Cars Kia Ceed Sportswagon 1.6 GDi PHEV 2020 UK review

04:15  20 july  2020
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Discover Kia ’s Ceed Sportswagon PHEV , the modern hybrid that boats ultimate comfort, practicality and advanced eco-friendly technology. The new powertrain combines an 8.9kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, a 44.5kW electric motor and an efficient 1 . 6 GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine with a

This is the new Kia Ceed ! When it comes to people choosing their favorite hatchback, the Kia Ceed is unlikely to appear at the top of many peoples lists. 2019 Kia ProCeed GT 1 . 6 T- GDI DCT7 Review - Продолжительность: 11:43 DPCcars 36 662 просмотра.

What is it?

This is the plug-in hybrid version of Kia’s venerable Ceed Sportswagon. Along with the newly introduced Xceed PHEV, it’s the first variant in the now quite expansive Ceed family to feature both a plug socket and a petrol motor. A plug-in version of the regular hatch is expected to arrive later this year, too, and perhaps there’ll be a Proceed PHEV at some point as well. But for now, this is it.The Ceed Sportswagon PHEV uses the same powertrain as the already established Niro PHEV. So there’s a small, normally aspirated 1.6-litre four-pot mated to a 79bhp electric motor to drive the front wheels. An 8.9kWh lithium ion battery is in the mix, too, giving the plug-in Ceed the ability to travel up to 35 miles on electricity alone. Hook it up to a 3kW home charger and you’ll be able to top it up in around two and a quarter hours.The Ceed Sportswagon PHEV is available in just one trim, which in the UK is the £29,995 ‘3’ specification. Covid-19 complications meant that our test car was a European-spec left-hooker, but it was nonetheless representative of the car you’d actually buy here in Britain.There’s loads of kit as standard, such as satellite navigation, heated seats, 17in alloy wheels and dual-zone climate control. A comprehensive array of active safety systems is included, too, as is Kia’s latest UVO Connect infotainment suite, which uses its own eSIM chip to let you know where things like public charge points and parking spaces are. True to Kia form, the only option you really need to decide on is which colour you want.

What is it like?

Impressively grown-up and well rounded in some ways, and less impressive in others. But let’s start with the positives. It rides in a tidy fashion thanks to its MacPherson-strut front and multi-link rear suspension, with decent vertical body control and good resistance to ruts and bumps and the like. Motorways, country lanes and inner city streets - it handles them all with relatively little fuss or bother.

Kia XCeed PHEV hatchback

  Kia XCeed PHEV hatchback “The Kia XCeed PHEV offers low running costs but practicality is compromised”Not only is the Kia XCeed’s SUV-like styling on trend but it now gets a fashionable plug-in hybrid option too. With a petrol engine and an electric motor, most plug-in hybrids offer zippy acceleration and the promise of MPG figures so high you’d think they were typos. As the combined CO2 emissions are super-low, too, they’re a good choice for company-car drivers.

Ceed sportswagon PHEV specification. Dimensions. Slide view. Petrol PHEV . 1 . 6 GDi (104 bhp)(139 bhp combined). DRIVETRAIN.

Kia 's new petrol- electric PHEVs start from £29,995 and promise up to 201mpg combined. Kia has confirmed UK spec details of its first plug -in hybrid models, based on the Ceed Sportswagon and Xceed Kia Xceed 1 . 6 GDi PHEV 2020 UK review . A decent car hamstrung by a sluggish plug -in

It handles sweetly enough, too, with good front-end response and more than enough grip in day-to-day driving. Although there is a slightly fake-feeling sense of weight about the wheel as you add lock, the steering is nonetheless accurate. Body roll becomes a bit more pronounced as you pick up speed, but you’d never say the Ceed feels loose or wayward. It lacks the zest and some of the poise you’d get in a Ford Focus, sure, although many will probably like it for its slightly more no-frills approach to getting down a road.

The interior is typical Kia, in that it looks and feels very well made in its construction, with a layout that prioritises ease of use - but also one that lacks a bit of flair. There’s loads of adjustability in the electrically operated driver’s seat and for the steering column. This is a comfortable car to pilot and likely a comfortable one for rear passengers, too, thanks to decent leg and head room.

The blind spot in the camera image - Extended assistance system in the Kia Sorento

 The blind spot in the camera image - Extended assistance system in the Kia Sorento The new Kia Sorento will adapt a sensible technology from the group shelf. Cameras monitor the blind spot and transmit images into the driver's field of vision. © Kia The new Kia Sorento will transmit a display for monitoring the blind spot directly into the digital instrument cluster. In autumn 2020, the new generation of the Kia Sorento will be available from German dealers. He will receive an advanced blind spot monitoring assistant that works with cameras in the exterior mirrors.

The Kia Ceed Sportswagon PHEV won’t be any different compared to the standard Ceed Sportswagon in terms of the overall design. Right now, no one actually knows, but back in 2010 Kia actually showed the Forte Hybrid at the SEMA motor show. It was powered by a 1 . 6 -liter engine that

2020 Kia Ceed review – can the new Ceed topple the family car class leaders? | 2020 KIA Ceed SW 1 . 6 CRDi Sportswagon - Interior, Exterior, Walkaround - Auto Show Brussel 2020 2019 New Kia Ceed SW 1.4 T- GDi 103 KW/140 HP - Продолжительность: 4:46 mad monkey 28 407 просмотров.

Boot space takes a fairly massive hit in the PHEV, though. Whereas standard Ceed Sportswagons offer a seats-up capacity of 625 litres, this drops to 437 litres in the PHEV model because the battery eats into underfloor storage.

Although the 35-mile electric-only range that battery gives the Ceed PHEV is competitive, the rest of the powertrain isn’t particularly remarkable. Rely on the electric motor and the Ceed barely has enough grunt to get out of its own way and you have to really dig deep into the throttle pedal’s travel to accrue any meaningful pace.

The transition from electric to petrol power is sufficiently smooth, but even with both motors running, the Ceed still feels slow. So you bury your right foot even deeper into the footwell, which helps your progress to an extent but also shows the 1.6-litre petrol engine to be quite a loud, gruff-sounding powerplant under load. At least it’s much more settled when you’re at a steady cruise.

Kia XCeed review: an exceedingly good crossover

  Kia XCeed review: an exceedingly good crossover When the latest Kia Ceed was launched in 2018 it was a real step-up – a genuine rival to the biggest-selling cars in the hatchback sector, including the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra. Since then it has been joined by the Ceed GT (warm hatch), ProCeed and Sportswagon (sleek and practical estates). The newest addition to the range is the XCeed – a good-looking “urban crossover” with SUV-inspired styling, which slots in below Kia’s big-selling Sportage.

Kia Ceed SW Sportswagon 1 . 6 CRDi at the Autosalon Brussel 2020 . Is the new Kia Ceed Sportwagon the best estate on the road: Kia Ceed Sportwagon Review & Road Test - Продолжительность: 17:30 AJ The Player 7 966 просмотров.

Plug -in hybrid . Available in Sportswagon -form only this electrified petrol powertrain features 139hp and 265Nm of torque for a 0-62mph time of 10.5 seconds. Pick up the pace further and assistance comes from a 1 . 6 -litre petrol engine. Even then there's not a lot of noise unless you're really flooring it

a close up of a car © Provided by Autocar

Should I buy one?

Perhaps - but only if you understand that to get anywhere near its claimed 188mpg economy figure, you’ll have to use it primarily for short hops around town so you can make the most of its 35-mile electric-only range. You’ll want to ensure you can reliably charge at home, too, because using the petrol engine to do so will eat into any fuel savings you might have previously achieved. But the same goes for any PHEV, really.

Of course, for those approaching the Ceed Sportswagon PHEV from a company car point of view, there’s the added advantage of heavily reduced benefit-in-kind tax that cars of this type offer. And that’ll stand regardless of whether you actually use it with the battery topped up or not.

But if you are sold on the idea of a plug-in hybrid as your next car, you’d do well to consider the Skoda Superb iV, too. It’s vastly more practical and comfier and its electrified powertrain generally feels more cleverly integrated and powerful than the Ceed’s. But then so it should: not only is it bigger than the Kia, but with prices starting at £33,590, it’s a few thousand pounds pricier, too. I know where my money would go.

Kia Xceed 1.0 T-GDi 2 2020 UK review

  Kia Xceed 1.0 T-GDi 2 2020 UK review The entry-level Xceed asks for very few compromises even if it’s far from a memorable car to driveOnce up to speed it is a quiet, refined engine at least, albeit one where even at a cruise that word adequate returns in describing the economy. It sits in the mid-high 30s, and some way off the official claimed figure of 45.6mpg. Downsizing the engine doesn’t mean downsizing the fuel bills here.

Compare prices across the complete Kia Ceed Sportswagon PHEV model range with our comprehensive price guide. Drive away your perfect car at a price you can afford, complete with Kia ’s pioneering 7 year/100,000 mile warranty. Alternatively view current Ceed Sportswagon PHEV offers

Kia Ceed Sportswagon 1 . 6 GDi PHEV 3 5dr DCT Review . The Kia Ceed Sportswagon is competitive in lots of areas but, unlike the best rival estates, it fails to be outstanding anywhere and give us a compelling reason to recommend it over the better-handling Ford Focus, the more practical

Kia Ceed Sportswagon 1.6 GDi PHEV '3' specification

Where Oxfordshire, UK Price £29,995 On sale Now Engine 4 cyls, 1580cc, petrol, plus electric motor Power 139bhp at 4000rpm (system output) Torque 196lb ft at 4000rpm (system output) Gearbox 6-spd dual-clutch automatic Kerb weight 1614kg Top speed 106mph 0-62mph 10.5sec Fuel economy 188.3mpg CO2 22g/km Rivals Hyundai Ioniq PHEV, Skoda Superb iV PHEV

a car driving on a road © Provided by Autocar

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