Style Zara, Uniqlo, Sandro ... a complaint accuses these brands of "forced labor" of the Ouity

22:40  09 april  2021
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  Zara, Uniqlo, Sandro… Une plainte accuse ces marques de « recel de travail forcé » des Ouïgours © Copyright 2021, Obs

Brands Zara, Uniqlo, Sandro or Skechers, benefit from the forced work of the Uyghours in China? NGOs consider a complaint in France against four multinationals that they accuse "concentration of forced labor and crimes against humanity".

Uniqlo France, but also the Spanish Inditex group (which holds the Zara and Bershka brands), SMCP and the Skechers sports slippers are targeted by a collective complaint filed in Paris and unveiled this Friday, April 9 in a statement.

Ouïgours: "France must act to stop the shame camps," Raphael Glucksmann

alert behind this procedure, the Association AntiCorruption Sherpa, the Ethical Collectif on the Label, the Uygur Institute of Europe and a Having had been interned in the province of Xinjiang (northwestern China). Next complaints are planned in Europe.

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Several countries evoke a genocide

This procedure is one of the many initiatives launched around the world by human rights defenders in favor of hears. The fate of this minority, mainly Muslim and representing nearly half of the 25 million inhabitants of Xinjiang, is the subject of a more and more confrontation between the West and China.

Several countries, including the United States, evoke a "genocide" and NGOs accuse Beijing since 2017 more than one million of them in political rehabilitation centers. The communist regime denies this figure and ensures that it is "vocational training centers" to keep the hears of Islamism away from Islamism and separatism.

Deportations, rape, cultural genocide: the endless tragedy of the Ouity People

Several ready-to-wear companies like Japanese Uniqlo, Swedish H & M, the American Nike or German Adidas have committed itself to Boycotter Xinjiang cotton, and are back targeted by calls to boycott in China.

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brands that close your eyes?

The complaint, filed in France by the lawyer William Bourdon, relies mainly on a report published in March 2020 by an Australian NGO. The text supports suspicions of selling clothing manufactured in factories where heaugours are subjected to forced labor.

The associations also consider that the target companies do not really make sure that their subcontractors are not involved in the persecutions of the hears. The complainants suggest to justice to qualify these facts of "crime crime and crime against humanity".

The meeting of these threes rendered the powerful heguy in France

UNIQLO, which took a position officially against the forced labor of the hears, is in particular accused of having provided to textile in the region and in the province of Anhui, where thousands of Ouvours workers were transferred, possibly forced. And the Skechers USA France shoes were produced in a Guangdong plant, where they work potentially transferred from force, according to the complainants.

The associations announced a press conference Monday in Paris, in the presence of MEP Raphaël GLUCKSMANN, recently forbidden to enter China for its commitment in the cause.

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