Travel Holidays in 2021: the most coveted destination is undoubtedly not what you think ...

16:25  20 july  2020
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Dubaï et les Emirats Arabes Unis constituent les destinations les plus convoitées pour 2021 © olaser / IStock.com Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are the most coveted destinations for 2021

If you stumble impatience with the relaxation of travel conditions to return to Thailand or visit Australia, know that these will not be the most coveted destinations in 2021. Assuming a more favorable context for tourist travel , the United Arab Emirates would make up the most envied stay on the planet, according to a study by the tour operator Kuoni.

And you, what will be the destination of your first trip in 2021? While the health context is still very fragile and involves drastic measures to avoid the spread of covid-19, with the establishment of PCR test on arrival at the airport or the establishment of quarantine, the tour operator Kuoni sought to find out which countries are most searched for for vacations next year. The Swiss group, which offers stays in more than 80 destinations around the world, and has won over discerning travelers with particularly well-crafted high-end packages, relied on Google data to draw a map of 131 countries.

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Venice is the classic destination for romance, and many people think the city is at its most beautiful in winter. This is also the time of the Carnival of Venice which in 2021 runs from 30 January to 16 February and includes masked balls and grand dinners.

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And the desires of travelers have something to surprise. Because the destinations that stood out as "must-see" before the coronavirus crisis give way to other challengers. If the United States is tied with Qatar and Canada for second place among the most coveted destinations for 2021, it is clear that it is the United Arab Emirates that steals the show (1st). In third place, Egypt could come out of the game and rebuild its tourist popularity.

More unusual, the most sought-after destination by the French is ... Belgium, while the Spanish dream of Italy, just like the Turks. On a European scale, travelers mainly want a change of scenery and are waiting to land in the Maldives. Italians, British, Romanians, Bulgarians and Poles can't wait to dive into the crystal clear waters of this Indian Ocean paradise.

Across the Atlantic, Americans and Canadians wait to set foot in Japan, while Australians don't plan to go too far, dreaming of Fiji.

It remains to be seen whether Google searches will actually translate into vacation plans. Everything will depend on the evolution of the health situation in each country and the travel conditions which will be imposed by the local authorities ...

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