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martinique: the island in the top 3 destinations of airbnb clients at Easter

Wednesday  19:40,   13 april 2022

The family stays are also ten times more numerous that there is a year © Falco / Pixabay Martinique figure between Guadeloupe and Paris in the ranking established by Airbnb. Photo Stock Illustration. Tourism - Family stays are also ten times more... >>>

Parisian apartment Unauthorized at AIRBNB: 221,000 euros penalty

Tuesday  08:10,   29 march 2022

In Paris, the tenant of a two-room apartment has been sentenced to pay over 221,000 euros after the unauthorized subletting over the Airbnb platform. © Friso Gentsch / dpa The unauthorized rental of his apartment comes to a AIRBNB user in Paris... >>>

it will have to repay a fortune to have undernented its apartment on airbnb

Monday  21:20,   28 march 2022

© Pixabay it will have to reimburse a fortune to have subjoured its apartment on airbnb a week after renting the apartment, the man has under-rented to other occupants, without informing them. A little lie that is very expensive. Our colleagues of... >>>

The best villas of 2 bedrooms spotted on airbnb for rent in Greece this summer

Wednesday  16:25,   23 march 2022

while The summer holidays are already on the horizon, Greece - with its turquoise waters and its myriad of small Paradisiac Islands - continues to be one of the most popular destinations for travelers. The opportunity to discover five pretty villas >>>

How Saint-Malo Serre La Vis on Rentals Airbnb

Saturday  18:47,   12 march 2022

© TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay How Saint-Malo Serre The Vis of Rentals Airbnb To revive its real estate market, Saint-Malo has set up a quota by neighborhood to reduce Short duration rentals offered by the Airbnb platform. Which triggered the anger of >>>

airbnb: the rental rules cured from June 1st to the Basque Country

Monday  09:55,   07 march 2022

© TerlovesAlainen / Pixabay Airbnb: the rental rules hardened from June 1st in the Basque Country to cope with the very high tension on Housing, the Basque Country voted a modification of the rules concerning short-term rentals. As the sunny days... >>>

airbnb share: rent apartment on airbnb - is that worthwhile?

Friday  09:08,   04 march 2022

Airbnb has changed travel. It has never been so easy to find accommodation in the most popular cities. But worth the rental for owners at all? Or is the housing interconnection for most providers a minus business? © Provided by finanzen.net Mike... >>>

at the one leisure: the best bakery in France, his family life ... Norbert Tarayre evokes his return 2022

Sunday  16:37,   16 january 2022

Norbert Tarayre resumed service for a new season of the best bakery in France, broadcast on M6. The 39-year-old is returning to his busy busy and his projects and good resolutions for 2022, in the news-leunch number on Kiosks on Monday 17 January.... >>>

Koh-Lanta, Legend: Follow the final Live with the writing of leisure!

Tuesday  14:15,   14 december 2021

© Capture TF1 Koh-Lanta, Legend: Follow the final Live with the writing of leisure! Who of Ugo, Claude or Laurent will win Koh-Lanta, Legend? This Tuesday, December 14 at 21:05 on TF1 and thanks to the interactive and live leisure live, follow the... >>>

to travel in this country, it will now be vaccinated

Sunday  12:00,   12 december 2021

© Pixabay to travel in this country, it will now be vaccinated to avoid the spread of the virus with the Omicron Variant, Brazil will request a certificate of immunization at all those entering his territory. To get to Brazil now, it will be... >>>

Hot travel destinations: These sauna experiences bring variety

Thursday  01:31,   02 december 2021

sweating is healthy, says the vernacular. Regular sauna therefore promotes health and protects against heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. Especially on wet and cold days there are many people in spas and saunas. In many... >>>

beer and leisure? "If UTH demands that, then definitely"

Saturday  23:15,   27 november 2021

of the only 15th home win in the 47th starting at Derby against Gladbach made on pages of Cologne for radiant faces - and some demands. A player raised coach Steffen Baumgart, though he did not belong to the scorers. © Imago Images Adoption of the... >>>

at a TV Leisure: The Confidences of Soprano, Sponsor's 35th Telethon

Sunday  10:40,   21 november 2021

Télés at the one leisure: the confidences of soprano, sponsor very committed from the 35th Telethon for his 35th edition, the Telethon has chosen a shock sponsor: Soprano singer, a man determined to turn on the flame of mutual aid. He told TV... >>>

Have a night in the highest Airbnb in Europe on Mont Blanc

Friday  13:50,   19 november 2021

© Courtesy of Airbnb Have a night in Europe's highest Airbnb on Mont Blanc. After more than one year of closure, ski resorts reopens their tracks. The opportunity to spend an exceptional night in the highest cable car located on the Italian-French... >>>

We know (finally) where to book the cheapest airbnb accommodations!

Wednesday  18:15,   10 november 2021

© Isailorr / Getty Images Pompei, it is the cheapest destination on Airbnb to stay near a tourist monument in Europe if you plan a stay in Europe soon to visit a famous monument, you will have to plan A budget of 55 euros per night to stay in an... >>>