Cars Cold snap 2020: Driving safely in ice and snow

13:55  27 february  2020
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Hour-by-hour weather forecast Scotland: Here’s when heavy snow will blast the country today

  Hour-by-hour weather forecast Scotland: Here’s when heavy snow will blast the country today Snow is set to hit most of Scotland on Monday (24 Feb), with temperatures dropping and a Met Office weather warning currently in place. © Provided by The Scotsman The yellow weather warning for snow is in place until 10pm, covering Central Scotland, Tayside and Fife, Grampian, the Highlands and Eilean Siar, southwest Scotland, the Lothians, the Borders, and Strathclyde.

Driving on snow and ice -covered roads can be challenging – even for the most experienced drivers in the best-prepared vehicles. Both ice and snow reduce the amount of traction you have, making it harder to get moving, steer, and stop. The winter months also bring fewer daylight hours and foggy

Ride bullet in snow Tips to safely drive and ride in snow . Snowfall bike ride How to avoid skidding of car Snowfall visibility Driving on mountain Driving on hill stations Driving How to Learn to Drive In the Winter on Snow and Ice - Продолжительность: 10:50 Smart Drive Test Recommended for you.

a car covered in snow: Driving safely in snow © Provided by Motoring Research Driving safely in snow

Highways England has issued a warning about driving in sleet and snow, following the release of footage of a car skidding out of control on the M61 in Lancashire.

A traffic officer, who was dealing with a different accident, had to jump the barrier to avoid being hit. The incident, which happened in March last year, has been highlighted by Highways England following Met Office yellow warnings for snow and ice in the UK. Drivers are being warned to drive to conditions.

It’s worth saying of course, that driving in the snow is something you should attempt only if you have to. Being able to tackle it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Safety warning out the way, we’ve collated some top tips from Seat factory racing driver Jordi Gené, as well as some tips from Highways England…

Top 10 tips for safer winter driving

  Top 10 tips for safer winter driving Here are 10 tips for safer winter driving, including how to prepare your car, plus how to drive in rain, snow and other adverse conditions. The post Top 10 tips for safer winter driving appeared first on Motoring Research.

Black ice is one of the biggest dangers for motorists during winter and can often lead to difficult driving conditions and accidents. UK Big Freeze: Top tips on getting a car ready to cope with a cold snap . How to drive safely in mist and fog: When visibility is 100 metres or less, it is very important

Heavy rain, wind and snow : How to drive safely in bad weather. Motorists may be breaking the law while de- icing their cars. Cold weather can cause problems for motors, but up to half of them could be avoided by servicing and regular checks. Consider checking if any local car garages are offering

Anticipation – keep your distance

a pile of snow: snow driving cold snap 2019 © Provided by Motoring Research snow driving cold snap 2019
  • Automatic cone-laying machines coming to motorways

The first rule of driving in the snow is a rule you should broadly apply to driving as a whole. Anticipate what’s ahead. It’s all the more pertinent in low-grip conditions, given that it will take you so much longer to slow down or even steer, in reaction to what’s ahead. Highways England say it can take up to ten times longer to stop in icy conditions.

The easier and slower you take it and the more distance you keep from those in front, the more time you have to react. “Anticipate what’s ahead and take it easy, that’s the basic rule for driving in harsh conditions,” said Gené.

  • 5 easy hacks for safe winter driving, before you even set off

Engine braking

a hand holding a remote control car: snow driving cold snap 2019 © Provided by Motoring Research snow driving cold snap 2019
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A useful technique for steep descents is called engine braking. In an auto, you simply release the accelerator. In a manual, you can select a lower gear that sees your revs rise higher. While using your foot brake could easily see you lock up and skid (or see the ABS anti-lock brakes kick in), engine braking slows and controls the wheels without grabbing at them like conventional brakes do.

Snow, ice and -8C - UK's mild weather will come to abrupt end tonight

  Snow, ice and -8C - UK's mild weather will come to abrupt end tonight The UK could get its coldest night this winter - with potential for snow and ice causing travel disruption. © Other Snow and ice is predicted for some parts of the UK Temperatures could plummet to -8C (17.6F) in parts of Scotland overnight.Sky News' weather team says there is a chance the chilliest parts of the country could beat this winter's lowest temperature of -10.3C (13.5F), which was recorded on New Year's Day at Scotland's Tulloch Bridge. © Reuters A chilly breeze is also expected on Monday "Tonight could be the coldest night of winter so far," the team said.

Winter driving can be intimidating. These helpful driving tips deal with the challenges presented by ice and snow . If you have never driven a car in cold conditions, then check out this lesson from the How to drive safely in winter - Продолжительность: 3:04 Scott Newell 336 938 просмотров.

Heavy snowfall blanketed parts of South Africa as a cold snap continues to grip the country. Here's are how to drive in ice and snow affected roads. Johannesburg - A weather warning has been issued across parts of South Africa cautioning drivers to be aware of icy conditions and even snow .

Engine braking should, at the very least, to stop you accelerating or skidding. Then you can start carefully applying your brakes. “Driving downhill in low gears will help you stay in control and it takes a lighter toll on the brakes,” explained Gené.

Stay calm and don’t make sudden manoeuvres

a parking meter covered in snow: snow driving cold snap 2019 © Provided by Motoring Research snow driving cold snap 2019

You should be keeping a keen eye out for dark patches of black ice. Once in low grip areas, it’s important to not make sudden adjustments to the controls. Yanking at the wheel or stabbing the brakes will only increase your likelihood of losing grip. The goal is to pass over or through ice and snow as smoothly as possible. Overtakes often aren’t a risk worth taking in these conditions. Worth remembering, given that the temptation to overtake will be all the more severe with gritters out on the roads.

“It’s important to stay calm and avoid making sudden manoeuvres,” explains Jordi. “You have to turn the wheel gently and lightly step on the brake until you’ve passed the ice patch and the wheels begin to gain grip again.”

Monday night could be the coldest of this winter

  Monday night could be the coldest of this winter Temperatures could plummet to minus 10C in Scotland, with snow forecast for northern areas of the UK and ice in the south.Scotland and northern areas of the UK will see what could be the lowest temperatures of the season on Monday night, according to the Met Office.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice in parts of Wales, the North West and West Midlands as councils revealed they were preparing Waves crash over a lorry on Blackpool waterfront as weather warnings for wind, snow and ice have been issued across large parts of the country.

Also, during snowy seasons, drivers can opt to trade a little fuel economy for more traction by putting snow tires on their hybrid. And with some careful driving -- and maybe a new set of snow tires -- a Prius will likely get its driver through the snow safely , and use a lot less gas than the Land Rover

Use your fog lights sparingly

a car parked in a parking lot: snow driving cold snap 2019 © Provided by Motoring Research snow driving cold snap 2019

This is perhaps for the benefit of other road users. Fog lights are only for one rain, snow or fog is extremely dense, such that it’s possible other cars may not be able to see you. Fogs, particularly rear fog lights, are not really there to help you see out, rather for others to see you.

Parking up

Jordi Gené riding on the back of a car: cold snap 2019 © Provided by Motoring Research cold snap 2019

Good, you’ve arrived. Time to pop the wipers up so they don’t stick to your screen. Also, make sure you leave the car in park (auto) or first (manual). This will increase the likelihood of your car being where you left it upon your return.

Other than that? Insert the usual jargon about snow tyres ‘here’. Joking aside, they’re transformative for winter driving. Otherwise, keep your car in good nick and you should be alright. Snow chains are an option in the most extreme circumstances but we’d say if the weather warrants them, it’s perhaps best not to make the journey if you can help it…

Rush-hour chaos as snow and ice warning issued for Scotland .
Temperatures will drop to below zero overnight with widespread frost expected. The news will not be welcome as Scots have already had to contend with two storms bringing heavy rain and strong winds over the last month. Flooding across Greater Glasgow last week caused residents to be evacuated as waters rise. And now with fresh snow on the way it signals another week of miserable weather conditions.

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