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Living plants make bathrooms more pleasant places for users, improving the decor and air quality. And bathrooms can be good environments for plants , too. Peace lilies are elegant plants that require minimal care . They do best with regular watering and appreciate the humidity in the bathroom .

Plants perfect for the Bathroom – Phalaneopsis Orchid, ZZ Plant and Dracaena. Houseplants improve the air quality in your home by cleaning the toxins from the air. 9 Upright Plants For Windowless Bathroom . 3 Trailing Tropical Houseplants. Easy Care Tips Video.

A suitable location, some water, every now and then fresh earth and lots of love are enough to make most plants happy in the home spa. So that they thrive, here are five care tips especially for plants in the bathroom

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Tip 1: less watering

Plants in the bathroom generally need a lot less water than plants in other rooms. This is due to the warm and humid climate in this room. Due to the high humidity, the plants draw water over their leaves, and their soil also stays moist longer. So here it means: check the soil every now and then and only pour in when it is dry.

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Indoor plants are beneficial in so many ways: Not only are they a lovely visual addition to a space, creating Of course, if you have a skylight, you can do some pretty creative things with plants in the bathroom . They are incredibly easy to care for, and only require watering about once a month

Therefore, by placing your dragon plant in the bathroom , the lighting and humidity will prevent brown leaf tip and keep its greenery bright and flawless. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and requires little in the way of care . Because of this, they work well in bathrooms where they get

Tip 2: Warning, risk of mold!

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Where there is high humidity, there is also a risk of mold. Moist potting soil in the bathroom is paradise for mold spores. So check the potting soil regularly, remove the mold or repot the plants over and over again. Plant professionals can also rely on hydroponics to get the mold problem under control. In hydroponics, the soil is not the foundation of the plant, but water or a type of substrate such as expanded clay. The plants thrive just as well in this - only the mold stays away.

Tip 3: Be careful with hairspray and Co.

A pinch of perfume, some nail polish remover and a few sprays of hairspray: In the bathroom we beautify ourselves and fiddle around with all kinds of beauty products - to the chagrin of our plants. Because they don't like pollutants like nail polish remover or hairspray at all. So never leave strongly scented products open and ventilate them well after a styling session. Your plants in the bathroom will thank you!

Tip 4: Fertilize regularly

If you want to do something good for your plants in the bathroom, fertilize them regularly. Plants in a poorly lighted bath in particular need nutrients from the outside. Every two to three months you should give your plants a good fertilizer.

Tip 5: Daylight lamps for dark bathrooms

If you have a rather dark bathroom but don't want to do without your favorite plant, you don't have to move immediately. Special plant lamps can compensate for the lack of daylight. Nonetheless, if you have a dark bathroom, it is best to rely on plants that love dark locations.

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