CarsUber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test

14:50  07 december  2018
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Addison Lee drives £300m deal in Uber fight

Addison Lee drives £300m deal in Uber fight Addison Lee, the British taxi group fighting an increasingly intense turf war with rivals such as Uber, is plotting a £300m refinancing that will strengthen its warchest for future takeovers. Sky News has learnt that Addison Lee‎ Group has begun talks with investment banks about a deal that will see it replace existing debt facilities. The discussions come as ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft prepare to launch US stock market flotations - the former at a reported valuation of up to $120bn.

back on public roads in Pittsburgh this week, four months after a fatal crash prompted the company to shut down its testing program in North America. The company’s fleet of Volvo XC90 SUVs have been gathering dust since March, when a self - driving Uber car struck and killed 49-year-old Elaine

In scaling back to a single lidar on the Volvo, Uber introduced a blind zone around the perimeter of the SUV that cannot fully detect pedestrians, according Ducey okayed Uber ’s request to test its vehicles on public roads in August 2016 without informing the public. Uber didn’t announce that it would begin

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test

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Eight months after one of Uber's self-driving cars fatally struck a pedestrian, the company is getting ready to resume testing of its autonomous vehicles on public roads -- but according to internal sources, there are concerns about the program's safety, with some employees claiming corners are being cut in a bid to reach milestones and keep up with competitors.

Uber's Latest Court Date Gives Gig Economy Its Biggest Test

Uber's Latest Court Date Gives Gig Economy Its Biggest Test Just months after Uber Technologies Inc. persuaded a London judge to allow it to keep operating in the city, the ride-hailing company is back in court. At stake at two days of hearings at the Court of Appeal in London is an issue that could strike at the core of the U.K.’s burgeoning gig economy: whether Uber’s drivers are really self-employed.

The scaled - down street testing would be a humble return for a cutting-edge effort that Uber ’s executives once considered a key to its prosperity. In July, Uber put its self - driving cars back on the road in Pittsburgh, but with human drivers. The resumption of autonomous testing on city streets

Uber ’s self - driving fleet is back on the road after a car crash Friday night prompted the company to temporarily suspend them. The ride-hailing company said Monday that its vehicles would hit the streets of San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Tempe, Ariz., by the end of the day and resume picking up paying

In the coming weeks, Uber will put its vehicles on a mile-long loop between two company offices in Pittsburgh. The company said that the test vehicles won't operate at night or during wet weather, and won't exceed 25mph. This is a considerably pared back version of earlier testing, which saw its vehicles on public roads in four cities reaching speeds of up to 55mph.

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test Side view of the window of a Uber car with the black Uber credential (logo) hanging on the rear-view mirror. But according to sources reported in the New York Times, even these restricted conditions are causing concern among some employees. To match the reaction time of a human driver at 25mph, the cars need to drive 20 percent slower than a human, and even then, the cars are passing just 82 percent of track tests. Meanwhile, current employees have anonymously claimed that Uber is taking shortcuts to hit internal milestones.

Volkswagen wants to use quantum computers to optimize traffic

Volkswagen wants to use quantum computers to optimize traffic According to the German automaker, the quantum system can replace current traffic models that are created by conventional supercomputers

Uber was testing its self - driving vehicles on public roads in Tempe, Ariz., where the accident occurred, as well as in Pittsburgh, San Francisco Based on the data, police reported that Vasquez could have avoided hitting Herzberg if her eyes were on the road . The case has been submitted to

Uber ceased tests in every city where it’s experimenting with driverless cars , including Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. You want to get teams to be uncomfortable, but at the same time you really have to check ourself and go back to first principles and ask yourself, ‘are we doing

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test Close-up of the buttons of the App Uber, surrounded by the Apps Here wego, Waze, Google Maps, Citymapper, Bus Times and National Rail on a screen of a mobile phone However, Uber spokeswoman Sarah Abboud said the company would not compromise safety to meet targets. "As we have said many times before, our return is predicated on successfully passing our rigorous track tests and having our letter of authorization from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in hand," she said.

Of course, while Uber's cars were off the road its competitors have been marching ahead with their own projects. Google's autonomous vehicle arm Waymo launched a driverless ride-hailing service on Wednesday, while Lyft did the same in Las Vegas earlier this year. Ford, meanwhile, has gone to great lengths to prove that its efforts will be failsafe.

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test Rear window of a black Uber car with the white Uber sticker on the glass. But considering how serious Uber's March failing was, where a woman in Arizona was struck and killed by a car travelling 39mph, it seems unlikely that Uber would be prepared to risk any more reputational damage, especially at the company is expected to make its debut on Wall Street next year. Nonetheless, Uber has acknowledged that there are still risks inherent in its work. In November, chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi wrote a public blog post noting, "We are committed to anticipating and managing risks that may come with this type of testing, but we cannot -- as no self-driving developer can -- anticipate and eliminate every one."

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