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15:05  04 january  2021
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Maya Jama’s Skin Routine Is So Easy (& Involves Her Very Own Face Masks)

  Maya Jama’s Skin Routine Is So Easy (& Involves Her Very Own Face Masks) When it comes to clear skin and enhancing a natural glow, presenter Maya Jama is an expert. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know that she’s an enormous sheet mask advocate, too. From planes to Ubers, she wears them everywhere, and in the unlikeliest places (including once on London’s busy Oxford Street). It comes as no surprise, then, that Maya would use her skincare credentials to dream up her very own range of face masks. Enter: her debut skincare brand, MIJ. MIJ is already taking the skincare world by storm. “It took two years to get this right,” Maya told Refinery29. “I wanted something with super high quality ingredients that wasn’t as expensive as other masks.

Here, the health benefits of going vegan for the month of January — plus how a plant-based diet can help the planet. Like Dry January, the Veganuary challenge actually started in the U.K. back in 2014, when a non-profit organization by the same name encouraged people to try going vegan for the

I have been vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for almost a year. Becoming vegan is honestly the best thing I have ever done and I am a much more happy, healthy and compassionate person since transitioning.

Many people consider trying out veganism at the start of every year in relation to food, but avoiding animal-derived products extends far beyond what you eat.

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Have you thought about switching to a vegan skincare routine for January 2021? Dr Pauline Hili, Founder of Nourish London, explains why you should give it a whirl.

“There are many health benefits to adopting a plant-based diet and these benefits apply to the skin also,” she says. “Vegan skincare is also produced without harm to animals and it does not contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived products. We have achieved very impressive results in clinical trials with our vegan based serums and moisturisers.

Can a vegan diet impact your chances of becoming pregnant?

  Can a vegan diet impact your chances of becoming pregnant? We speak to a registered dietician about a plant-based diet and fertility.Veganism excludes meat, dairy products, eggs and honey but typically includes a wide variety of plant foods. Generally women do not actually alter their diet much in pregnancy so it is vital that they have a good preconception nutrition intake and awareness all the way through to the breastfeeding period. This will provide well for the mother and the infant.

Trying Out Vegan Bodegacat Trying Out a TikTok Recipe! Starting 2020 as a vegan !

Trying a vegan diet? Here's what you need to know about vegan nutrition and which vegan foods to eat Even temporarily cutting back on animal products and adopting a vegan diet can provide some benefits But eliminating all animal products, even just for something like a month-long Veganuary

“If you believe that using vegan products might limit the efficacy of skincare, particularly in achieving benefits such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, think again, as the supercharged anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides that we use at Nourish London are all derived from plants. So, whatever your reason for choosing to go vegan, you do not have to compromise on the performance of your products, in fact you will be simply enjoying the powerful benefits of nature whilst helping to protect it.”

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a book on a table: Yes, you spend most of your out of home time with the lower half of your face safely ensconced in a covering. But, aesthetics aside, the pain from chapped lips warrants them receiving some TLC as the cold weather bites. A quick slick of one of our top-rated, tried and tested balms should be enough to protect against cracking and peeling, while delivering a dose of hydration. Starting from just £3, this inexpensive beauty buy is small enough to slip into your running jacket or gym bag, so it’s always there when you need it.Is lip balm good for your lips? Just as you’d moisturise other areas of your face and body, our lips can benefit from targeted hydration. Made with nourishing ingredients, a good balm will offer instant relief, while also providing a protective barrier. But use too much and it can have the opposite effect. We’ve only included the brands which need minimal reapplication.How we testIn our most comprehensive beauty test yet, we tasked nearly 1,400 women to try 61 different lip balm brands over a one week period. We were looking to see how well each one hydrated and protected against dryness, taking a keen interest in the texture — no one wants a greasy balm. Whether a stick, pot or tube, we asked our panel how easy each one was to apply, and how often they needed to. Over in the lab, we measured each balm’s effectiveness at maintaining the protective moisture barrier of the skin, over a six-hour period after applying the product.Here are the winners....

To celebrate Veganuary 2021, Nourish London is launching the Skincare Essentials Kits, which are targeted for particular skin concerns. There are five to choose from covering skin concerns such as dry skin, radiance and sensitivity, with all kits including a cleanser, peptide serum, and moisturiser, as well as either a toning or peptide mist. They come in an organic cotton cosmetics bag handmade by Fair Trade Organisation Freeset.

There are plenty of other vegan brands out there too. For example, Nereus London, a new British luxury, sustainable beauty brand which launched with five unisex products, including a shampoo, conditioner and body wash, that are not only vegan, but also paraben-free, silicone-free, sulphate-free, and made with 100 per cent natural fragrances.

You could also check out the Kyūshi facial oils, which are designed to help lift, calm and balance your mood, whilst nourishing and boosting your skin, or 100 per cent natural and vegan brand Scientia and its Dusk and Dawn Elixirs; formulas supercharged with fatty acids, omega, vitamins, and antioxidants.

After injecting himself with hallucinogenic mushroom tea, they grow in his blood! .
© Adobe Stock After injecting himself with hallucinogenic mushroom tea, they grow in his blood! Wanting to treat his bipolar disorder by injecting a decoction of hallucinogenic fungi into his veins, a man came close to death in the United States. The doctors who took care of him discovered that the mushrooms he had injected were now growing in his blood. This is an extraordinary case that American doctors had to face.

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