Style Silver Surfer Flower: Common Internet Use Does Older People Good

17:15  27 april  2021
17:15  27 april  2021 Source:   stern.de

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We read a lot about the damage that can serve the Internet and especially social media in younger people. But there are also positive news from the online world: a new study has demonstrated that people between 55 and 75 in Lockdown tend to depression less if they use the Internet intensively.

Das Internet tut Senioren gut © Provided by cover media The internet does senior citizensch

Many people, especially the older, suffering during the Lockdown's loneliness, social isolation drives the risk of depression and other health problems in height.

Scientists at the British University of Surrey illuminated in a study to which frequent Internet usage can reduce this risk. Her guesses were confirmed: who was traveling a lot online, suffered less under the Lockdown.

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The research team evaluated the answers from 3,491 participants in the English Longitudinal Study of AgeinG study, which was done last summer. It turned out that those who were frequently online - so at least once a day - suffered much less often under depression symptoms. In addition, there were greater satisfaction with their quality of life than those who surfed only once a week or even more rarers on the Internet.

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One of the main reasons for the increased feel-good factor was that the Internet helped the seniors to stay in touch with friends and families. Online communication was crucial in the fight against the negative impact of isolation.

But there are also aspects that are little helpful for the mental health of older people. Anyone looking for health issues online, again tended to depressions.

"Nonetheless, social restrictions are the Covid-19-Pandemic," explained Dr Simon Evans, who teaches neuroscience at the University of Surrey. "We found that older adults, which often use the Internet in Lockdown, showed less depression signs and had a better quality of life, especially when they used it to communicate with the outside world." Here valuable findings have been won, which will benefit the psychic health of seniors in the future.

The complete study results were published in the specialist magazine 'HealthCare'.

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