Cars Watchdog: Yaris needs two sets of brakes in 5,000 miles

15:45  14 may  2018
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When should brake rotors/pads/ brake fluid change be done? I was thinking closer to 100k mark (in another 5 years or @10 year mark) or when the brakes start to A guy at work told me i just need to replace a relay (denso 90987-04010 located on the lower left side of the wheel behind a compartment.)

Five common brake problems: soft brake pedal, pulling to one side while braking One way to test your rear drum brakes is to apply the parking brake slightly while driving, because the parking brake uses the drum brakes in the rear. I hope you are well, i have a problem with my Toyota Yaris 2002

Watchdog: Yaris needs two sets of brakes in 5,000 miles © Carbuyer Watchdog: Yaris needs two sets of brakes in 5,000 miles

Treat them right and brakes should last 50,000 miles before new ones are potentially required.

But that wasn’t the case for Ian Chettleburgh, who got in touch with us after having his discs and pads replaced twice in a little over 5,000 miles since purchasing a new Toyota Yaris Hybrid in October last year.

Ian, from Chigwell, Essex, told us: “After about 3,000 miles, I noticed that the driver’s side rear brake disc was badly scored.” Ian took the Yaris to his dealer, Hills of Woodford Toyota, in east London, for an inspection.

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Parts that are still working properly: 1. All Sensors (Oxygen, Crank, Cam, Knock, Coolant Temp, Oil Press) 2 . A/C Compressor 3. Electric Power Steering 4. Fuel Pump & Injectors 5 . Ignition Coils 6. Radiator 7. Brake Booster Clutch Slave Cylinder @ 468, 000 miles on 6/14/12 (Didn't need replacing.

Thinning brake pads set off brake wear indicator squeak. Cheap brake pads with high metal content. It’s a very effective warning that the that the brake pads are almost used up and need to be replaced. Metal particles in brake dust can discolor chrome or aluminum wheels.

Technicians there initially said the discs could just have surface rust, but Ian then pointed out the deep grooves. Hills then forwarded the case to Toyota Customer Services. Staff there said the grooves came from the way he was driving. But Ian told us: “I brake normally with the car, the same as I have done with all my other vehicles.”

After a while, Toyota agreed to replace the car’s back brake pads and discs.

Yet 2,000 miles later, Ian found the brake discs were scored with grooves again. Although braking performance wasn’t affected, Ian took his car back to Hills for another inspection. Once again, he was told the way he was driving was causing the grooves, but Ian disagreed with this, and asked Toyota to inspect the discs for a manufacturing fault.

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2016 with 44, 000 miles for 9400. I thought I was hooked on a Prius C, but all that space age I sold my 2005 Toyota Tacoma Access cab after 12 years. Didn't need a truck anymore and the mileage While a stiffer body and better suspension came with the Yaris ' revamp two years ago, the overall

I am liking the new set up as they break in, with good initial bite, and requiring less pedal effort Most the miles I drive are freeway type miles . I have a Honda Civic Hybrid and the front brakes If you do a lot of city type stop and go driving, you'll need to replace your brakes sooner then drivers like myself.

2017 Toyota Yaris © IZMO 2017 Toyota Yaris

A spokesman told us the grooving was normal and down to Ian’s driving style, explaining: “On our hybrid models where there is a lot of regenerative braking done by the hybrid system, the disc brakes work less hard than a non- hybrid car. Because of this light scoring and/or corrosion can occur more often.

“This is not a manufacturing fault and there is not any issue with the braking performance,” the spokesman added.

Nevertheless, Hills replaced the discs and pads once more and sent Ian away with a second set of brakes.

He told us: “This is not an F1 car, it is a city car, and in London you brake to the road conditions. I’ve been told by Hills that it doesn’t know what else to do the next time it happens, other than call Toyota again and ask for a repair.”

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