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In the new "crime scene" of the Münster investigator, Commissioner Thiel under urgent murder suspected. Who, if not boar, can help him now?

 Für Kommissar Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl, links) wird der neue Fall zum Albtraum. Wird Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) ihm helfen können? © Molina Film for Commissioner Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl, Links) becomes the new case to the nightmare. Will Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) can help him?

at the Münster "crime scene" has always been the spirits: The fan base loves the performer-duo's main commissary of Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) and Tribunal Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Boerne (Jan Josef Supers). "Tatort" Purists, in turn, complain regularly: too unrealistic the cases, to silly the dialogues, to predict the interaction between the main actors and their proven secondary in person of Boernes Assistant Silke Haller - better known as Alberich and Thieles Taxi and otherwise permanent trimming Father (Claus Dieter Clausnitzer).

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Thiel can be rolled out of desperation

The latest adventure of colleagues Boerne and Thiel begins straight a frightening. Thiel sits in the pub and can be rolled out, from pure despair: He has just learned that his father has a brain tumor. Inoperable, so the doctor. The news throws the Commissioner out of the train - while the father is used to depth. No wonder, because that does not know about his fate. To bring the bad news has left the attending physician Thiel-Junior, which does not (yet) do not have the heart. Instead, he flees into the alcohol and wakes up the next day with a bad hangover, but without remembrance of the past evening.

Why is a dead ex-policeman in the forest?

And as if that was not enough drama enough, the problems are piling up from this point on the problems: in the forest, the dead ex-policeman Arne Hartnack is found - an old acquaintance of Thiel. Around 20 years ago, the Commissioner has transferred the colleague and brought to prison because he should have killed his wife. And now the hard snack is in the undergrowth with two balls in the chest.

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In the course of the investigation, the suspicion soon falls on Thiel, who has every fault first outraged by itself. But the stressful hints are piling up - and especially Thiel himself is always doubtful in itself, especially since the memories of the Tatnacht come back by pieces ...

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Less clamauk When the last appearance of the colleagues Boerne and Thiel was a bit quieter in former Münster "Tattaten"

after the last appearance of the colleagues, the next step could be the next step, the camps of fans and opponents of the Münster "Tatta to reconcile with each other.

Although it is familiar here and there, for example, if alleries bursts with the help of Alberich into trial and falls wrong, which can only go wrong. Overall, this Münster thriller is less clamaudig than many of its predecessors.

At the same time, it is also more exciting - regardless of whether one has solved the question of the "Who's Dunnit?" Rather than later or later. On the one hand, this is because the movie focuses on wide stretches entirely on Thiel and his painful trip in the memory. To see the sympathetic commissioner, as he is increasingly doubts about his mind, is optically superimposed - and especially demolding.

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What does Koala do in the German pampa?

As with most Thiel-Boerne cases, you should not look too carefully search for the meaning of individual elements at "the devil breath" (why a petrol station sold in the middle of the Northwest German Pampa?) - That spoils only the Fun and adjusts the look at the essentials.

What also makes this "crime scene" despite some content of substantial weaknesses, the dynamics between Thiel and Berne, which develops an almost touching respect for each other in their 40th common case. Boerne runs to the trying to prove the innocence of his colleague to the high form. Thiel, in turn, trusts the otherwise so blown professor so much that he can even hypnotize himself from him in search of answers. Hassliebe? That was once.

"Tatort: ​​The Devil Long Breath" , the first, Sun., 20:15

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