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13:55  27 february  2020
13:55  27 february  2020 Source:   motoringresearch.com

68,000 drivers caught without MOT after test changes

  68,000 drivers caught without MOT after test changes Figures show that since the test changes implemented in May 2018, police have stopped more than 68,000 vehicles without a valid MOT. The fine for being caught without an MOT increased, too. The typical charge is around £100, although this can increase to £1,000 if the case goes to court. Drivers can face penalties of £2,500 if they’re caught driving with a ‘dangerous’ MOT classification.

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Some 47% of drivers believe an MOT approves their car's safety for 12 months. A poll of 2,000 UK drivers found that 47 per cent think they don't need to worry about getting anything checked on their car for another year once it has passed an A third of cars FAILED the updated MOT test in its first

a close up of a street sign sitting on the side of a road: UK drivers let MOT lapse © Provided by Motoring Research UK drivers let MOT lapse

New research reveals that around 11 million UK motorists have let their car’s MOT lapse beyond its expiry date.

The research from Kwik Fit also revealed that one in 10 of those who’d let their MOT lapse had done so repeatedly. And ‘repeatedly’ here means more than six times…

Drivers aged 18-34 are five times more likely to be a repeat offender than those 55 or older, too.

a close up of a map: UK drivers let MOT lapse © Provided by Motoring Research UK drivers let MOT lapse
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A third of drivers use their car without an MOT for three days or less, which, while illegal, doesn’t sound so bad. More worryingly, the average time cars without a valid MOT are driven in the UK is around two months (66.2 days).

Car insurance ‘renewal tax’ costs motorists £674million

  Car insurance ‘renewal tax’ costs motorists £674million New research has revealed that around 16.8 million drivers let their insurance auto-renew last year. It cost them a heady £674million The post Car insurance ‘renewal tax’ costs motorists £674million appeared first on Motoring Research.

A third of motorists have admitted to driving a car without a valid Ministry of Transport test, otherwise known as the MOT certificate – and some drivers say their illegal road use has MOT danger: Those who drive without a certificate can be fined and have up to eight penalty points added to their licence.

14 November 2017 ·. Incredible 28% of drivers currently risking £1,000 fine - the simple MOT mistake they're making | They're letting their MOT lapse and the possible fine for driving without a MOT is £1000 #Savedyouaclick.

Londoners beat the national average of 29 percent twice over, with 63 percent of drivers in the capital admitting to having let their MOT lapse.

Forgetfulness is the most common reason for the problem, with 42 percent saying they’d let their MOT slip their mind. Also, 21 percent said that it was because they didn’t make a note of the expiry date, while 16 percent said it was because their garage didn’t remind them.

Financial woes are a major reason as well. Around 1.4 million drivers say they can’t afford the work the car would need. Ironically, however, this decision could end up costing you more. Driving without a valid MOT can carry a fine of £1,000, while driving a car considered to be in dangerous condition can land you with a fine of up to £2,500, with three penalty points to boot.

Do I still need a car or motorcycle MOT during the coronavirus crisis?

  Do I still need a car or motorcycle MOT during the coronavirus crisis? MOTs for cars, motorcycles and light vans are still required – but the Department for Transport has said it is keeping the situation "under review"However, the decision to keep MOT testing in place for private motorists and van drivers remains under review.

West Wales MOT Services. 78 likes · 1 talking about this. we are a niche family run company supplying skilled Around 12,000 breakdowns are expected on Monday 6 January, with nearly a third of RAC Drivers are being urged to check their vehicles before taking to the roads this Christmas, as figures

Nearly two thirds of UK drivers (65.1%) – or around 21.4 million motorists – have forgotten where they parked their car – from multi-storey More than a third (33.75per cent) forget at least once a month where their car is parked – playing a frustrating game of ‘park and hide’ with their missing motors.

If you’re a repeat offender, like the three percent of drivers that admit to being so, you could find yourself banned from driving.

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UK drivers let MOT lapse © Provided by Motoring Research UK drivers let MOT lapse
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“It is concerning to see that people are knowingly or unwittingly driving a vehicle which could pose a danger to them or other road users,” said Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit.

“We understand that people have busy lives and MOT dates can slip off the calendar or a ‘to do’ list. We would encourage drivers who don’t have a note of their expiry date to check it and get it marked in the calendar with plenty of time, to avoid any issues.  March is a peak month for MOTs and so drivers should book as far in advance as possible to ensure they don’t end up driving illegally.”

Basic car checks for before an MOT

a sign in front of a brick building: UK drivers let MOT lapse © Provided by Motoring Research UK drivers let MOT lapse
  • Revealed: The biggest MOT myths

“Many cars fail their MOTs on components which drivers should be very aware of, such as illegal tyre tread or lights not working,” Griggs continued.

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Two- thirds of drivers believe that the motorway contains fast and slow lanes, which makes the problem of middle-lane hogging about lack of education. This is where a driver stays in the middle lane of a motorway for an excessive length of time. Middle-lane hoggers are frowned upon by many

Thousands of drivers in the UK are being refused an MOT test for some embarrassing reasons. And many MOT stations up and down the country see vehicles, and especially 4x4s pull up covered in mud and although they get registered in, the MOT test will be a ‘refusal’ – avoiding the failure stage.

“Some simple checks will enable motorists to prepare their car in advance and avoid that dreaded verdict of a fail.  Now that a car’s MOT history is available online for anyone to see, including a prospective buyer, having a consistent series of passes will help show that a vehicle has been well maintained.”

Car check % of drivers who complete this ahead of MOT
Check all lights are working 38%
Check tyre tread depth 34%
Check wiper blades 32%
Check tyre condition (e.g. splits, nails) 31%
Check all dashboard warning lights 30%
Check mirrors are all functioning 27%
Test horn is working 23%
Check brake fluid levels 21%

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