Style Vitaa and Slimane: Find out which is the most sensitive to criticize (video)

23:03  05 august  2021
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Vitaa et Slimane : découvrez lequel est le plus sensible à la critique (VIDÉO) © Capture Vitaa and Slimane: Find out which is the most sensitive to criticism (video) for three years, Vitaa and Slimane do not leave each other more. And their musical collaboration should last at least until 2022. More than ever, the singers prove their friendship and their complicity in our interview Guess Who ...

They were made to meet and work together. When in 2016, Slimane tries his luck to the blind auditions of The Voice , he performed to flower of you, a success of Vitaa, and instantly seduces coaches. In 2018, these two find themselves in turn in the red chair of the same TV hook Belgian version. Very quickly accomplices, they decide to register a title in duet, I give it to you, on the album of Vitaa.

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versus , the vitaa and slimane album, carton

the story could have stopped there, but the same year they go to the upper speed, composing a whole album together. versus comes out in 2019 and makes a cardboard, like the singles that are extracted ( it goes it comes, with you, not beautiful .. .). So, versus chapter 2 arrives the following year. Pandemic obliges, the two friends announce a terrible news to their fans : they must cancel their tour of the zeniths. But during the confinement, they maintain the links with the fans and provide mini- live concerts on Instagram. Vitaa also records an album with its two girlfriends Amel Bent and Camelia-Jordana , while Slimane sings with Gims and Dadju while writing for KENDJI Girac , Bilal Hassani , Madame Sir, among others.

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"Slimane sent me his serenity" , entrusts Vitaa

this summer, Slimane and Vitaa were finally able to find their public in the flesh, participating in some festivals. A summer break-up tour before the large rooms planned in the fall. It is in Corrèze, as part of the Brive Festival, which tele-leisure went to meet them. During an interview with two voices, they reveal to us that it is Vitaa who the most trac. "Versus and Slimane made me a lot of good , entrusts the young mother ." for example, I was not comfortable on TV, it's an exercise that I do not like based. But we did so much! Slimane sent me his serenity. "Looking at the video interview at the top of this article, you will also learn which of the two is the most sensitive to criticism and declares about this:" I do kind but there are a lot of things that touch me ... "And also: which one is the most punctual? Which is the most guy? ... The complicity between these two is such that even if they plan to resume their solo career in hand, they will not depart: each is indeed on the point of registering its solo album in which are written or compounded titles by the other! We do not change a team that wins.

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