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forget black! In the winter of 2022, down coats are announced in this color

Wednesday  19:20,   30 november 2022

Anyone who asks how many green tones are actually in this world will not really find what they are looking for on the Internet. There are hardly any concrete figures. On one side there is almost 72 different shades of green. Among them are common... >>>

Emma Raducanu receives MBE from King Charles

Wednesday  14:51,   30 november 2022

She wore a stunning Dior dress and hat to accept the honour. Emma accepted the honour for services to tennis during a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday (30 November). For the important occasion, the sports star wore a stunning Dior gown (she is... >>>

Hailey Bieber lands a spot on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list and nails the 'business chic' agenda on the front cover

Wednesday  14:30,   30 november 2022

Supermodel-cum-beauty mogul Hailey Bieber stars on the cover of Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30 list and looks as though she means business – see photosOff the back of Rhode's success, the 26-year-old was honoured by landing a spot on Forbes'... >>>

We’ve found the best Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation dupes

Wednesday  14:30,   30 november 2022

We'll take twenty bottles, please.It means we can spend more money on... >>>

Study: Fashion industry is heading for global downturn to

Wednesday  12:50,   30 november 2022

The war in Ukraine, the increasing inflation and disturbed supply chains are also making major challenges worldwide. The industry is heading for a global downturn, the management consultancy McKinsey & Company and the industry information service... >>>

Forget Cyber Monday — PlayStation Store just kicked off End of Year sale for PS4 and PS5 games

Wednesday  09:10,   30 november 2022

Cyber Monday may be over, but Sony's just kicked off its End of Year saleThose deals are already active now, over on the PlayStation store, and will continue until December 21. Sony has published a list of games getting a discount on the... >>>

Jewelry from antiquity you could still wear today

Wednesday  06:50,   30 november 2022

The ancient world was renowned for its skilled artisans. Jewelers especially were celebrated for their intricate craftsmanship. The beautiful and exquisite rings, necklaces, brooches, and earrings made millennia ago are so dazzling in their design... >>>

Shoppers are loving 'warm and comfy' M&S Ugg dupes which are £124 cheaper

Wednesday  06:40,   30 november 2022

With temperatures dropping, cosy clothing and footwear is essential for staying warm, and shoppers are calling these boots from M&S 'fur lined and warm for winter'.M&S has been upping its game this season, with stylish, on-trend pieces being >>>

The 2010s Fashion Trends That Defined the Decade

Wednesday  06:30,   30 november 2022

The dawn of Instagram gave rise to picture-perfect new... >>>

King bed size: exactly how big is a king size mattress?

Wednesday  04:20,   30 november 2022

A clear guide to how big a king size mattress is in the US and the US, and the different king bed options available.Just like how "size 10 shoes" are different in the US, UK and EU, what "king-sized mattress" means in America isn't the same if... >>>

Apparently Aaron Taylor-Johnson is in talks to be the next James Bond

Wednesday  03:50,   30 november 2022

After the success of their inaugural collaboration, the iconic American fashion brand Michael Kors and the Italian luxury sportswear brand Ellesse, collaborated for a special capsule dedicated to skiing. Starring Emily Ratajkowski, who had already... >>>

The Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

Wednesday  01:40,   30 november 2022

Who's the fairest of them... >>>

Fascinating facts about flags

Wednesday  01:40,   30 november 2022

Whether it was online, during a televised sporting event, or out in the real world, you've probably seen at least a couple of flags throughout your life. Indeed, it's easy to look at a flag and appreciate its colors, shapes, and patterns.... >>>

The Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box is back today

Wednesday  01:30,   30 november 2022

With 50% off the make-up artist's most iconic products, it's one of the best offers of the yearThe make-up artist and her eponymous line are loved by just about everyone - including famous faces like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Blake Lively:... >>>

9 of the best fake tans for your face (plus how to apply them)

Tuesday  22:40,   29 november 2022

Get ready to... >>>