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Every 5-star car on What Car?

Saturday  03:05,   06 june 2020

From nimble city cars to stylish SUVs, and exciting sports cars to practical family hatchbacks – this is where you'll find every car which has earned our highest road test... >>>

Honda Jazz hatchback

Saturday  02:25,   06 june 2020

"The quirky Honda Jazz is even smoother and cheaper to run with a hybrid powertrain"Its MPV-like shape remains, and looks more palatable than ever among small crossovers and SUVs, but the Jazz is also a bit more characterful than before. New LED... >>>

No RCN start despite hygiene concept, is the VLN shaking now?

Friday  23:05,   05 june 2020

RCN cancellation, missing permits, contradictory paragraphs in the corona's concept of the state government: Paragraphs of confusion at the Nürburgring bang effect at the Nürburgring: The Nürburgring circuit (RCN) started the season on June 20 for... >>>

UBS dealers to return to New York offices in late June

Friday  20:20,   05 june 2020

(Bloomberg) - UBS Group AG has been reportedly working on plans to let its dealers and other risk-related employees return to the New York offices this month. Other banks are slowly allowing key personnel to return to the pandemic. A limited number >>>

This restomod Mustang was built by Panoz for Patrick Dempsey

Friday  19:56,   05 june 2020

The famous actor and racing driver commissioned the detailed build of the classic Mustang, which uses a supercharged SVT Cobra V-8 engineDempsey has competed in sports car racing since the early 2000s, and founded his own race team in... >>>

How to spec a Peugeot 5008

Friday  18:16,   05 june 2020

Our guide to Peugeot's large SUV covers which version to buy, which options to choose and how much to pay for it... >>>

Top 3 used plug-in hybrid family cars for £20,000

Friday  17:51,   05 june 2020

“Dear Carbuyer, I’ve got £20,000 to spend on a family car, and I want a plug-in hybrid. What would you recommend?”Cars of this type typically combine a petrol engine with an electric motor and a large battery that can be charged via a charging point >>>

Scheuer calls on carmakers to speed up e-mobility

Friday  17:25,   05 june 2020

Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has asked the German auto industry to speed up e-mobility. © Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa Andreas Scheuer (CSU), Federal Minister of Transport, is calling on the auto industry to speed up e-mobility.... >>>

"Cash for Rares": Horst Lichter is enthusiastic about the Mercedes pedal car, but the dealer is disturbed by an important detail

Friday  16:46,   05 june 2020

© ZDF "Cash for Rares" expert Sven Deutschmanek (right) examines the pedal car from Goswinde Hellge. Moderator Horst Lichter dreams back to his childhood. A red Mercedes SL as a pedal car: This toy makes the heart of "Bares for Rares" presenter... >>>

OTS: POL-DA: South Hesse: When the fast loot attracts - How do I leave my car behind? - What should I pay attention to when using Keyless-Go systems? - Police provide tips and recommendations for action

Friday  16:26,   05 june 2020

Südhessen (ots) - cell phones, bags, laptops, small change, sunglasses - the list of valuables often left behind in the car is long and not exhaustive here. In many cases, unfortunately, they give rise to the target of criminals who are looking for >>>

The luxury cars we forgot all about

Friday  13:50,   05 june 2020

Can you name Alfa Romeo's flagship during most of the... >>>

drivers can save more money on refueling than last year

Friday  13:50,   05 june 2020

© MIGUEL MEDINA drivers can save more money on refueling than in the previous year. According to a market survey by the ADAC, petrol station customers can save up to eleven cents per liter by choosing the right fueling time. According to an... >>>

Video: Alpine A110 triple test | Making the best sports car better

Friday  13:02,   05 june 2020

We love the Alpine A110 in its standard form, but can the more potent A110S or the specially modified Life110 steal the show?But perhaps there is a better way. The A110S has its power raised to 288bhp and its suspension dropped to make it keener and >>>

8 £10k Porsches that will have you raiding your piggy bank

Friday  11:46,   05 june 2020

8 £10k Porsches that will have you raiding your piggy... >>>

"Cash for Rares": "800 euros, you're crazy" - dealers are struggling for this curious toy

Friday  10:25,   05 june 2020

© ZDF "Cash for Rares" expert Detlev Kümmel explains moderator Horst Lichter about Florian and Brigitte Markl's bowling game. Fabian Kahl and Walter "Waldi" Lehnertz are into rabbit skittles. The two "Cash for Rares" dealers battle it out - much to >>>