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Inside Brendan Cole's beautiful Mallorca holiday home with wife Zoe

Friday  14:53,   05 june 2020

Brendan Cole house: see where the former Strictly Come Dancing pro lives in Mallorca with his wife Zoe and their two... >>>

8 ways to pay homage to the environment today

Friday  14:50,   05 june 2020

Give it the respect it deservesLockdown has reignited our love of the great outdoors – whether that's been through going on more regular walks to stretch our legs; taking in the local park to get out the house; basking in one of the warmest Mays on... >>>

Last Meal of Armor-Plated Dinosaur That Died 110 Million Years Ago Revealed

Friday  14:50,   05 june 2020

"The finding of the actual preserved stomach contents from a dinosaur is extraordinarily rare," said researcher Jim Basinger.Researchers have revealed what a 2,800-pound armor-plated dinosaur ate for its last meal before it perished around 110... >>>

Safe amongst the trees: gorgeous homes hidden inside forests

Friday  14:50,   05 june 2020

Hidden at the heart of forests, let's discover some of the most beautiful woodland homes from around the... >>>

"In the future home, form will follow infection"

Thursday  16:35,   04 june 2020

"In the future home, form will follow infection"The home played a pivotal role in the recent global crisis. Forced to double as office, school, gym, even restaurant, whether it felt safe or suffocating, it came under forensic examination, and for... >>>

stains: Quick help for typical summer stains

Thursday  14:20,   04 june 2020

Remove © provided by Bauer XCEL Media Deutschland KG Remove stains: How to get rid of grass, ice, and grease stains Are you looking for SOS tips against typical summer stains? Then you are exactly right here. We show you how to get rid of grass,... >>>

Dogs are instinctively wired to protect and rescue their owners, new study finds

Wednesday  17:40,   03 june 2020

More proof that they really are man's best friendThe research, which was conducted by Arizona State University, analysed 60 pet dogs to see how they would react to their owners being distressed. In order to gather the information, each owner was >>>

5 hallway decor and storage ideas we're TOTALLY copying this summer

Wednesday  17:40,   03 june 2020

Looking for ways to make your hallway less about chaos and more about calm? These ideas are bang onBut it's a fact: with everyone at home, the storage weak points in our hallways have really been highlighted. With Ikea reopening this week, we've... >>>

The 10 most-Googled house plants during lockdown: From the snake plant to the prickly cactus

Wednesday  14:10,   03 june 2020

What are the most popular plants during lockdown? The most searched houseplants of 2020 include Chinese Money Plants, Aloe, Cactus and Snake plants.Budding plant experts in quarantine have been flocking to the Internet to find out as much as we can... >>>

7 natural ways to get rid of ants in your house and garden

Wednesday  13:16,   03 june 2020

7 natural ways to get rid of ants in your house and garden ? Get rid of ants naturally and safely with these remedies. Are you looking for effective natural ways to get rid of ? Like many common 'pests', ants are drawn to areas where they are likely >>>

How to recreate your favourite spa holiday at home

Wednesday  11:40,   03 june 2020

International spa directors share their recommendations for creating a tranquil sanctuary under your own roofTaking time to attend to our health and release pent-up stress is more important now than ever. So park the little ones in front of Frozen... >>>

How to take rose cuttings: 5 simple steps to grow roses from cuttings

Tuesday  15:51,   02 june 2020

Here's everything you need to know about propagating your favourite flowerCuttings can be taken from any type of rose bush, as long as they are strong, healthy and from this season's growth. The best time to take a cutting is in spring or early... >>>

Books you can read to educate yourself about race

Tuesday  15:35,   02 june 2020

The worldwide uprising following the horrific death of George Floyd has left many people wondering what they can do to show solidarity and turn their opposition to racism into action. While reading a book isn’t going to entirely solve the racism... >>>

25 best-ever bathroom ideas

Monday  13:50,   01 june 2020

These gorgeous bathroom ideas will inspire you to create the space of your dreams, whether you're planning a quick revamp with a tight budget or starting from scratchBelow, you will find both quick fixes to spruce up your current bathroom (we... >>>

8 dog breeds that make the best swimmers

Monday  11:50,   01 june 2020

These water-loving pups love to swim with their owners"Water-loving dogs will certainly appreciate streams and lakes that they can splash around in to keep cool, although it's more important to keep the time outside in the hot sun to a minimum than... >>>