatoes can fit into your weight-loss plan.As fat-loss coach Carter Good explained in an Instagram post, you can totally eat white rice and white potatoes along with brown rice and sweet potatoes as part >>>

Lemon water can actually improve your health — here's the best time to drink it

Saturday  17:26,   22 september 2018

Drinking lemon water is one of the easiest healthy habits you can add to your life."Drinking water with lemon anytime of the day can help you get and keep better health," registered dietitian Ashley Koff, RD, told... >>>

What It Feels Like When Your Child Has Depression

Friday  19:25,   21 september 2018

What It Feels Like When Your Child Has DepressionDownload the all-new Microsoft News app to receive up-to-the minute news from the world’s best sources – available now on iOS and... >>>

Air conditioning, smoked foods and even ill-fitting bras: The surprising every day things causing painful headaches

Friday  16:05,   21 september 2018

Painful headaches can strike for seemingly no reason at all. Painful headaches can strike unexpectedly and leave you feeling tired, washed out or worse, nauseous and bed-ridden.Research  has shown the ailment is so common that up to a third of the... >>>

8 reasons your body aches

Friday  13:30,   21 september 2018

Common causes of aches and pains and how to fix them. If you’ve woken up feeling achey, you’re certainly not alone. Joint pain and muscle aches affect a huge number of Brits. In fact, a 2016 study carried out by researchers for Arthritis Research UK >>>

Follow This Simple 6-Strategy Plan to Start Losing Weight Today

Friday  10:55,   21 september 2018

Fat-loss coach Carter Good doesn't believe in cutting carbs or sugar or fruit or whatever.Here's a simple plan from fat-loss coach Carter Good (@cartergood on Instagram) to help you get started today. He said, "For the next month, I want you to... >>>

Six of the best postnatal exercises

Friday  07:50,   21 september 2018

The best ways to get active after birth – comfortably and safely .Firstly, all new mothers should heed the advice of Clio Wood, founder of &Breathe postnatal retreats. This is well versed, but doesn’t go without saying: “Post-birth make sure you get >>>

Every little helps! Experts reveal five VERY simple lifestyle tweaks that will help you lose weight quickly and easily - and keep it off for good

Thursday  14:50,   20 september 2018

Drinking water, keeping a food diary, and only eating within a specific time window are all steps that can help those looking to embark on a weight loss journey. Walking can also be an efficient alternative to intense workout, making it possible to... >>>

Anxious, Worried, Stressed: What Is Brexit Doing To Our Mental Health?

Thursday  11:05,   20 september 2018

It’s been just over two years since 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, unleashing a wave of uncertainty. For many, the constant to-ing and fro-ing has resulted in Brexit fatigue. But for others, the climate of... >>>

Squats and lunges could be key to cutting child obesity – study

Thursday  09:28,   20 september 2018

Researchers looked at the effects of resistance training on body weight for children aged eight to 16. © Provided by Shutterstock They found resistance training decreased body fat, but had no overall effect on other measures, including lean muscle... >>>

The Mystery of Baby Dreams

Wednesday  17:50,   19 september 2018

The Mystery of Baby... >>>