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16:51  20 may  2020
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  Volkswagen Touareg R is 456bhp hot hybrid New plug-in hybrid performance SUV matches 2.9-litre petrol V6 with electric motorIn keeping with the high-performance R sub-brand’s recent commitment to electrification, the new SUV uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain to deliver 456bhp and can travel for up to 30 miles in electric-only mode. Performance figures have yet to be confirmed, but expect the 0-62mph sprint to take around 5.0sec and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph.

I expected to mostly compare the ID . 3 to gasoline/diesel models in its class in the coming years (and have already conducted cost of ownership comparisons with the Skoda Octavia The current base version of the Volkswagen ID . 3 has slightly more range (15 km) than the base version of the Model 3

New Volkswagen ID . 3 vs Tesla Model 3 : EV comparison How does Volkswagen ’s electric ID . 3 hatchback compare to the Tesla Model 3 ? Electric cars are becoming

a police car parked in a parking lot: New Volkswagen ID.3 vs Tesla Model 3: EV comparison © Carbuyer New Volkswagen ID.3 vs Tesla Model 3: EV comparison

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular because battery technology is improving and more affordable EVs are arriving. But while our list of the cheapest electric cars is a good starting point if you want to jump from petrol pump to plug, these two cars - the Volkswagen ID.3 and Tesla Model 3 - are set to be among the best-sellers.

If it’s familiarity you’re after, the ID.3 will appeal. You can think of it as a futuristic Volkswagen Golf; it’s a similar size and shape, and it’s thought that the cheapest ID.3 will cost the same as a mid-spec Golf.

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  New Volkswagen Golf GTD is 197bhp 'endurance athlete' Hot hatch gains grunty new 2.0-litre TDI engine with extra 16bhp; has a claimed range of more than 500 miles . It's powered by a new version of Volkswagen’s EA288 Evo four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, which has been tuned for 197bhp, up from 181bhp in the previous GTD, and 295lb ft of torque. The revamped engine uses two selective catalytic reduction filters with dual AdBlue injection. Volkswagen claims the system “greatly reduces” NOx emissions over the previous model, although it has yet to give full emissions figures.

The original and largest Tesla community on Reddit! This makes the VW id . 3 more than a foot shorter, an inch or two slimmer, and about the same height as a model 3 . And Germany is rumored to be introducing a special EV incentive for cars under 30,000 euro (likely to support sales of VW cars

How Tesla 's Model 3 compares to Volkswagen 's new EV . Narrator: Volkswagen has unveiled a handful of electric concept cars since 2017. Now it finally has a production-ready EV , the ID . 3 . It's a compact hatchback designed exclusively for the European market.

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For some, switching to an electric car is a chance to experience something completely different to run-of-the-mill petrol and diesel cars, and here the Model 3 suits the bill. The blanked-off grille highlights the lack of an engine, and it looks futuristic without being deliberately wacky like the BMW i3. Inside, it’s modern, clean and minimalist; there are no dials in front of you because everything’s controlled through the central touchscreen.

While these cars aren’t exact rivals, both offer low running costs (electric cars are free to tax and recharging costs a fraction of a tank of fuel) and environmentally friendly zero-emission driving. A quiet driving experience and brisk acceleration are rewards for EV buyers, too.

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The Volkswagen ID . 3 is underway with cars now being delivered (June 2020) the ID .4 is the second model within the ID . family and the first full electric SUV from Volkswagen . Tesla finally unveiled its Cybertruck late 2019, the new Cybertruck allegedly will start at ,900 before incentives in the US

In this video, I compare the Tesla model 3 and Volkswagen ID 3 . Comparing the technologies and the features that both company has to offer. So don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

Prices and specifications

Volkswagen has confirmed that the first 30,000 ID.3s built will be high-spec ‘1ST’ models, and will cost around €40,000 (around £35,000). These will feature plenty of standard kit such as voice control, sat nav, large alloy wheels and Matrix LED headlights. Later on there’ll be cheaper versions, which we expect to start from around £26,000.

The Tesla is more expensive, with prices ranging from £43,500 to £56,500, making it a closer rival to the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 than the ID.3. Every Model 3 comes with powered, heated front seats, sat nav and a tinted glass roof, while more expensive versions come with a ‘Premium’ interior upgrade.


Step out of the latest VW Golf and into an ID.3 and you’ll notice a few similarities - a lot of the switchgear and controls have been carried over, either to save costs or to make the ID.3 feel like any other VW. With most functions controlled by the angled central touchscreen (and nearly everything else accessible by the steering wheel buttons), the ID.3 has a rather more minimalist look than the hi-tech Golf.

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According to AutoCar's Lawrence Allan Tesla is plotting and affordable new model, a hatchback based on the Model 3 to rival Volkswagen 's ID . 3 . Torque News Please, subscribe to our channel if you would like to know about Tesla , its Gigafactories and other EV news daily. Torque News reporters are

Did Volkswagen use the Tesla Model Y as a benchmark and inspiration for the creation of its new ID .4 electric crossover. If you asked officials from the German manufacturer, they would probably say no, arguing the two vehicles don’t compete with one another, yet this new internal VW document that

But if you’re looking for minimalism and distinctiveness, there’s no car interior like that of the Tesla Model 3. The trim pieces and air vents stretch from door-to-door, running behind the huge tablet-like touchscreen that you’ll use for the vast majority of functions. Even the lights, wipers and door mirrors are operated through the screen. Because it also shows all the driver’s necessary information, there’s no screen behind the steering wheel.

While the ID.3 is a similar size to the Golf, having all the batteries under the floor and no engine to worry about means it’ll be much more spacious. It’ll have a similar amount of interior space to the bigger Volkswagen Passat, and the boot should at least match the Golf’s 380 litres. The Model 3 is very spacious, too, and its flat floor means there’s more space for your feet and storage cubbies. It’s a saloon, so the boot opening doesn’t include the rear windscreen. Between the two boots (there’s a small one under the bonnet) you’ve got 425 litres of luggage space.


It’s safe to assume that the ID.3 will feature plenty of the same state-of-the-art technology as the Mk8 Golf, and Volkswagen will want to roll out its Car2X software on more models. This communicates with other cars about local traffic jams, roadworks and hazards. Alongside that is Amazon Alexa voice control, Apple and Android connectivity, while you’ll also be able to have an augmented reality head-up display and, eventually, autonomous driving.

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  Volkswagen Up 1.0 2020 UK review Cheapest Volkswagen gains spec changes for the new decade. At £12k, is it still one of the best city cars?There used to be 74bhp and 89bhp versions of this thrummy motor further up the price list, but no more, presumably at least in part due to Volkswagen’s struggles with WLTP testing. It seems a shame that this was chosen to be the sole survivor of the trio, because it can be painfully slow.

As you might expect from Tesla, the Model 3 is full of tech too. It may be smaller and cheaper than the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, but it still comes with the option of Autopilot ‘full self-driving’ (where the law currently allows). Your smartphone can be the key to lock and unlock the car, and the aforementioned touchscreen should be a tech lover’s best friend.


Euro NCAP hasn’t tested the Volkswagen ID.3 yet, but we’d expect a full five-star score. It’ll have a range of safety technologies like lane-keeping assist, autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian detection. The Tesla has been scrutinised, and its five-star rating included the highest-ever score for driver assistance tech, at 94%. Adult safety was rated at 96%, too.

Driving and performance

Volkswagen will offer three different battery sizes, allowing the ID.3 to manage between 205 and 342 miles on a charge. Entry-level models will have one rear-mounted electric motor, while more powerful ones will have an extra motor on the front axle, giving four-wheel drive and better performance. VW hasn’t confirmed any performance details and we’re yet to drive the ID.3, but the instant torque from the electric motor should make it feel quicker than a similarly powerful Golf. The ID.3 accepts charging at up to 125kW, so you’ll be able to top up the battery to 80% in the time it takes to have a coffee in a motorway service station or do the weekly shop.

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan R prototype previews SUV's facelift

  2020 Volkswagen Tiguan R prototype previews SUV's facelift Long-anticipated Cupra Ateca rival resurfaces, showing off a new front end design and quad exhaustsWhile initially appearing to be an example of the high-end Tiguan R-Line, tell-tale signs that this is something more special include a visible intercooler behind the lower air intake, larger brakes and, most notably, the same quad tailpipes as the Golf R hatchback.

Even the cheapest Standard Plus Tesla Model 3 offers 254 miles of range, and Long Range versions increase the possible driving distance to 348 miles. Tesla’s Supercharger network (which came top in our Driver Power chargepoint survey) is no longer free to use, but the Model 3 also has a CCS charging point and is therefore the first Tesla to be compatible with other charging stations. Superchargers take half an hour to recharge the battery to 80%, while a 7kW wallbox fully recharges the battery in 12 hours.

The performance might impress you more. Even the cheapest Model 3 gets from 0-60mph in just 5.3 seconds, and the Performance model reduces this to a ridiculously fast 3.2 seconds - faster than any Porsche 911, which costs nearly twice as much. Like most EVs, the Model 3 features brake regeneration so the car will slow down as soon as you come off the accelerator.


The Tesla Model 3 is an impressive package, thanks to breathtaking performance, a futuristic interior and similar range to a petrol car. All its plus points are enough to outweigh any build quality concerns you might have, and it’s worth its price. We’ll have to wait to give our full verdict on the Volkswagen ID.3, but the initial signs look promising. Its resemblance to a Golf should give it instant appeal, and it’ll still be quick, spacious and hi-tech. Because of this, and the projected price, the ID.3 may well be immensely popular - we’d expect to see it on the UK’s best-selling car list soon.

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