Style Thibault Chanel (Search apartment or house) why it still has a "little anxiety" at the beginning of his research for the show!

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Thibault Chanel (Recherche appartement ou maison) : pourquoi il a toujours une © Instagram Thibault Thibault Chanel Chanel (Search apartment or house) why it still has a "little anxiety" at the beginning of his research for the show! New new episode Search apartment or house Thursday evening from 9:05 p.m. on M6. We find particularly Thibault Chanel who will assist Yelena and Louise, two young women who wish to change their lives. The realtor grant us an interview.

M6 viewers love it! For over 14 years, Thibault Chanel is the delight of candidates Search apartment or house, the real estate issue of the Six. Listening, caring, patient ( he must face some challenging candidates! ), it also has as an great sense of humor . It's a bit the perfect realtor we all dream of having. This Thursday, August 5, fans of the program have an appointment for another new episode. The opportunity to meet Thibault Chanel. This time the itinerant expert will travel to Valencia to find a house to Yelena and Louise originating in the Lyon region and wish to completely change his life. The realtor grant us an interview. It says in particular that little anxiety he may feel to each new issue ...

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Télé-Loisirs: you are 14 years of small screen a familiar face! What you like in the show Search apartment or house?

Thibault Chanel: It's very exciting every time because I take care of new people with different searches. I am the only one to cross areas that I do not know necessarily. It is always a discovery of a city and a real estate business that I do not know. There are some small anxiety: I do not know the market. Most of the time we accompany important moments of life. It's every time a blank page, no fatigue!

How do you work for hidden gems?

Upstream, when I know what sector I'll go, I begin to find out. I work with colleagues most of the time. I identify the agencies on site that seem to be relevant. At that time, I call them, you begin to build relationships. We work by email to find proposals products. I make a first selection. Then I pre-visits and I select the property that I will show to customers as part of the show.

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Beware contact with candidates that you help as part of the show?

It depends, there are no rules.

pest, you soon forget, right? (Laughs) We

has from time to time, we will not lie (laughs). But that's life. There are people we hang less. This is done identically job.

You do not be walked on

... I think this is important. As in real life, I have this character there. I avoid too me walk all over. One can say anything, there's just a way of saying things. We must empathize and explain things. Sometimes some hover a bit then do not hesitate to call them to set foot on earth, yet benevolent course.

Do you want to participate in other programs?

I do not run after it sincerely. I love this show. I have 3 branches in Paris, I have a busy life, I have other personal projects. This happened to me that I was offered several times more emissions, some I did not want to do or others who are not performed for X or Y because the door is not closed my side. It is not I who will go force things. I am very happy for everything I do.

Before estate agent, you were an actor. Are you planning to return to the path of comedy?

Not at all! The page is turned. I was very happy the 4 years I was an actor. When I decided to stop, I wanted to change my life and I have no regrets.

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