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10:45  04 july  2018
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6 mistakes you're making with your houseplants

  6 mistakes you're making with your houseplants Keep your houseplants happy and healthy with these expert tips. 1. BUYING BLINDHouseplants that are labelled in store as 'Green Foliage Plant' have no chance of surviving. Attempting to grow a plant without a name or care instructions is like trying to bake a cake without a recipe. Know your plant, follow the instructions and there's hope for even the least green-fingered of us.2. STUFFING THEM IN A CORNER AND HOPING FOR THE BESTIt's not just about knowing your plant, think about your home too.

Window Dealers. HOME SERVICES. Air Conditioning & Heating . Electricians. Most houseplants are happiest with indirect light. These houseplants are the exception. These dynamic potted plant combinations thrive in partial to full shade — perfect for the porch or a shady bed.

The old adage says that if you can't stand the heat , get out of the kitchen. And this goes for houseplants as well. It will thrive in your kitchen as long as you don't water it too much.

Plants need plenty of care and attention to thrive, and they can be prone to feeling the nasty effects of any extreme weather conditions – especially in the summer during a heatwave. Take a look at the few houseplants that thrive in the heat.: 5 houseplants that thrive in heat © Ikea 5 houseplants that thrive in heat Summer is here, temperatures are soaring, and the heatwave is set to continue for the rest of the week. While you attempt to keep your house cool in the heat, one area that you should be clued up on is your houseplants – after all, they need plenty of care and attention.

If you've got succulents or cacti perched on the edge of your window sill or on a shelf, then don't worry, as they will actually fare pretty well with the extra sunshine.

To help keep your home green during summer, thejoyofplants.co.uk has created the ultimate guide to houseplants that thrive in the heat and can withstand the hottest months of the year, so if you don't already own one of these, get down to your nearest garden centre pronto.

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Опубликовано: 25 нояб. 2017 г. 5 Plants That Thrive In Dark Rooms. This kind of plant thrives in dark rooms, but if there is more light in the room, then you’ll get more vitality and colorful leaves. These 6 Houseplants In Your Bedroom Can Improve Your Health Dramatically - https

1. Succulents

It’s no surprise these colourful plants are on trend right now, given their beauty and effortless maintenance. Although green succulents are more suited to indoors than their brighter variants, place your plant near a window that gets light all day so it’s bound to thrive! Since its thick and sturdy leaves store moisture, you only need to water it once a week, and will even be forgiven after two weeks of neglect!

Top tip: Keep your plant as close to the window as you can.

a vase of flowers on a plant: Directly Above View Of Succulent Plants At Home © Yukari Yamashita / EyeEm - Getty Images Directly Above View Of Succulent Plants At Home 2. Cacti

We’re all guilty of occasionally neglecting our indoor plants, especially in hot temperatures when we’re more concerned with hydrating ourselves. Luckily for us, cacti appreciate a light and warm spot, coping well in direct sunlight and being watered once a month is perfectly fine. And with plenty of choice in shapes and sizes, it’s an easy way to inject green into your home without the stress!

People have been sharing their tips on how to sleep in the heat and we are all ears

  People have been sharing their tips on how to sleep in the heat and we are all ears As well as some amusing observations.The Met Office revealed that the UK experienced its hottest day of the year so far on Tuesday 26th June, with Rostherne in Cheshire seeing highs of 30.7°C. This has resulted in warm overnight temperatures which remain in the mid to high teens, unusual for us living in the normally temperate Britain.

If your bathroom needs a makeover and you’re itching to turn it into a spa-like retreat, you needn’t look further than buying a few houseplants . Because of the moist environment in most bathrooms, plants can thrive , as long as they get a little bit of light and a little TCL every once in a while.

We created a guide to five houseplants that are virtually impossible to kill (you’ll have to try really hard to get rid of these guys) and the best places to buy them online. It’ll have time to adapt to your home and is more likely to thrive over time.

Top tip: Water very moderately - it’s better to underwater than overwater.

a group of pink flowers: Small cactus in bloom, close-up © Blanchi Costela - Getty Images Small cactus in bloom, close-up 3. Aloe Vera

Renowned for a medicinal ability to heal wounds, it turns out aloe vera plants are quite tough themselves. Often referred to as the ‘plant of immortality’ it’s easy to see how that name was acquired, as they can survive in all manner of environments and require minimal attention. Simply leave your plant in direct sunlight, water it every now and then and you’ll have one healthy aloe vera!

Top tip: Aloe likes to be moved into a larger pot once every 2 to 3 years.

a vase filled with purple flowers and green leaves: Aloe Vera plant in white flowerpot © Emilija Manevska - Getty Images Aloe Vera plant in white flowerpot 4. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy are a popular choice for indoor plants, both resilient and pretty. Think low maintenance and no nonsense, able to adapt and thrive in bright indirect light and low light. The plant only needs to be watered infrequently, so even when temperatures are soaring there’s no need to worry about it wilting. Their bigger leaves also transpire, releasing excess water into the air cooling themselves and the surrounding environment that helps with the humidity in your home.

Eight hacks for sleeping in a heat wave

  Eight hacks for sleeping in a heat wave How to sleep in a heat wave – from freezing your sheets to making a cold water bottleSuddenly we're a hot sweaty mess, tossing and turning under the sheets as we desperately try to cool down and catch some rest.

Watering your houseplants as needed on a regular basis will prevent spider mite infestation, since spider mites only thrive on houseplants that are dry. Excessive exposure to heat may dry the leaves of your plant and attract spider mites.

5 houseplants that will thrive in the heat . They need little care or attention.

Summer is here, temperatures are soaring, and the heatwave is set to continue for the rest of the week. While you …

Top tip: Devil’s Ivy thrive when you allow their soil dry out between watering.

a vase with flowers in it: Hanging Pothos pots by the window - Devil's Ivy plant © mykeyruna - Getty Images Hanging Pothos pots by the window - Devil's Ivy plant 5. Ponytail Palm (Dracaena)

Ponytail palm trees certainly help to create that tropical, beachy feel in the comfort of your own home. Easy to keep happy and requiring little of your attention to grow and thrive, they are the perfect indoor plant. The Mexican-native is happiest when basking in a bright, sunny spot although can easily adapt to low light conditions. The key is to allow the soil to dry out completely between watering.

Top tip: Beware of yellow foliage or a mushy trunk, this means you are overwatering.

a group of palm trees on a sunny window: Dracena house plant (dracaena) © elenazarubina - Getty Images Dracena house plant (dracaena)

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