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Used car buying guide: Audi RS5

Friday  14:25,   15 february 2019

Prices for performance Audi RS5s are at bargain levels. But beware the previous owner who has cut corners on servicing... >>>

Celebrating the Mini’s swinging 60th with a tour of London

Friday  13:50,   15 february 2019

We take the Mini back to the city that made it famous. Here’s why, 60 years on, it remains a legend The post Celebrating the Mini’s swinging 60th with a tour of London appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Audi to unveil electric Q4 e-tron SUV concept at Geneva show

Friday  13:35,   15 february 2019

The zero-emission "design study" previews a forthcoming production... >>>

Range Rover Sport HST revealed with new mild-hybrid inline-six engine

Friday  11:55,   15 february 2019

Land Rover has revealed a new special edition Range Rover Sport called the HST . This is no simple stickers-and-stripes special though, as it’s the first Land Rover, and indeed JLR product to feature the group’s all-new hybridised straight-six... >>>

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 2019: spy shots, specs, prices and release

Friday  11:45,   15 february 2019

Could a softer Touring version of the track-focused sports car be in the... >>>

Opinion: Were we wrong to fall out of love with the Volkswagen Jetta?

Thursday  14:56,   14 february 2019

Europe has lost interest in traditional small saloons, and it means we could be really missing out The post Opinion: Were we wrong to fall out of love with the Volkswagen Jetta? appeared first on Motoring... >>>

The Legend Of The Big Red Camaro

Wednesday  13:20,   13 february 2019

This 1969 Camaro might be the most recognizable race car... >>>

Opinion: why JLR isn't all-in on electric

Wednesday  12:01,   13 february 2019

When will electric vehicles become mainstream enough for JLR to kill off ICE... >>>

Front-engined vs mid-engined vs rear-engined: engine layouts explained

Wednesday  11:50,   13 february 2019

Engine placement doesn’t factor in a great number of car buying decisions these days – because the default position for a car is to be front-engined. If you’re looking towards more performance-oriented machines though, engine placement makes a huge... >>>

Should you buy a £50k Ferrari?

Tuesday  15:45,   12 february 2019

It may have been a Mercedes-Benz for Janis Joplin, and Porsches for all her friends, but if there’s one car that is lusted after more than any other, it’s a Ferrari. But buying a Ferrari for peanuts, just so you can say you own a Ferrari, is no... >>>

McLaren Senna GTR production version coming February 15?

Tuesday  15:25,   12 february 2019

All 75 owners should be thrilled by... >>>

Volkswagen Arteon R-Line review

Tuesday  13:46,   12 february 2019

The R-Line trim level adds sporty looks to VW’s flagship saloon but doesn’t change the relaxed driving... >>>

Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2019 review: can it topple the McLaren 720S?

Tuesday  12:50,   12 february 2019

Upgraded supercar now matches the limited-run Performante for... >>>

A day in the life of an award-winning takeaway delivery driver

Tuesday  11:30,   12 february 2019

We meet Brian Loughans, British takeaway delivery driver of the year 2018, who thinks nothing of a 100-mile drive to deliver a... >>>

Explained: What is washer fluid, and how do I refill it?

Monday  10:45,   11 february 2019

Windscreen washer fluid is far from exciting, but it’s one of the most crucial components in running a safe car at this time of year. © PA Washer fluid is a basic but crucial maintenance item — here’s all you need to know Without it, visibility in a >>>