Wedding The Queen made 'interesting' style choice at Diana and Fergie's weddings - 'cold colour!'

12:40  26 july  2022
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Meghan Markle forced to return tiara after wedding - why Fergie was allowed to keep diadem

  Meghan Markle forced to return tiara after wedding - why Fergie was allowed to keep diadem MEGHAN MARKLE was loaned her wedding tiara back in 2018, the same as most royal brides. However, because it was loaned to Meghan by the Queen, the Duchess of Sussex did not get to keep the diadem.She left the tiara to Queen Elizabeth II in her will when Mary died in 1953.

The Queen has attended the royal weddings of all her children and grandchildren. But she has only worn blue a handful of times on these occasions. These include Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding in 1981 and Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew's nuptials in 1986.

The Queen also wore blue to her sister Princess Margaret's wedding in 1960, as well as the first wedding of Princess Anne in 1973.

However, all of these weddings sadly ended in divorce.

Therefore, is the Queen wearing blue to a wedding a sign of bad luck?

The Queen is the only person who can acceptably overshadow the bride, and her wedding attire always sets trends.

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Princess Diana lived up to 'trendsetter' reputation with famous jewellery moment

  Princess Diana lived up to 'trendsetter' reputation with famous jewellery moment PRINCESS DIANA earned a reputation for being a fashion trailblazer, but one jewellery moment stood out as one of her most daring moments.The Delhi Durbar Emerald Choker was believed to have been gifted to Diana by the Queen to mark her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

The style experts at Nasty Gal spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the Queen's choice to wear blue at these royal weddings.

They said: "There's an old superstition on wearing blue to weddings - 'Married in blue, you will always be true'.

"Therefore it's surprising that the Queen has worn blue to so many royal weddings which have ended in divorce."

Breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' 'fairytale' relationship in full

  Breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' 'fairytale' relationship in full Princess Diana and Princes Charles got married in 1981 and were one of the most famous royal couples ever, though the pair went on to have a very public break upThe pair, who wed in 1981, had a romance and a wedding that was dubbed a “fairytale” by royal well wishers and as her profile grew, Princess Diana became one of the most loved royal women across the globe.

What does the colour blue symbolise?

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The experts explained: "Blue can often symbolise strength and authority, so it's definitely a colour that's fit for a Queen.

"It's interesting that both the Queen and the Queen Mother wore blue to Diana and Sarah Ferguson's weddings.

"The similar colour choices show the unity and bond the two had, showing the love the Queen has for her mother and family.

"They also both wore blue dresses to Prince William's christening.

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Why Diana’s wardrobe was her superpower

  Why Diana’s wardrobe was her superpower Why Diana’s wardrobe was her superpowerDuring her first decade within the palace walls, Diana rarely spoke about the tumultuous life she was leading, the result being that a ravenously curious public turned to analysing her outfits instead. Never a particular fan of fashion before her engagement to Charles, the princess quickly learned that clothes were the best way of expressing her personality and emotions.

"Blue can be seen as a cold colour, whereas yellow, green and purple are much warmer tones which match the general feeling of weddings and celebrations of love."

Why did the Queen choose against wearing blue at Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's weddings?

The experts added: "The Queen wore yellow to Kate Middleton's wedding and green to Meghan Markle's.

Royal weddings - timeline © EXPRESS Royal weddings - timeline

"Both are colours that represent spring, new beginnings and growth.

"These were the weddings of the new generation of royals.

"The colours the Queen wore could symbolise the hope she has for the new stage of the Royal Family.

"Clearly, both marriages are thriving which could mean they're lucky colours for love!"

The Crown Jewels: the memories and meanings behind the Queen's jewellery .
For a family always on display – every tiara and brooch is laden with symbolism, now more than everShe first famously wore it at her coronation, in 1953. It was designed for Queen Victoria in 1839 by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell – then the royal jewellers – and it is a fascinating amalgam of British monarchical history. Among its treasures are the St Edwards sapphire, Queen Elizabeth I’s pearl earrings, The Black Prince’s ruby, the Stuart sapphire, and the gargantuan Cullinan II diamond – one of two major stones cut from the largest gem-quality diamond ever found (the second sits atop the sovereign’s sceptre and cross).

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