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Cars What Car?’s best used cars in Britain

19:20  02 october  2019
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Jaguar Land Rover set to build electric cars in UK

Jaguar Land Rover set to build electric cars in UK Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has decided to produce a range of electric vehicles at its central England factory, it announced Friday, securing thousands of jobs in a major boost to post-Brexit Britain. "Today's announcement, which safeguards several thousand jobs in the UK, is the next stage in execution of Jaguar Land Rover's electrification strategy," JLR added. The group aims to offer electrified options for all new Jaguar and Land Rover models by 2020. "The future of mobility is electric and as a visionary British company, we are committed to making our next generation of zero-emission vehicles in the UK," added Speth.

Every year, What Car ? chooses the best used cars in every class, all evaluated, rated and honoured in our annual awards. With the supply of new cars strangled as manufacturers wrestle with new emissions rules, and the prospect of Brexit also having an impact, the used car market looks set to

As of 2018 there are approximately 35 active British car manufacturers and over 500 defunct British car manufacturers. This page lists car manufacturers that build or built cars in the UK.

a close up of a mountain © mustafasen/iStock

They're called 'lurkers', and they may have been covertly surveilling us from space for millions of years – since before we even existed, perhaps.

That's the bold proposal being made in a new scientific paper by American physicist James Benford. But even though Benford's ideas sound radical, they draw upon a long history of conjecture in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) community.

In 1960, Stanford radiophysicist Ronald Bracewell first suggested the idea that "superior galactic communities" could disperse autonomous interstellar probes as "hypothetical feelers" throughout space in order to observe, monitor, and maybe even communicate with other life-forms, including those on Earth.

Why aren’t more people in Britain buying electric cars?

Why aren’t more people in Britain buying electric cars? Poor charging infrastructure and cuts to grants are threatening EV sales

The third rule said the car in question must be relatively close to home. At this price point, all the way down on the seabed, where it’ s murky and the only living creatures use bioluminescence to Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. Subscribe to the Autocar newsletter now.

The 10 best -selling cars in Britain Established brands and models dominate the top 10 list of best -selling cars in the UK and the hatchback rules supreme.

"A probe located nearby could bide its time while our civilisation developed technology that could find it, and, once contacted, could undertake a conversation in real time," Benford explains in his new paper.

"Meanwhile, it could have been routinely reporting back on our biosphere and civilisation for long eras."

But while this decades-old concept of Bracewell probes has been explored in subsequent research and embraced by science fiction – most notably as the eerie monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey – there's never been any evidence for the existence of such robotic sentinels.

Now, Benford has proposed the ideal place where alien-made 'lurkers' could be present in our Solar System, stationed to observe in ever-watchful silence.

Volvo recalling 500,000 cars worldwide over fire risk

Volvo recalling 500,000 cars worldwide over fire risk Volvo recalling 500,000 cars worldwide over fire risk

What Car ? is the UK' s biggest car -buying brand and has been helping Britain ' s car buyers make purchasing decisions for more than 40 years. The website also offers advice on car leasing, new car deals and new and used cars for sale. Follow What Car ? here: LIKE What Car ? on Facebook: https

The car ' s sales figures are well ahead of those of its closest rivals, even though it’ s not the cheapest choice in the segment. The latest version of the Blue In remaking Britain ’ s best -selling car , Ford has trodden lightly with the new Fiesta. But does the all-new supermini do enough to keep its place at the

In his new paper, the physicist says such hidden, long-lived robotic lurkers would do well to set up their stakeout on a class of rocky near-Earth objects (NEO) called co-orbital objects.

Like their name suggests, these quasi-satellites of Earth perform orbital loops around the Sun that are similar to Earth's own orbital pattern, and they do it in close proximity to Earth, being gravitationally bound to our own planet in addition to the Sun.

Only a small number of such objects has ever been found by astronomers. The closest known one to Earth, called 2016 HO3, is a small asteroid described by NASA as "Earth's constant companion".

"2016 HO3 loops around our planet, but never ventures very far away as we both go around the Sun," NASA NEO researcher Paul Chodas explained in 2016.

"In effect, this small asteroid is caught in a little dance with Earth."

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Worst July for new car sales in UK since 2012

Worst July for new car sales in UK since 2012 Worst July for new car sales in UK since 2012

What car to take? Not a supercar. Cars such as McLaren’ s 720 S and Ferrari’ s 488GTB are too fast, too stressful, too big and too unsubtle. Matt Prior: Scotland has the best , quietest and most spectacular roads in Britain . When my parents retired, they toured the country in a motorhome, and I said I’d stay

We run down the very best affordable electric city cars , superminis and famliy hatchbacks on sale in Until quite recently, an electric car good enough to combine a genuine 300-mile daily- use range with a That the car ’ s slightly low-rent, restrictive interior doesn’t make it quite the match of a full-sized

But co-orbital objects could turn out to be much more than Earth's dancing partners, Benford suggests. Due to their constant orbital proximity, these nearby space rocks might offer an optimal vantage point for robotic probes seeking to keep tabs on us.

"These near-Earth objects provide an ideal way to watch our world from a secure natural object," his paper explains.

"That provides resources an ETI might need: materials, a firm anchor, and concealment."

Because of this possibility – and the fact that co-orbitals are indeed so close to Earth – the physicist argues investigating them should be a priority for SETI astronomers.

"We should move forthrightly toward observing them, both by observing them in the electromagnetic spectrum and planetary radar, as well as visiting them with probes," Benford writes.

Aside from the prospect of finding alien sentinels, it's a case that could make sense for other scientific reasons too – especially since we know so little about co-orbital objects, with less than 20 ever having been discovered.

As it happens, Benford may actually get his wish sooner rather than later.

China has already announced plans to launch an ambitious 10-year mission that would include visiting and collecting samples from 2016 HO3: a perfect opportunity to see up close if there's anything funny (or alien-y) about Earth's constant companion.

Not that others in the SETI community necessarily expect we'll find evidence of a grand alien technosignature.

"How likely is it that [an] alien probe would be on one of these co-orbitals? Obviously, extremely unlikely," theoretical physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies from Arizona State University, who wasn't involved with Benford's research, told Live Science.

"But if it costs very little to go take a look, why not? Even if we don't find E.T., we might find something of interest."

The findings are reported in The Astronomical Journal.

'Strong global headwinds' drag UK car production down almost 20%.
'Strong global headwinds' drag UK car production down almost 20%

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