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First Lady Melania Trump picks interior designer to make the White House 'home'

Monday  14:25,   13 february 2017

First Lady Melania Trump has hired an interior decorator to redecorate the first family's living quarters at the White House.She added: "They are focusing on a seamless integration of elegance and comfort into where the President, the First... >>>

The Heartbreaking Way The Muslim Ban Is Affecting This Bride

Thursday  09:45,   09 february 2017

Given that Donald Trump apparently can't be bothered to read his own executive orders, perhaps it should come as no surprise that his early signature moment has gone off about as well as a fart in a spacesuit . The travel ban targeted at seven... >>>

The Obamas are downsizing to live in this £5m house – see all the pictures!

Monday  14:40,   06 february 2017

Barack Obama and his family may be downsizing from the White House, but their Washington D.C. residence still looks incredible! The former US President, First Lady and their two daughters Malia and Sasha are set to move into a luxurious £5m property >>>

IKEA Jokes It Can Fix All of Your Relationship Problems

Tuesday  12:30,   24 january 2017

Got a snorer on your bed? There's a bed for that.But even if IKEA can't prevent a stressful shopping trip from taking a turn for the worse, it does appear they hear our pain and want to assist in making our home lives just a little bit better... >>>

The 3 household chores that cause couple quarrels

Thursday  22:30,   12 january 2017

© CuisineAZ The 3 household chores that provoke couple quarrels Cooking, cleaning, gardening, DIY ... Everyone has their own thing, or are you for sharing tasks? In any case, household chores are very often at the origin of couples' disputes, there >>>

There's a "right" day to take down your Christmas decorations.

Monday  14:00,   02 january 2017

Santa Claus has barely had time to catch his breath since Christmas Day. Yet in some households, the decorations are already coming off the tree.Yet in some households, the decorations are already coming off the tree, the wreath is coming down from... >>>

This is what happens when you put your sports clothes back on without washing them!

Tuesday  07:40,   27 december 2016

© Ohmymag What happens when you put your sports clothes back on without washing them If you go in for sports every night after work, it is likely that you will occasionally find yourself wearing sports clothes already worn, for lack of time to wash >>>

You found WHAT in your washing machine?

Thursday  06:45,   22 december 2016

From dummies to rashers of bacon, these are some of the strangest things found in Brits' washing machines.New research by appliance repair specialists has discovered a large selection of strange things found in a washing machine's depths and... >>>

Tips for cleaning your liver naturally

Saturday  07:35,   17 december 2016

© Prisma Media image / jpeg When the season changes, cleaning the liver helps to remove accumulated toxins. Especially important in the spring to give a little boost to our liver and gallbladder, it can be gently stimulated at any time of the year. >>>

8 surprising household items that are worth a fortune...

Tuesday  09:42,   08 november 2016

and you could be cooking with one of them right now. Before you throw anything away to make room for the hoards of gifts you'll be receiving this Christmas, make sure you're not accidentally getting rid of something that's worth a... >>>

These household items have expiry dates: it's time to replace them

Thursday  11:21,   13 october 2016

​And some of them may surprise you.You may be surprised to hear that even though they don't start to mould or go a funny shade, lots of daily household items expire and should be changed. To help us all out, Bright Side of accessories and their... >>>

Grand Designs couple create playground home for their kids

Wednesday  13:49,   12 october 2016

​ It includes secret doorways and a fireman's pole​.Matt and Sophie White showed presenter Kevin McCloud around their grade II listed gamekeeper's lodge as well as inviting him into a steel-framed timber barn they'd designed... >>>

Our little tips for dummies in the kitchen

Monday  08:15,   26 september 2016

© Prisma Media image / jpeg From a little trick to the ingredient that changes everything, cooking sometimes hangs by a thread. Avoid failures, choose the best products ... It's easier with our good tips. What sauce for my caesar salad? Invented by >>>

Household tip: Wrinkle-free clothes without ironing

Friday  13:25,   16 september 2016

© iStock No more annoying ironing Ironing is the least popular household activity, according to a survey. The nice thing: there are alternatives that you are guaranteed not to know! No iron at hand, under time pressure or just no desire to iron?... >>>

What clothes should I avoid putting in the dryer?

Friday  22:55,   15 july 2016

© Terrafemina What clothes should I avoid drying in the dryer? To save time and be able to put on your little silk top one hour after having washed it, are you thinking of putting it in the dryer? Especially not unhappy! Like many other pieces of... >>>