Home & Garden online course "Indoor Plants": With us you will become a professional!

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Best time of day to water plants, and other beginner gardening questions answered

  Best time of day to water plants, and other beginner gardening questions answered Best time of day to water plants, and other beginner gardening questions answered . (Getty Images) How do I get rid of weeds?Weeds are the wannabe gardener’s worst enemy (well that and slugs) because they steal valuable nutrients from the plants you’re trying to grow.There are many ways to get rid of weeds without resorting to weed killers, but they will involve putting in some weed control groundwork.

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With our online course "Indoor Plants" every thumb will be green. What exactly can you expect in the course? Find out here!

Do you love indoor plants, but you just don't want to grow them and just worry about them? Or is your apartment already like an urban jungle, but you like to try something new? Our online course on houseplants provides you with all sorts of helpful care tips, practical video tutorials and beautiful design ideas - regardless of whether you are a houseplant professional or want to become one.

Concentrated knowledge in the online course

In our online course "House Plants" you will not only find many tips to help your green roommates grow and prosper, we will also show you how to put them in the right place. We at MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN have bundled our knowledge for you and have summarized all of our gardening experience relating to indoor gardening in this online course.

"In the future home, form will follow infection"

  "In the future home, form will follow infection"The home played a pivotal role in the recent global crisis. Forced to double as office, school, gym, even restaurant, whether it felt safe or suffocating, it came under forensic examination, and for many was found wanting. And I do not mean in the decorative sense. Rather, Covid-19 clarified that the contemporary paradigm of the home, and crucially, how we live within it, must change if we are to survive the next inter-pandemic phase — learning to live with a virus in our midst.

What do houseplants want? We'll tell you!

Have you ever wondered why your green lily simply does not want to grow in your home, even though you have given it a nice bright place in the living room? Or what exactly does it mean when the plant label says that the bow hemp prefers a sunny location? In our online course, we provide you with a lot of basic knowledge about indoor plants. Where do the most popular indoor plants come from? How do they grow in nature? And what can you deduce from this for the location in the room? We explain all of this to you - simply, compactly and using practical examples. Your green darling is sick and you don't know exactly what is missing and how to help him? Our online course can also help here. We will give you a brief portrait of the most common diseases and pests and give you an overview of the biggest care mistakes. So you can quickly find out for yourself exactly what problem your houseplant has. So that nothing can go wrong with care, you will also find many practical tips on correct watering, fertilizing, repotting and cutting.

Painting your front door a bright colour could boost your house value by £4,000

  Painting your front door a bright colour could boost your house value by £4,000 New research has discovered the most valuable paint colour.To help homeowners attract buyers, the team at Sellhousefast.uk researched the potential factors that could positively affect the value of a house by analysing over 1,000 properties listed on Zoopla.

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Indoor plants are more popular than ever. Wherever you look, you can see monstera, violin figs and the like - be it in photos on social media, as a motif on clothes or home accessories such as pillows, curtains or wallpaper. Indoor plants are no longer just green roommates, but also a design element and an important part of interior design. That is why in our online course you will find not only tips on caring for your green darlings, but also all sorts of design ideas to imitate - from trendy concrete pots to self-made macrame hanging baskets to Kokedamas. The nice thing: We not only explain how you can make the pretty accessories yourself, we show you - step by step. Get started right away with our DIY videos! Buying

plants was yesterday! We grow young green ourselves now.

houseplants often accompany us for decades and can become real family members. They go along with one or the other move and immediately bring life and color to every home - and with the right care and the right location they are getting bigger and more beautiful. Isn't it a great feeling to watch how a beautiful houseplant develops from a tiny green plant? It is even nicer if you have grown the plants yourself from a seed or cutting. And that is easier than many think! In our online course we explain which techniques can be used to propagate houseplants and show you in our practice videos how to do it correctly. Someone in your family, a boyfriend or girlfriend has a particularly beautiful houseplant? With the knowledge that you will learn in our course, you can easily take an offshoot or cutting from it and grow a new plant from it.

What Are The Best Plants For Intermediate-Level Growers?

  What Are The Best Plants For Intermediate-Level Growers? Welcome to Ask A Plant Queen, where with the help of Tula founder and bona fide plant expert Christan Summers, we’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about the care, keeping, and presentation of houseplants. No need for you — or your pretty green pals — to thank us. Question: “Since many of us are spending a lot more time at home, and thus have a lot more time to devote to taking care of plants, what are some more time-consuming or challenging plants you’d recommend for intermediate plant-owners who want to take it to the next level? And what are the most important things for them to know about caring for them?” Christan’s Answer: I love this question! Graduating from the comm

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6 autumn home décor trends you can copy now .
With the leaves changing colour and the temperature dropping lower and lower, it is clear as day that we’re crossing over to another autumn. And with a new season comes new potential, and as this is homify we just couldn’t help but research what décor and interior accessories are on trend for autumn 2020. Just in case you were also interested, scroll down to see what your home might be missing ...1. Autumn 2020 home décor: Textures and layers © homify / Luxury Chandelier 1. Autumn 2020 home décor: Textures and layers For the colder weather, we love the idea of switching up interior spaces to make them fresher and more comfortable.

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