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SEAT Ibiza FR review - fifth-gen Ibiza has the VW Polo in its sights

Monday  14:26,   22 april 2019

Now in its fifth generation, the SEAT Ibiza’s central tenets remain as strong as they ever have: Sporty, youthful styling, eager driving characteristics, and strong value for money. We’ll have to wait a short time for a Cupra variant, but in the... >>>

New Renault Clio prototype review

Sunday  12:25,   21 april 2019

We drive the Renault Clio prototype to see how it’s shaping up against the Ford... >>>

Browse through every Ferrari ever made

Friday  11:20,   12 april 2019

See all 204... >>>

Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition limited to 600 UK drivers

Friday  11:15,   12 april 2019

A very orange Fiesta ST Performance Edition with handling upgrades will arrive in... >>>

Opinion: Bentley is making all the right noises

Friday  10:55,   12 april 2019

Things are looking good for the Crewe company as it approaches its... >>>

Ford launches new keyless fob to combat relay attacks

Friday  10:50,   12 april 2019

The new key fob enters a sleep mode after 40 seconds without movement, after which it will not respond to hacking... >>>

The Vauxhall Insignia is the fastest (selling) car in the UK

Friday  10:50,   12 april 2019

Data released by CarGurus shows that the Vauxhall Insignia is a very popular used car in Scotland, where it sells in an average of 17 days. The post The Vauxhall Insignia is the fastest (selling) car in the UK appeared first on Motoring... >>>

She’s car-azy! Russian Instagram star has TWO MILLION Swarovski crystals stuck to the bodywork of her £270,000 Lamborghini Aventador in London

Friday  10:35,   12 april 2019

Daria Radionova commissioned a London body shop to spend 700 hours over the course of two months fitting two million Swarovski crystals to her £270,000... >>>

Opinion: ride comfort is the new handling

Thursday  11:20,   11 april 2019

Car makers should prioritise ride refinement in their latest models more, and reducing wheel sizes is key to... >>>

Shanghai Motor Show 2019 preview: BMW X3M, Mercedes GLB and more

Thursday  11:20,   11 april 2019

From sporty SUVs to futuristic concepts, these are the cars set to stun fans in China next... >>>

ULEZ scrappage schemes: how to save money on a clean car

Thursday  11:15,   11 april 2019

As Londoners wake up to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), a £48m scrappage pot is available to micro businesses, charities and those on low incomes. The post ULEZ scrappage schemes: how to save money on a clean car appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Explained: in-car smartphone connectivity

Wednesday  12:26,   10 april 2019

Without beating a dead horse, the rise of the smartphone is possibly the greatest technological advancement many of us will see in our lifetimes — and their connectivity to our everyday lives is ever-growing. This of course also leads to our cars,... >>>

Only one in three aware of the ULEZ going live, research shows

Wednesday  12:20,   10 april 2019

Just one in three UK adults knows they will now be charged extra to take older, polluting cars into central... >>>

Toyota has extended its scrappage scheme AGAIN

Wednesday  11:40,   10 april 2019

You can save £2,500 off the cost of a Toyota Yaris or £2,000 off a Toyota Aygo when you trade in your old motor for scrapping. The post Toyota has extended its scrappage scheme AGAIN appeared first on Motoring... >>>

The Lost Land Speed Record M1 Has Been Found After 25 Years

Wednesday  11:30,   10 april 2019

This BP collaboration with racing driver, Harald Ertyl, broke 187 miles per hour in... >>>