Style Runners-high to the goal: Brendan's way from 160 kilos to the half marathon

19:40  01 december  2020
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What is the Polar Vantage V2 like to run with? Our Gear Editor finds out

  What is the Polar Vantage V2 like to run with? Our Gear Editor finds out This is a long-life all-rounder which goes big on fitness tests, fuelling prompts and recovery data. 35 hours GPS battery lifeFast and reliable satellite lockImpressive spread of data points for the priceBuy now - £449, amazon.co.ukBuy now - £449, polar.com Staying power is a big selling point on the upgraded V2. On paper, its battery life is virtually unrivalled on watches under £500. Only the Coros Apex Pro and Polar’s own Grit X get near its 40-hour GPS run time – extendable up to 100 hours in low-power mode.

The key to successful half marathon training is consistently putting in enough weekly mileage to get your body accustomed to running for long periods of time. How to Prepare for a Long Run. The long run, usually on Saturday or Sunday, is arguably the most important part of any half - marathon training

They are looking to take their previous half - marathon performances to the next level. Since the weekday runs in those plans are mostly high -intensity, it takes a runner longer to recover Although runners preparing for the half - marathon realize that they will need to run more mileage than they

  Dank Runners-High ans Ziel: Brendans Weg von 160 Kilo zum Halbmarathon © @brecarperuns Brendan Carpenter lost over 70 kilograms, in small steps and thanks to regular running training. While he used to barely manage 5 kilometers without a break, he now runs a half marathon. He motivates others on Instagram.

continuity is everything. And health is more important than a number on the scales.

These two guiding principles strengthen Brendan Carpenter today when he writes on Instagram about his five-year success.

In search of more self-confidence, he turned his life upside down. Brendan watched his diet and began to walk slowly but regularly.

So he lost over 70 kilograms in three years and was able to reduce his weight from 160 to around 87 kilograms.

Prisoner on a work release runs alongside a marathoner for 22 miles

  Prisoner on a work release runs alongside a marathoner for 22 miles 'I hope that the world knows there are still good people out there even while we’re going through some bad times.'She entered the race, her 69th marathon, struggling with pain from a pinched nerve in her back that was diagnosed in January and depressed because of the injury. But Kelley is on a mission to run 100 marathons in her life, and after missing four other marathons this year—including the St. George Marathon, which was canceled because of the global pandemic—Kelley wanted to give this one a try, even if she wasn’t certain that she could finish.

The WDW Half Marathon is the third of the four races that consist of the Dopey Challenge. Brandon is perfect attempting his 7th Dopey Challenge.

Welcome to the Global Triathlon Network. Where do you even start when it comes to Half Marathon training? You might have just completed 5k or 10k & feel inspired to run a bit further? We've made a Half Marathon training plan for you to reach your next goal !

Self-love and mental health are just as important to him as physical:

"For years I only focused on the number on the scales. Nevertheless, I was not happy when I reached my goal because I was the person in the mirror still didn't like. But you can work on it. "

Sustainable success counts

Video: Europeans do not train their muscular strength enough (dpa)

He did not put any exaggerated rules on himself that he could not adhere to over the long term. Much more, he changed his lifestyle consistently, but in a moderate way.

1200 calories a day are not enough and carbohydrates are not the enemy. Instead, he always eats breakfast and makes sure to eat wholesome food that is as nutrient-rich as possible, with a regular deficit of 300 to 500 calories a day.

Research suggests this is what it takes to break the 2-hour marathon

  Research suggests this is what it takes to break the 2-hour marathon A new study shows a perfect balance of 3 physiological factors are needed to maximise marathon performance The research, conducted by Professor Andrew Jones at the University of Exeter was based on data from extensive testing of the athletes – including Kipchoge – who were involved in Nike’s Breaking2 project. The project culminated in Kipchoge missing the 2-hr barrier by a mere 26 seconds on the Monza F1 race track before he went on to his sublime 1:59:40.2 at the Ineos 1:59 challenge in Vienna last year.

The 2019 Amsterdam Marathon proved to be filled with many lessons for me in this 44th running of the race. As a first time road marathon runner I As we all aspire to remain healthy and fit, running is one of the best ways to maintain a high level of fitness. Through this channel you will learn about

The Rule: The best way to race to a personal best is to maintain an even pace from start to finish. Most of the 10,000-meter and marathon world records set in the last decade have featured almost metronome-like pacing. “If you run too fast early in the race, you almost always pay for it later,” warns

In addition, from the start, Brendan preferred to set himself small goals instead of radically changing his whole life overnight. He quickly saw successes, which in turn gave new motivation.

He also respects these rules when doing sports. When he started walking he was still relatively small, today he regularly visits the gym and goes run - in 2017 he ran his first half marathon .

Based on these successes, he gives lots of tips on jogging on his Instagram account, how to get used to running in the cold this Corona winter or how to stay motivated over the long term.

More motivation with the 15-minute rule

His motivation tip for days when you don't feel like it: give yourself 15 minutes for your workout.

If after this quarter of an hour you are still not in the mood and it only takes you to overcome it, it may be better to take a break from training.

But these 15 minutes of training are better than 0 minutes, writes Brendan: "If you really want to work on your goals in a disciplined manner, you should get on the mat and train on days with little motivation. Only then will you see consistent results."

Get big arms at home or in the gym with this brilliant dumbbell curl variation .
Getting big arms has never been easier (sort of), just try this biceps curl variation for quick gainsThere are a myriad of ways to get shredded. If you prefer the classic bodybuilding method, the Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle building workout plan can bulk you up in eight weeks, albeit it won't be easy to hit those rep counts without having access to a commercial gym. The Mike Tyson bodyweight workout is equally as brutal as Arnie's plan but it uses only calisthenics moves, ideal for people on the budget. Of course, in order to build muscle effectively, you will have to work out 10 times a day.

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