Travel This one type of holiday is brilliant for your wellbeing, says study

09:20  01 february  2018
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A bracing daily walk could add years to your life

  A bracing daily walk could add years to your life According to a new study

•Travelling (2012) Students’ Copy. •Vocabulary study : types of holidays . a holiday which involves activities like safari, horse riding etc. 2. a health/ wellbeing holiday . A fantastic family escape, the Bahia Principe Tenerife is a brilliant hotel with a friendly atmosphere and stylish design.

them to climb across almost any type of surface. In fact, jumping. spiders. all her time in the evenings in her room studying , or so they thought. Other travellers say that making your own holiday plans is better .” The one thing he was brilliant at was repairing. stressed,” she said .

This one type of holiday is brilliant for your wellbeing, says study © cdwheatley / Getty This one type of holiday is brilliant for your wellbeing, says study If you're daydreaming about this year's big getaway and wondering where to head for some serious R&R, then a new study may have offered the perfect solution...

It turns out that one type of travel may be particularly beneficial for our wellbeing – and the effects can apparently last for six months.

Yep, according to new research by scientists at the University of China, it looks going on a cruise offers a whole host of benefits.

While most travel is usually good for you, cruises seem to be particularly beneficial thanks to their multi-faceted nature, which includes visiting multiple destinations and being able to experience lots of new activities.

Three In Five Diabetes Patients Struggle With Emotional Or Mental Health Issues Linked To Condition

  Three In Five Diabetes Patients Struggle With Emotional Or Mental Health Issues Linked To Condition More needs to be done to support people with diabetes, as three in five currently struggle with emotional or mental health issues, a charity has warned. A large-scale study by Diabetes UK asked 8,500 people of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds from across the UK to share their experiences of living with diabetes today.The survey, released to coincide with World Diabetes Day, uncovered the emotional toll managing diabetes can have on patients.

No praise could be too high for their brilliant acting, perfect technique and superb timing. I can’t say what type of a holiday -maker I am , because I may feel happy about anything which gives me an Whether I work or study I can’t help thinking of a holiday and planning it long in advance.

A new study shows that wind farms are the ( POPULAR ) type of renewable energy source among the British. Two thousand people were asked about their preferences for energy sources. Nearly 50% of them said they would welcome wind farms even if they ( CONSTRUCT

The researchers, whose work has been published in the International Journal of Tourism Research, concluded this after giving over 300 tourists a psychological questionnaire on their return from a cruise.

They also gave the same quiz to a further 300 travellers who had gone on a cruise six months previously.

The questions were designed to test the travellers' own perceived sense of wellbeing, including life satisfaction and emotional state of mind.

And, as well as boosting short-term happiness, cruise travel seems to have a longer-term effect on wellbeing, thanks to the 'thinking experience' you gain from visiting lots of new places in one go.

Lead author Jiaying Lyu of Zhejiang told the Mail Online: 'Travel is a meaningful activity by which individuals gain something important and valuable in life.'

Could onions be the cause of your tummy trouble?

  Could onions be the cause of your tummy trouble? It's not just gluten that's to blameNot heard of it? That's because it isn't nearly as well known. Fructan is a type of carbohydrate that's found in some wheat and vegetables – most notably onions – which, according to a new study, can cause similar symptoms to those experienced with 'gluten sensitivity'. Here's what you need to know.

A big man, with large muscles on his arms and a face full of scars from the amateur boxing competitions he liked to enter, William was the type of man that you couldn’t help noticing. Today was the first day of the summer holiday and he had woken up even.

This is the type of holiday you can have on a cruise ship. ‘The mechanic said we should check out Bardstown. It might be pretty dull, but how bad can it be ?’ she urged the group, not fully convinced they’d find something better .

'It affirms self worth and price, facilitates self growth and self motivation and searchers for inspiration and creation.'

He continued: 'The results indicate that cruise holidays offer more value than simply short-term hedonistic experiences and contribute to broader aspects of life satisfaction and positive function.'

'In these cognitive processes, people find positive emotions and improved evaluation of life.'

Well, we don't know about, but a cruise is sounding pretty tempting right about now...

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Five different types of diabetes identified in study .
Researchers said their findings could represent the first step towards tailoring personalised treatment.Diabetes is presently classified into two main forms – type 1 and type 2 – but type 2 diabetes in particular is highly heterogeneous.

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