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Engine oil: how to choose the best for your car

Friday  14:40,   14 december 2018

You'll probably know your car's engine wouldn't operate without it, but we pick up where knowledge on the substance drops off. From why you need it, what the numbers on the containers mean, to what type of oil you might need in your car, we run... >>>

The hatchback helicopter! £320,000 two-seater flying car is available for Brits to pre-order ahead of its 2020 release

Friday  13:30,   14 december 2018

The Dutch-made petrol-powered flying car (left) transforms from a compact three-wheeled car into a helicopter with a large top rotor blade and rear propeller. Its inventors boast drivers can switch from 'driving mode' to 'helicopter mode' in just 10 >>>

Insight: what fuels Volkswagen's production line?

Friday  13:20,   14 december 2018

We go behind the scenes at Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant, to find out what's on the menu for its 62,000... >>>

Tuning out: Cars won't have aerials by 2030 as streaming music and podcasts is already more popular than listening over the waves, Nissan says

Friday  12:35,   14 december 2018

The traditional car radio is set to follow the in-car tape-player, CD-player, eight-track cartridges and even the early in-car record player on the road to automotive oblivion, Nissan... >>>

How to drive safely in frosty conditions

Thursday  13:45,   13 december 2018

The first frost of the winter can be a troublesome time for Brits — there’s the mad rush to buy woolly clothing, Christmas turkeys and comment on the weather to every person in sight. It often also brings chaos to our road networks, with snow and... >>>

Renault Megane RS Trophy 2018 review

Thursday  13:05,   13 december 2018

The Megane RS, Renault's flagship hot hatch, receives more power and performance upgrades in new Trophy... >>>

10 things to check before your car’s MOT test

Thursday  12:30,   13 december 2018

Nearly 50 per cent of all faults found during MOT tests could be avoided by carrying out regular maintenance – or checking some basic items before the test The post 10 things to check before your car’s MOT test appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Nissan is building the amazing GT-R50 concept – and each will cost £1 million!

Wednesday  16:55,   12 december 2018

Wild Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign concept is going into limited-run production with a 50-car build planned The post Nissan is building the amazing GT-R50 concept – and each will cost £1 million! appeared first on Motoring... >>>

2019 Skoda Scala: everything you need to know

Wednesday  13:05,   12 december 2018

The new Skoda Scala family hatchback goes on sale in 2019 to take on the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf as well as the Kia Ceed and Hyundai i30 The post 2019 Skoda Scala: everything you need to know appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Next-generation VW Golf (sort of) teased during annual meeting

Wednesday  13:05,   12 december 2018

Coming next year when Volkswagen will also launch a new Passat in Europe and the... >>>

Best wheel cleaners 2019 - how to clean and protect your car wheels

Wednesday  12:50,   12 december 2018

Cleaning your car’s wheels can be a tricky and laborious task, so a good grime-busting formula is vital. Here we explore some of the key questions around wheel cleaning and choosing the best wheel cleaning and protection products. We’ve even tested... >>>

Matt Prior: you don't have to own an Alfa to be an enthusiast

Tuesday  13:35,   11 december 2018

The old adage about Alfa Romeos and 'true petrolheads' doesn't ring true for our road tester, but he does see sense in Twisted's business... >>>

The best used executive cars for under £10,000

Tuesday  12:55,   11 december 2018

There’s this idea going around that everybody who wears a suit for a living must have their car on a finance deal. Not so! It’s possible to have something that carries just as much weight in the company car park, is just as comfortable and equally... >>>

Renault Clio RS hot hatch is even hotter

Friday  17:55,   07 december 2018

The motorsport-derived RS Performance goodies are debuting on the Clio RS, but the Megane RS will also get similar... >>>

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test

Friday  14:50,   07 december 2018

Eight months after one of Uber's self-driving cars fatally struck a pedestrian, the company is getting ready to resume testing of its autonomous vehicles on public roads -- but according to internal sources, there are concerns about the program's... >>>