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But I bet you ARE making some mistakes caring for your indoor plants . Maybe you ’ re got a space that needs artificial plants . They are MUCH improved from previous generations. Maybe you’ll be better off with cut flowers or something you can replace and swap out from time to time.

You might not feel the need to bust out the giant soup pot if you ' re making oatmeal for just you. But oatmeal has a viscous texture that's really great at forming big bubbles. And if you use a small cooking vessel, you ' re pretty much asking for your porridge to spill over.

a vase filled with purple flowers: Cyclamen pink flower © lenachepel - Getty Images Cyclamen pink flower
Keep your houseplants happy and healthy with these expert tips.


Houseplants that are labelled in store as 'Green Foliage Plant' have no chance of surviving. Attempting to grow a plant without a name or care instructions is like trying to bake a cake without a recipe. Know your plant, follow the instructions and there's hope for even the least green-fingered of us.


It's not just about knowing your plant, think about your home too. There are all sorts of different environments in your house, from a shady but steamy bathroom to a sunny windowsill. Each one will offer the perfect home – but only to the right plant.

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Imaxtree. While applying mascara may seem like one of the easier steps in our makeup routine, it isn’t as completely foolproof as we think. Without even realizing it, there’s sure to be some slip-ups taking place before, during, and even after application.


There isn't a single houseplant that would be happy above a radiator. However much you water it the relentless heat will dry it out and cause wilting.

a vase of flowers on a plant: Close-up of dying dehydrated Peace Lilly house plant in pot © Ian Dyball - Getty Images Close-up of dying dehydrated Peace Lilly house plant in pot 4. FORGETTING TO DUST THEM

This is something that's easily overlooked, but houses are dusty places and there's no rain to wash away dirt and keep the leaves clear enough to do their stuff. So give your houseplants a spritz or a wipe every week or so to keep them perky.


Routines are great, but most houseplants have different needs at different times of year and most will have a dormant period during the winter. Overwatering, especially when the plant isn't growing, is one of the biggest causes of a plant's demise.

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You'll start nailing your slow cooker recipes once you realize you've been making these common mistakes, from using skin-on chicken to adding herbs too early. CURRENTLY READING 6 Mistakes You ' re Making With Your Slow Cooker (We've All Been There).

If you ’ re raising cuttings that you were given by a green-thumbed buddy, ask her or him for help. Still stumped? Send a photo to your local university extension service or a gardening forum to request identification and advice. 3. Giving your houseplants the wrong amount of light.


There are some plants that are designed to offer temporary colour to your house and then be discarded. They're often called florists' plants and include things such as potted azaleas, cyclamens, chrysanthemums and gerberas. It is technically possible to keep them alive and get them to flower again but it's like trying to recapture lost youth… an ultimately fruitless task.

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Plant Pockets: It’s much easier than it looks to make these one-of-a-kind wall planters. All you need is air-dry clay, a rolling pin, and a custom pattern to use as a guide for cutting out the design. Once everything sets, you can sand down the clay and paint the interior (or the exterior) the color of your choice using craft paint. Fill the pockets with succulents or herbs, and display your colorful creation on any wall.Related: 6 Easy DIY Projects—No Tools Required 20 Ways to Garden Without a Backyard

5 houseplants that will thrive in the heat .
They need little care or attention.If you've got succulents or cacti perched on the edge of your window sill or on a shelf, then don't worry, as they will actually fare pretty well with the extra sunshine.

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