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02:40  29 june  2020
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Volkswagen ID 3 delays continue as software problems pile up

  Volkswagen ID 3 delays continue as software problems pile up German media reports tech still isn't ready and Volkswagen is discussing common OS with Daimler and BMWGerman newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung claims that examples of the crucial EV had been rolling out of the factory in Zwickau before production was halted due to the coronavirus, but that these cars are effectively 'dead', meaning they don't have the necessary software to run or use them.

The Volkswagen Group has bet heavily on the latter, creating the new Car. Software unit, which officially becomes fully operational today. Headed by Christian Senger, who was previously in charge of the firm’ s ID models, by the end of this year it will encompass 5000 staff gathered from various

Volkswagen strengthens its Car. Software organization with its Group responsibility for in-car software . Together with employee representatives, we have agreed that the new Car. Software organization will have competitive working conditions based on collective bargaining agreements.

The software issues that have hampered the build-up to the launches of Volkswagen’s new ID 3 EV and eighth-generation Golf demonstrate how important such systems are to modern cars – and how complicated they have become.

VW.OS: "We want to develop our software platform ourselves"

 VW.OS: © VW VW ID 3. Volkswagen is serious: The Wolfsburg car giant wants to control and develop the software in its cars more closely. The carmaker therefore intends to transform from a classic sheet metal bender to a software-driven automotive group. A spirit of optimism at Volkswagen: The car software organization, in which the group's in-house operating system is developed, will switch from the setup phase to the active work mode from July 1st.

This PESTLE analysis of Volkswagen reveals the Political, Economic, Sociocultural Millions of Volkswagen Group vehicles produced between 2009 and 2015 were built using software that However, Volkswagen Group will have to overcome numerous challenges in the current macro

Volkswagen to boost in-house share of car software development from the current figure of less than 10 percent to at least 60 percent by 2025. Platform strategy for software development: in future one standard vehicle operating system “ vw .os” and Volkswagen Automotive Cloud for all Group vehicles.

The software required for the previous Golf contained around one million lines of code – compared with 10 million for the ID 3. For companies traditionally focused purely on building the mechanical elements of cars, that increasing need for software presents a dilemma: do they buy in the new software that’s needed or make it themselves?

The Volkswagen Group has bet heavily on the latter, creating the new Car.Software unit, which officially becomes fully operational today. Headed by Christian Senger, who was previously in charge of the firm’s ID models, by the end of this year it will encompass 5000 staff gathered from various Volkswagen Group brands. By 2025, it plans to employ more than 10,000 staff worldwide – half of them in Europe, around a third in China and the rest in the US, Israel and India.

“Dieselgate”: in Germany, justice forces Volkswagen to a partial reimbursement

 “Dieselgate”: in Germany, justice forces Volkswagen to a partial reimbursement © Thorsten Gutschalk / Pool via REUTERS In Karlsruhe, the federal court delivered its judgment in “Dieselgate”, Monday, May 25, 2020. German justice condemned this Monday Volkswagen to partially reimburse a customer who had bought a car equipped with a rigged diesel engine, in a judgment which should influence tens of thousands of proceedings five years after the outbreak of this scandal.

This SWOT Analysis of Volkswagen Group lists its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges for the year 2019. VW is working to transform its core business portfolio. One of its central focuses is developing self-driving system for autonomous vehicles and arti ficial intelligence.

Volkswagen Group has certainly recognized the importance of software , as I wrote at length in March. One highlight: “ Volkswagen intends to in-house Despite the strong new focus, reporting has been telling us that Volkswagen Car. Software has been struggling. Multiple reports have indicated that the

The Volkswagen Group’s goal is to raise the proportion of its cars’ software produced in-house from less than 10% currently to 60% by 2025. Senger said the easy path would be to focus on vehicle production and use the group’s scale to negotiate competitive supply deals with software providers, especially tech firms that are working on their own automotive operating systems, such as Apple and Google. But that was “out of the question” for three key reasons.

  Analysis: Volkswagen's new software challenges © Provided by Autocar

The first is manufacturing experience, which Senger said differentiates the group from “competitors outside the industry”. The second is the firm’s desire to “retain control of the entire vehicle architecture”. Senger said this is “the only way to ensure longterm competitiveness”.

The Volkswagen Group also believes that the huge number of vehicles it produces will give it a major edge. Senger said: “Scale is everything in software, in both cost and learnings from data. Software needs significant numbers of users to become powerful and efficient, and the number of cars we produce offers that.”

Volkswagen and Ford announce global alliance for electrification and autonomous driving

 Volkswagen and Ford announce global alliance for electrification and autonomous driving © dpa Volkswagen and Ford announce global alliance for electrification and autonomous driving Since July 2019 it has been clear: Volkswagen and Ford have joined forces in autonomous driving, electric cars and light commercial vehicles . The contracts are now signed. As announced, Volkswagen has entered the Argo AI subsidiary worth billions. The two car giants want to share costs in the development of technology for autonomous driving.

Volkswagen Group: Marketing Strategy Analysis and Profile. Tomorrow’s World: Volkswagen ’ s New MQB platform tech explained. Trade Unions in Germany Organisation, Environment, Challenges . 59 Volkswagen .

This is a SWOT Analysis analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before Volkswagen AG. Despite the loss due to diesel scandal, VW has Even amid fierce competition and a challenging business environment globally, the brand set new records in vehicle sales.

The software that the group develops will extend far beyond visible systems such as infotainment and driver assistance systems. Key will be development of VW.OS, a standardised operating system for all group brands. This is essentially the software equivalent of a vehicle platform such as MEB, on which ID cars are built, and it’s described by Senger as “the new crankshaft the whole business is built on top of”.

This will be twinned with the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, which will contain data on every future Volkswagen Group car sold and underpin online services and updates.

As with a vehicle platform, VW.OS will be highly adaptable, allowing it to function differently in different types of cars at different price points. Senger compares it to how a £50 smartphone uses the same operating system as a top-spec £2000 one but offers a very different experience.

Senger said that a key goal of VW.OS is that “customer experience will be influenced more and more by software, so it will become core for customer decisions [on cars]”. He added: “The car of the very near future needs to feel like a smartphone.”

Volkswagen has enough SUVs now, says R&D chief

  Volkswagen has enough SUVs now, says R&D chief Maker warns it must take care to keep its model range "efficient as a volume player"The German maker has 14 SUVs in its range globally, up from two just a few years ago. Although Welsch wouldn’t go so far as to confirm there would be no more, he said the brand has ample numbers for its need.

For Volkswagen , Berlin is an important software development location. Apart from the Digital Lab, other competence centers have their These also include Carmeq, a subsidiary of Volkswagen which is moving ahead with the development of software for the new vehicle operating system " vw .os".

Volkswagen AG does not claim ownership of third-party websites accessible via links and is not responsible for their content. Volkswagen has no influence on the data that is collected, stored or processed on this site. You can find more detailed information on this in the data protection

a screenshot of a cell phone © Provided by Autocar

While the group is aiming to greatly reduce its dependence on external systems, the increase in the computing required means the total amount of external software in its cars will increase, even as the percentage declines. Senger said: “Partnerships will be even more important, but the key is that we will control the partnerships in specific technologies and areas. We will define the software standards and the road map.”

At a surface level, for example, that means firms developing third-party software for infotainment systems will be required to build it to a set design and functionality template.

Senger wants to take an ‘open-source’ approach to software development, potentially licensing the system to other car makers. VW.OS will support wireless updates, allowing the group to upgrade its cars far more regularly than in a traditional car product cycle. Senger said: “With an ageing car, you can’t do anything about its styling. But with updates, the software can stay up to date.”

For a time, at least: Senger admits that, as with smartphones, ageing cars will eventually be unable to process the latest software. However, he pledged that they will be able to continue running after that point.

In the future, such systems will also offer a potential revenue stream through the sale of digital services. Senger said: “Mobility services have a chance to be a huge revenue source, but at this time they’re far from being a core business.”

plain text from the VW dealer boss: "There is a reluctance to buy the Golf 8 that we have never experienced with the bread-and-butter model from Volkswagen"

 plain text from the VW dealer boss: © Provided by Business Insider Germany Who wants to know how it really works Volkswagen stands, he has to ask the VW car dealers. Because, unlike the managers, they have direct contact with the customer, and in their car dealerships they experience every day what the public likes about VW vehicles and what they don't like. Dirk Weddigen from Knapp is head of the German Volkswagen and Audi dealer association. Business Insider spoke to him about the situation of the world's largest car maker.

a car parked on the side of a road © Provided by Autocar

The Volkswagen Group has lofty goals for Car.Software, but the ID 3’s issues show the challenges car makers face in becoming software firms. When asked about those issues, Senger responded: “We’re at the forefront and starting a forward, unique solution that software becomes its own product in the automotive industry.”

He added that the adoption of VW.OS will remove the need to develop a separate architecture for each vehicle.

The Volkswagen Group is some way behind tech-focused rivals such as Tesla in taking a software-centric approach, and it has a major challenge to catch the industry leaders. But as with its heavy investment in electric cars, it’s again betting that sheer scale will allow it to quickly make up lost ground.


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VW will only launch e-car ID.3 in September .
© Reuters / WOLFGANG RATTAY International Frankfurt Autoshow IAA in Frankfurt Hamburg (Reuters) - Volkswagen will only launch the new electric car ID.3 in early September. The hope for entry into the electrical age should then be available in Germany in a version for under 40,000 euros, as the Wolfsburg announced on Wednesday. However, this model does not yet have all digital functions.

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