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Cars From illegal tyres to missing engines, car dealers reveal the trade-in tricks pulled by dodgy customers

12:45  07 october  2019
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In fact, some members of the public have employed various tactics to try and get the best price for their car Swapping a dead battery tops the list of tricks used by consumers, with car owners changing a This can cost dealers up to £80 to fix. Up next came customers changing out good tyres on the

Though dealers are usually the ones trying to get a deal on a car , buyers are just as accomplished at pulling tricks when part-exchanging their old This can cost dealers up to £80 to fix. Up next came customers changing out good tyres on the car they’re trading in for part-used or fully worn rubber

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Car dealers have a unenviable reputation for not being the most trustworthy profession. In fact, one study placed them below even estate agents and politicians in a list of dishonest jobs.

However, dodgy dealings cut both ways and new research among dealers has found some of the ways that tight-fisted customers have tried to rip them off at trade in time.

From common tricks, such as pulling out the stereo, to the dealer who found a part-exchange car missing its engine, the survey by G3 Remarketing found some buyers will go to all sorts of lengths to make a few extra pounds.

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The figures revealed there could be a potential 20,000 cars on icy British roads that do not have tyres suitable for dry conditions, let alone the hazards Data from 400 UK dealers showed sales rates for replacement tyres were dangerously low in the lead up to winter. During the month of November, 29

SECOND-HAND car dealer Kingswood Autos Ltd of Bristol and director Arthur Chigwaza. Remember their names. And if you are thinking of buying a vehicle from them, proceed with caution. We often investigate reports from customers who have been taken to the cleaners by dodgy used- car dealers .

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The vehicle disposal group gathered some of the most outrageous stories from dealers as well as compiling a list of 10 common tricks pulled by the public when trading in their old cars.

Old and tyred

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Among the horror stories was the prestige dealer in Bradford which took a 2014 Land Rover Discovery as part exchange against a newer model. The dealer revealed that when they checked the car the tyres were in terrible condition. “On closer inspection, they had a date stamp of 2006 - eight years before the car was made.”

Another recalls the extreme lengths one customer went to to take advantage of a special offer: “I once worked for a Citroen main dealer that was running a minimum £1,000 part exchange campaign against any car with an MoT. We got so much rubbish through that we didn’t even bother to inspect them, we just filled out the paperwork and sent the customer away in their new car. I did a deal with a guy on a new ZX against his Ford, which he’d left in the street. It was only when I went out to move the car at the end of the day that I realised he’d part-exed the car, but kept the engine.”

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New and used car dealers ' tricks are notorious. We let The Simpsons help explain what you need to look out Make sure you’re aware of these dodgy tricks that car dealers pull to prey on unwitting Trade - in tricks . Trading in your current car when buying a new one gives dodgy dealers another

There are various tricks employed by dodgy traders to try and get around the laws that apply when selling cars New data has revealed the most common reasons for failing the new driving test. The Car Expert shines a spotlight on some of the unethical and illegal tricks that shady dealers will try to

The top 10 trade-in tricks

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Dead battery

It’s very common for a dealer to go out to move a part-exchange car and find that the battery is, well, terminal, as the previous owner has swapped it out to keep the good one for another car. Repair estimate: £80

Illegal tyres

When customers know they’re about to change cars, it’s common for them to switch out good tyres with some part-used or fully worn tyres. Most dealers have to factor a new set of rubber into the refurbishment cost. Repair estimate: £240 (four tyres)

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Worn brakes

A visual inspection before trade-in won't reveal worn brakes, making it easy on sellers who have scrimped on servicing (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s very rare that a dealer will value a part exchange with anything more than a visual inspection. Grinding brakes and worn discs are a common find when it comes to trade-ins. Repair estimate: £200

Shoppers still duped with supermarket dodgy deals

Shoppers still duped with supermarket dodgy deals Shoppers are being misled with "dodgy discounts" and special offers in some supermarkets, an investigation has found. Consumer group Which? analysed 459 "offers" to find multi-buy deals that would have cost shoppers more than buying the items separately a week before. They also looked at "dubious" discounts, and special prices that were in place for most of the year. Which? said that in the year they tracked deals, 65 were misleading. Six supermarkets were guilty of at least one offence, with only Sainsbury's meeting the new criteria for offers.

Shop your trade - in to multiple dealers , shop for an auto loan among multiple lenders Dealers can hide all sorts of lucrative back end products in a monthly payment and you would never know. The Scam: Curbstoners are car dealers who pose as private individuals in order to defraud consumers or

Common car dealer tricks range from interest rate markups and dealer add-ons to longer and longer loans can drive up the cost of buying a new car or truck. Most dealers will make up for that loss by charging more for your new ride, offering less on your trade - in and imposing a finance charge markup.

Where’s the spare?

Look under the boot carpet of a part-ex car and quite often you’ll find the spare wheel has gone… on eBay, most likely, along with the inflation kit. Repair estimate: £80

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No fuel

You wouldn’t expect a part-exchange to come with a full-tank, but many people take their old car in with just fumes left in it. “We’ve even seen customers siphoning petrol out into a jerry can,” said one dealer. Repair estimate: £20

A load of rubbish

G3 heard from one dealer whose customer had loaded their old car up ready for a tip run, then just dumped it at the dealership. Repair estimate: £10

Mechanical faults

Visual valuations don’t pick up running problems and for many owners the time to trade in their car is when it’s starting to play up - without telling the unsuspecting dealer. “Back in the day a piece of black tape on the dashboard could hide a warning light long enough to do the deal.” said one dealer. Repair estimate: £300

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Early in Simon’s career, he worked with dealers who used every trick in the book to make a sale—whether or not the sale made sense for their customer . When he recently opened his own dealership , he knew that he wanted to do things the right way, to avoid the tricks of the trade that

Trading Standards have issued the alert to Brits who strike deals on social media after one rogue trader was caught selling a broken Land Rover. Rogue Traders steal their own car back from dodgy Gatwick airport parking. Is it illegal for someone to park on your driveway or in front of your home?

a person riding on the back of a car: The average American drives more than 12,000 miles a year, and every one of those miles could be the one that steers you off the road and into the repair shop. The right driving and car maintenance habits, however, can go a long way toward getting more of those miles to pass before you come up against the inevitable car repair. Good driving and preventative maintenance keep your car running properly and its resale value in tip-top shape. Avoid these common mistakes that can lead to costly short-term repairs and long-term drops in value. Last updated: Sept. 30, 2019  

Daylight robbery

Some customers are so tight that they’ve been known to remove the headlight bulbs from part-exchanges before chopping their car in, leaving the dealer in the dark. Repair estimate: £20

Back to the wall

It’s a common trick for a customer bringing in a part-exchange to park it close to a wall in the hope that a dealer doesn’t notice obvious body damage – even better if they time it for when the rain starts to pour. Repair estimate: £500

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Radio ga-ga

Removing a car’s in-car entertainment system is another fast one pulled by some people, no doubt to make a fast buck selling it second-hand. Repair estimate: £150

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