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Mainau Plant «Rausching Fest» In the double anniversary year

Friday  20:05,   18 march 2022

After two difficult corona years, the Flower Island Mainau prepares to start in a double anniversary season on 18 March. On the occasion of the establishment of the German Order on the island of 750 years ago and the 275th anniversary of the... >>>

Mainau Plant «Rausching Fest» In the double anniversary year

Friday  19:45,   18 march 2022

After two difficult corona years, the Flower Island Mainau prepares to start in a double anniversary season on 18 March. © Thomas Warnack / DPA / Archive on the flower island Mainau launches a double anniversary season on March 18th. The managing... >>>

TV tips on Friday

Friday  14:45,   18 march 2022

© ZDF / Macall Polay Becky (Rachel McAdams) with their StarModerator Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford). 20:15, ZDFneo, Morning Glory, Comedy Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is desperate. Instead of being promoted to the senior producer a breakfast... >>>

The summer comes: so you can make your garden cheap

Saturday  03:45,   05 march 2022

When temperatures rise again and the sun seems longer, you like to spend time in your own garden. For an idyllic atmosphere, this must first be brought to front man. Pretty ideas do not necessarily have to be expensive. © Provided by Finanzen.net... >>>

TV tips on Tuesday

Tuesday  09:57,   25 january 2022

© ARD / Rudolf Wernicke 20:15 clock, the first, the Savior - we are lawyer: rebel child, lawyer series Christian Riehm (Peter Becker), the pastor of a municipality, is in front of his church in the Civic district Steglitz poured with a paintball... >>>

Boernes Plant and Devil's Breath

Sunday  16:26,   16 january 2022

In the new "crime scene" of the Münster investigator, Commissioner Thiel under urgent murder suspected. Who, if not boar, can help him now? © Molina Film for Commissioner Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl, Links) becomes the new case to the nightmare. Will... >>>

The virtue of punctuality - With these tips, you can not get more late

Thursday  09:40,   13 january 2022

"Five minutes before the time of the German punctuality," a saying that most children will be indoctrinated already in elementary school. Nevertheless, many people in adult life great difficulty in meeting this motto. The following tips and tricks, >>>

TV tips on Wednesday

Wednesday  08:40,   12 january 2022

© NDR / Sandra Hoever 20:15 clock, the first, where is love, Family Drama Agnes (Ulrike C. Charre) and Gregor (Roeland Wiesnekker) have been a happy marriage for 15 years . No crises, no affairs, no an excerpt. They were looking for and found, say... >>>

parquet: The 3 best tips

Thursday  22:16,   23 december 2021

Looping When caring properly, the life of parquet is virtually unlimited, as the wooden floor can be sanded again and again. We explain what you should pay attention to. © Provided by the house With the right tool you can give your parquet floor new >>>

TV tips on Thursday

Thursday  08:45,   23 december 2021

© Ard Degeto / Wolfgang Ennenbach 20:15 clock, the first, Commissioner Dupin: Breton Secrets, Crime The Happy Forest of Brocéliade is of particular importance for the Bretsons: here is one of the greatest say , History around King Artus, have their >>>

How long does a Christmas tree?

Monday  13:16,   20 december 2021

Once the tree was struck, its durability is limited. Whether it survives or the Christmas season harmless soon drops its needles depends above all on the tree species, but also on the proper handling and care. If the sawed-off Christmas trees... >>>

TV Tips on Sunday

Sunday  08:10,   19 december 2021

© RTL / Stefan Gregorovius 20:15, VOX, Kitchen Impossible - The Christmas Edition, Cook Show in the Christmas Special Put Tim Mälzer and Tim Rough as well as Konstantin Filippou and Sepp Schellhorn's challenge to boiling at foreign places Christmas >>>

TV Tips on Friday

Friday  08:46,   10 december 2021

© Universal Pictures 20:15, RTLZWEI, R.I.P.D. - Rest in Peace Department, FantasyActionComedy The Discontinued Bostoner Cop Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) will one day shot from his corrupt partner Bobby (Kevin Bacon) and finds himself in the sky. In... >>>

New Family Minister Plant Genderprech-Offensive

Thursday  10:49,   09 december 2021

Anne Mirror is new family minister and announces an offensive in terms of "gender-appropriate language". © Imago / Sven Simon Anne Mirror Anne Mirror: Is freshly baked family minister of the traffic light coalition and as such only since 8 December >>>

So pour Amaryllis properly

Monday  16:06,   06 december 2021

amaryls after bloom just throw away? Much too bad! Because it is very easy to maintain the plants over the year. How to irrigate them correctly will you find out below. © Provided by the house the Amaryllis is poured properly, you can enjoy their... >>>