Cars Low-emission cars: what to consider and the models to look out for

18:50  26 march  2020
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MPs join zero-emission Christmas tree collection team

  MPs join zero-emission Christmas tree collection team Go Ultra Low has been helping take those trees off people’s hands emissions free, with the help of none other than the Secretary of State, Grant Shapps The post MPs join zero-emission Christmas tree collection team appeared first on Motoring Research.

the car model and all engines we've tested in that car . the Euro emission legislation the car meets in official tests. the amount of NOx and CO each engine produced in Which Scroll below the tool to find out more about what we consider to be ‘high’ and the consequences for that car in our tests.

Low emission cars - an up to date listing of the top 20 lowest emission cars available to buy in the The selection criteria for the list of low emission cars is tail-pipe CO2 emissions which do not tell the full Thus emissions from electric vehicles need to be considered on a lifecycle basis in order to

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The sale of low-emissions is one small bright spot in a tough time for the new car market.

New registrations have been falling month-on-month for more than a year, with alternatively fuelled vehicles such as electric cars and hybrids one of the few segments seeing growth.

And it’s been rapid growth - EVs were up 243 per cent in February while plug-in hybrid (PHEVs) were up 50 per cent. However they still account for less than six per cent of all new registrations and there remains a lot of confusion about the options available and their suitability for different drivers’ requirements.

Oxford set to introduce city-centre Zero Emission Zone in 2020

  Oxford set to introduce city-centre Zero Emission Zone in 2020 Drivers of non-electric cars will be required to pay £10 per day to enter the heart of Oxford under new plansThe scheme is designed to reduce air pollution by encouraging drivers to both switch to electric vehicles and reduce their car usage. Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council have published draft proposals of the scheme, which has been in development since 2017 and is planned to come into force this December.

As 2016 model year vehicles continue to fill dealer lots, here are the vehicles—in both the alternative fuel/hybrid and gasoline categories—with the lowest The i-MiEV and the e-Golf are both electric vehicles, and get 99 mpg and 105 mpg on the highway, respectively. The cars retail for ,995 and

That’s precisely what is happening with the electric car revolution right now. The people who have become wealthy selling cars and the fuels that make them Let’s blow that myth out of the water right now by looking at the facts, not the lies the car companies and fossil fuel interests want you to believe.

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For a detailed breakdown of the difference between different low-emissions vehicles read our guide here.

To address some of the broader questions, we’ve spoken to James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, about some of the things to think about when looking for a low-emissions vehicle, as well as some of the best new and used options to consider.

How much will it cost to buy a new hybrid or electric car?

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For many, the upfront cost will be the biggest consideration. Thankfully, manufacturers have been investing heavily in hybrid and electric cars in recent years, meaning there are now new low-emission cars to suit many budgets which can be bought with or without car finance.

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New hybrid cars typically start from £16,000 upwards and new electric cars range from £20,000 to beyond £100,000.

London ULEZ charge: How to check if you need to pay

  London ULEZ charge: How to check if you need to pay The London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is designed to improve air quality by charging certain vehicles to enter the city. We explain how it works. The post London ULEZ charge: How to check if you need to pay appeared first on Motoring Research.

While less emissions are produced by the cars themselves while driving on the streets, CO2 is still However, the German government and the country's car industry are still encouraging private The SUV's overall length of 4.64 meters is roughly in line with other models , but it still has a lot of space

Because of these breakthroughs, the car became both a product of and a spark for economic growth. The auto industry created good jobs and provided For now these features involve adding capabilities that assist rather than replace the driver, and the hope is that increasing levels of automatic control

How much will it  cost to run a low emission car?

While charging an electric car will increase your electricity bill, depending on the electricity supplier it can work out at as little as 2p per mile, making electric cars better value for money than the cost of fuelling conventional petrol or diesel engines.

The cost is dependent on your energy tariff, the location of the charging point and the size of your car's battery. Recent research has found huge differences between the cost of home charging and using faster public charging networks.

EVs can cost as little as 2p per mile to run (Photo: Smart)

In general, electric cars require less maintenance than conventional vehicles because there are fewer moving parts, which could also help save money on repairs.

The cost of running a hybrid vehicle will depend on how often you are using and refuelling with petrol or diesel. If you have a plug-in hybrid, this will also require some at-home charging.

Non-zero emission cars to be banned in UK by 2035

  Non-zero emission cars to be banned in UK by 2035 Plan to ban sale of petrol and diesel engines cars to be brought forward - and include all hybrid powertrainsThe move, set to be announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the launch of the COP26 climate summit, is part of a series of measures planned in order to reach the target for the UK to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Gen 3 models used halogen headlights or optional LED low beams with headlight washers. So far, they've been more reliable than the HIDs on the Gen 2. I will probably take any car I am seriously considering to a Toyota dealership first but don't want to do this for each car I look at. I would like to

The company did not provide information on where the affected cars are, but the overwhelming majority are probably in Europe, where the company dominates the “For the sake of our consumers and the environment, we need certainty that industry scrupulously respects emissions limits.” In his video on

One common concern for electric cars, is the long-term life of the battery and the potential cost of a replacement. To  allay these worries, manufacturers frequently offer long warranties - usually seven or eight years - on the batteries, sometimes longer than the warranty for the rest of the car.

Can I buy a good quality second-hand low-emission vehicle?

Yes, absolutely. Used and nearly new electric and hybrid vehicles are in high demand by car dealers, and there are many great makes and models entering the dealership forecourts every day, at significant discounts to the new price for similar vehicles. Many of the cars available are nearly new, and still within the manufacturers’ warranty period.

As with any used cars, it is sensible to look for a car with a full service history. This will mean it will have had all its software updates, and regular inspections to ensure it is in full working order. It is also a good idea to get an independent vehicle inspection for any specific car that you are keen to buy.

For those cars that fall outside the manufacturers’ warranty period, it may be a good idea to invest in a new warranty for the car. You can find these at most dealers or online.

Why BMW has decided to save the i3

  Why BMW has decided to save the i3 The BMW i3 has been saved by an improving EV market and increasing sales, seven years after its 2013 debut. The post Why BMW has decided to save the i3 appeared first on Motoring Research.

Models . Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). On 17 April 2019, the European Parliament and the Council adopted Regulation (EU) 2019/631 which has introduced CO2 emission performance standards for new passenger cars and for new vans for 2025 and 2030.

Low - emission alternative energy for transport represents an opportunity for innovation and job creation and allows reducing Europe's dependency on imported oil. The way mobility is organised is changing thanks to new technologies, business models and mobility patterns, as is, for instance, shown by the

Where will you charge an electric battery?

According to recent research, around 80 per cent of charging is done at home. The Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) provides grant funding of 75 per cent, up to a maximum £500, for installing smart electric vehicle charge points at home.

However, you may also need to make use of charging points away from home too, so it is worth checking where charging locations are, both near to your home and along the routes that you regularly drive.

There are now 22,500 places to charge across the country, and that number is growing every day, but local availability still varies greatly. London, for instance, has 4,000 public electric vehicle charging points, but there are still more than 100 local authorities with fewer than 10 public charging devices per 100,000 residents.

If you think you will need to regularly charge your car away from home, and there are no easy-access charging points along your regular routes, a hybrid may suit you better.

Will an EV have enough range for me?

A question to ask yourself when you start researching low-emission cars is how far you travel on a daily basis.

Electric cars have improved enormously in terms of range, but they still can’t quite compete with traditional fuels. Current maximum ranges vary from around 75 miles to 350. Research suggests 94 per cent of journeys are under 25 miles, and since many electric cars are now capable of covering at least 200 miles between charges, this is more than adequate for most journeys.

Citroen confirms electric hatchback and space tourer for 2020

  Citroen confirms electric hatchback and space tourer for 2020 C4 Cactus replacement will be among six electrified vehicles the French brand will launch in 2020Product boss Laurence Hansen said the next-generation zero-emission hatch will have assertive design and offer the ultimate Citro​ën Advanced Comfort. Alongside the electric model, petrol and diesel variants will also be offered.

If your typical driving pattern involves a short commute to and from work every day and general driving around town, then both electric and hybrid cars are in the mix. However, if your priority is for a car that has the lowest emissions, electric is likely to be the best choice.

If you are clocking up tens of thousands of miles on long-distance journeys on an annual basis, an electric car may not have the range you are looking for.

Plug-in hybrids currently have an electric (zero-emissions) range of 15 to 40 miles, depending on battery size and driving conditions, but also boast a petrol or diesel engine, which runs in the same way as your traditional car. This might be the better option if you make regular longer journeys.

James Fairclough’s shortlist of low emission car models to consider

Tesla Model 3 (Electric)

New (most recent model): From £39,000 Used (all models included): From £39,000 If you asked anyone to name an electric car brand, Tesla would immediately leap to mind. Its Model 3 has a 348-mile range, better than any of its competitors. Although it is Tesla’s cheapest model, it still commands a higher price tag than entry-level electric cars from other manufacturers and this can put it out of reach for many drivers. The relative rarity of Teslas can also unfortunately make them difficult to find on the used market at the moment.

Nissan Leaf (Electric)

(Photo: Nissan)

New (most recent model): From £26,345 Used car (all models included): From £5,400 The more affordable Nissan Leaf has established itself as one of the best all-electric cars in Europe. The hatchback comes with 435 litres of boot space but its standard range of 168 miles from one charge may not be enough for all drivers. Its enhanced Leaf e+ with a larger battery promising 239 miles could fit the bill, however. Bearing in mind that first generation cars had smaller batteries with significantly shorter range. Review: Nissan Leaf e+

SMMT to Chancellor: remove VAT on plug-in cars

  SMMT to Chancellor: remove VAT on plug-in cars UK market fell 2.9% year-on-year; industry body calls on Chancellor to make zero emission cars more affordableRegistrations fell 2.9% in February year-on-year, blamed on a significant 7.4% drop in demand for private buyers as fleet demand remained stable. Some 79,594 models were registered in the month, down 2,741 over February 2019. It's traditionally a quiet month for new car sales as buyers and sellers alike gear up for the March number plate change.

Range Rover PHEV (Hybrid)

New (most recent model): From £89,300 Used car (all models included): From £41,250 SUVs are not renowned for their environmental credentials, which makes Ranger Rover’s plug-in hybrid vehicle a great addition to the market. It pairs a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor and 13kWh battery pack, achieving up to 25 miles on electric power alone. Review: Range Rover P400e

Hyundai Ioniq (Hybrid and Electric)

The Ioniq comes in hybrid, PHEV and EV versions (Photo: Hyundai)

New (most recent model): From £22,795 Price of used car (all models included): From £11,990 The Ioniq line-up comes in three types; hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric. The hybrid’s battery is charged by the engine and during braking, whereas the plug-in hybrid can also be fully charged via a wallbox or public charger. All three models are affordable yet refined hatchbacks, great for driving the family around town and also cheaper than the likes of the popular Toyota Prius.

Kia Niro (Hybrid and Electric)

New (most recent model): From £24,855 Price of used car (all models included): From £13,950 Kia made its first entry into AA Cars’ best-selling marques list in 2019, and its compact crossover Niro range includes a self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric e-Niro which boasts 282 miles of range. It has slightly more room for passengers in the back than the Hyundai Ioniq, but this needs to be weighed up against its smaller boot space.

Electric BMW 7 Series due in 2022 .
Like the next Jaguar XJ, the BMW 7 Series will be available as an EVPerformance and battery details have yet to be released but it’s likely that the 7 Series EV will use a similar powertrain to the BMW iX3. The iX3 has two electric motors that provide all-wheel drive and are linked to a 70kWh battery pack for an output of 532bhp. Given that all the power in electric cars is available instantly, we expect the iX3 and the 7 Series to be blisteringly fast in a straight line.

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