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02:35  30 march  2020
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Under the skin: Fuel-saving predictive tech previews autonomy

  Under the skin: Fuel-saving predictive tech previews autonomy Predictive driving systems using artificial intelligence, such as Hyundai-Kia's ICT Connected Shift System, pave the way for self-driving carsHyundai-Kia’s new ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Connected Shift System is another example of that, although the group isn’t the first to the party with this kind of technology. The idea of CSS, as we’ll call it, is that it’s predictive, selecting gears to suit traffic conditions up ahead. In effect it does pretty much what an efficient driving course would teach a human driver to do, looking and thinking ahead to control speed, be in the right gear and avoid unnecessary use of the brakes.

In the Hyundai-Kia system, the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) interprets data from 3D navigation to analyse gradients, elevation, curvature of bends Still at the development stage, ICT will be tailored to take advantage of 5G-based traffic signalling and integrate with individual driving styles in future cars.

German transmission manufacturer ZF was one of those which succeeded in making a huge leap in automatic gearbox design in 2002 by incorporating the compact Lepelletier gearset concept with its planetary gearsets. Under the skin : how Volkswagen's DSG gearbox predicted the future .

a close up of a metal object: Under the skin: The future of transmission tech © Autocar Under the skin: The future of transmission tech Under the skin: The future of transmission tech © Autocar Under the skin: The future of transmission tech

A good engine can make a car but a bad gearbox can ruin it. Those almost unfathomable concoctions of gears, bearings, shaft seals and complex mechanisms almost always make the difference between a great drive and a mediocre one.

The gearbox has been underestimated, then, playing second fiddle to the engine; always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But electrification has given automatic gearbox designers a golden opportunity to have a greater influence on the way a car performs by integrating a hybrid electric motor-generator inside the gearbox casing instead of attached to the engine.

Under the skin: Why four-valve cylinders trump two

  Under the skin: Why four-valve cylinders trump two For engines, air equals power, and extra valves suck more into cylindersEngines rely on getting as much air into each cylinder as possible to produce power. Surprisingly, using two large valves, one to let exhaust out and a larger inlet valve for letting air and fuel in, isn’t the best way to do that. You can think of a valve in a typical engine as a disc attached to the end of a stick that seals a port in the combustion chamber of the cylinder head. When the valve opens, its disc-like head describes the walls of an invisible cylinder known as the ‘curtain area’.

Entering the mainstream on the first Golf R32, dual-clutch transmissions combine the best bits of manual and auto 'boxes. Dual-clutch transmissions like Volkswagen’s seven-speed DSG are light, compact and efficient, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Clutches are operated by hydraulic

That said, the classic automatic transmissions didn’t earn the moniker ‘slush ’boxes’ for nothing. The name derives from the ‘slushy’ response of early transmissions , which got people from A to B but were hardly rewarding to drive. Torque converters are fluid couplings that connect the engine to the

Transmission giant ZF Friedrichshafen has been steadily building a portfolio of hybridised automatic transmissions for years, giving car makers a kind of modular toolkit of gearboxes to choose from. They work in the same way as their conventional counterparts, except for the addition of an electric motor in place of a torque converter.

The external package is pretty much the same too, so they’re an easy fit. There’s no variable-transmission effect and the drivability feels the same as a conventional car, but the powertrain can harvest energy through regenerative braking or boost torque to the driveline from the electric motor-generator like any other hybrid.

ZF’s hybridised transmission range starts with a 20bhp 48V mild hybrid. This is followed by 54bhp and 121bhp full-hybrid, high-voltage versions and, at the top of the pile, a 134bhp full-hybrid version producing 295lb ft that can be used in both rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations.

Under the skin: how 5G data networks will revolutionise vehicle tech

  Under the skin: how 5G data networks will revolutionise vehicle tech 5G data networks will enable a huge leap forward in driver assistance systems. Here's whyHopefully the latter, simply because 5G is a superfast communications protocol that’s likely to have far-reaching implications for many things vehicle related, especially safety-critical driver assistance systems.

What will the mobile phones of the future will look like? Think visual displays built into glasses, and under - skin implants.

First, he massaged the skin between my thumb and index finger and rubbed in some disinfectant. I've returned to Britain with a slightly sore hand - and a chip still under my skin which has my contact details on it. Not that useful, but no doubt more sophisticated chips will soon replace wearable

The full-hybrid versions can decouple themselves from engines for driving in electric-only mode and incorporate electric pumps to keep the internal hydraulic mechanisms working when the engine is shut down for coasting or stop-start. More down-to-earth aspects of the gearboxes, such as torsional vibration dampers, can be tailored to suit an individual engine.

Gearboxes for pure EVs are much more simple, with, in most cases, a single-speed reduction gear to step down the speed of the electric motor from around 12,000rpm to a more modest road wheel speed. Smaller, high-speed electric motors (over 20,000rpm), which produce less torque but save weight and space, are paired with a two-speed automatic gearbox. But even simple single-speed ’boxes have more to them than meets the eye. Just to confuse things, Volkswagen’s ID 3 uses a two-stage single-speed gearbox.

The motor revs need to be reduced by times 10 at the wheels, and to do that with just two gears would mean the diameter of one of them would be too big to fit in the space available. Instead, the gearbox has two pairs of gears, the first reducing the revs from the motor by one stage and the second pair finishing the job. This is about as complicated as it gets for a single-speed reduction gearbox, and although they may be complex electronically, it’s a neat illustration of how mechanically simple pure-electric drive systems are – and how some of the most familiar and basic components will always have a role to play.

Under the skin: Koenigsegg's ingenious transmission solutions

  Under the skin: Koenigsegg's ingenious transmission solutions New 500km/h concept could be revealed by the brand at Geneva, possibly using its Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) and Light Speed Transmission (LST) technologiesKoenigsegg currently employs two bespoke transmission technologies in its existing models, neither of which exists in mainstream production cars. The question is which, if either, will be used to help raise the speed record bar yet higher.

Floating farms, brain wave passwords, and coffee-powered cars are just some of the incredible inventions and innovations that will shape our future .

Future Tech is one of the top automatic transmission specialists in Melbourne. Future - Tech , which is associated with FluidDrive Automatic Transmission specialist group, provide specialised services At Future - Tech , we provide all required services under one roof. This segregation of work under one

Life in the old dog

  Under the skin: The future of transmission tech © Provided by Autocar

Sequential motorsport gearboxes like this older Ricardo design are ‘dog’ ’boxes without synchromesh, built for lightning-fast clutchless shifting. Gears are selected either via an electronic system and paddles or directly with a stick. Drivers can ‘flat shift’ if the gearbox is linked to the engine ECU, which kills torque for a split second to unload the gears so that ratios can be swapped in milliseconds.


Under the skin: How wheat can cut your car's CO2

Under the skin: Koenigsegg's ingenious transmission solutions

Under the skin: Fuel-saving predictive tech previews autonomy

Land Rover Defender showcases connectivity tech at CES .
British firm heads to Las Vegas to prove new Defender is more than just a rugged off-roaderThe rugged off-roader, which was revealed at the Frankfurt motor show last year, is the first production car to feature two separate eSIM cards, which Land Rover says enables faster internet connection and a better infotainment experience for drivers.

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