Cars Beauty Trends 2021: These MEGA trends are waiting for us!

11:50  09 october  2020
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Curious which big beauty trends will come in 2021? We already know her!

Beauty-Trends 2021 © Provided by COSMOPOLITAN Beauty Trends 2021

The beauty world is full of anticipation! The big trend preview for 2021 already makes us astonish, hope and dream, because there are some big highlights waiting for us. Curious to see which big beauty trends in terms of make-up and skin care are waiting for us? Here are the top 5:

Beauty Trends 2021: The Top 5

Glowy Complexion

Selfcare and Skin Care

Focus on Eye Make-up

Must-Have: The Kabuse Brush

Brand New: Hybrid Products from Care and Skincare

As a real beauty -Junkies couldn't help but ask the best-known make-up artists in Germany about the coolest beauty innovations. What brand new products are coming out? What techniques do we swear by in the New Year? And what won't work in 2021? Here comes the exciting beauty preview.

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Skin Care Trends 2021

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Skin care will be even more important in 2021 than ever before. In beauty, the focus is being redesigned - on a fresh, healthy complexion that, thanks to the right and individual care, almost no longer needs make-up. Awesome, isn't it?

Agnes Hesselbach, national make-up artist for Bobbi Brown, reveals in the COSMOPOLITAN.de interview: “In my opinion, the most important trend that we can look forward to in 2021 is the self-care trend. As make-up artists, we always say so beautifully: Make-up is only as beautiful as the skin underneath is cared for. And there is definitely some truth to it. "" That's why you should not only make good resolutions for 2021, but also a good skincare routine, which is the basis for a perfect make-up look, "continues Hesselbach. Above all, hybrid products that combine skincare and care should land in the beauty bag in 2021.

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Some of the major fall/ winter 2020- 2021 fashion trends are slouchy suits, loose trousers, and chic oversized coats. Do we profile designers who just gave us a lot of trench coat options? It looks like it’ll be a little bit of this and a little bit of that because nearly every label this season gave us a trench

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With this exciting development, it is not only the care routine of us consumers that is changing. The big beauty labels are also adapting to this and are increasingly developing products that meet the individual needs of customers . Loni Baur, make-up artist for CATRICE, among others, tells in the COSMOPOLITAN.de interview how happy she is about this opportunity: “All skin types are included and all the mental and physical wishes of the consumers are really taken into account. There is more and more a symbiosis between skin care and decorative cosmetics. Preparing the skin with valuable care substances has become an indispensable part of the daily make-up ritual. "Anyone who wants to incorporate the beauty trend into their own care routine can test Loni Baur's recommendation: the" True Skin Hydrating Foundation "from CATRICE, which exactly goes into this symbiosis.

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Shopping for the beauty trend:

Skin care will also be super important in 2021. But what exactly should we pay more attention to? Make-up artist Agnes Hesselbach advises us: “We should attach particular importance to sufficient moisture supply for the skin . Pure skin in general, and how to get there with the right care, will be the focus in 2021. What should still not be neglected is the anti-aging care . You can't start early enough. ”

Eyeshadow Trends 2021

The eye make-up trends are becoming glamorous - and we desperately need that. Since we had to forego almost all events for the sake of health in 2020, we want to accelerate even more in the new year. If the mask requirement continues to accompany us, we will be able to focus fully on eye make-up in 2021. Agnes Hesselbach also argues for this: “In 2021, the focus may be on the eyes. If the mask is retained in everyday life in 2021, the eyes will gain in importance again and more make-up can be done here again - without limits in matt, metallic or glittering colors. "But it will not only glitter. The dark shades of the Loni Baur predicts that eyeshadow palettes will finally be used more in 2021.

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If you've been relying on the same makeup routine for years, a new decade is as good a time as any to rock a new trend . She added, "I personally love to keep the brows full, especially [since] we tend to lose our brows as we get older." Watch the video for more about the best makeup trends you'll be

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Shop for the beauty trend:

Make-up trends 2021

We can also look forward to new techniques when it comes to make-up. Here, make-up artist Loni has Baur has a hot tip for us: "As far as the techniques are concerned, it pays to keep all eyes on the brushes. They come from traditional Japanese theater to the repertoire of make-up professionals: The Kabuse brush (also known as the buffer brush ) has developed into a popular beauty tool. It is a real insider tip for even and perfectly primed skin. The primer can be worked into the skin pores in circular movements The result: a wonderful natural finish with perfect skin, where you can hardly see any make-up. “We have to try that!

Shopping for the beauty trend:

The big beauty trends 2021

What are our experts looking forward to the most? We asked and got the answer: “I am most pleased that a fresh and radiant complexion will be the big beauty trend in 2021 . It is important to have an individual care routine and make-up that perfectly matches the skin tone and melts into the skin - this creates a great no-make-up look. My tip: only apply make-up where you want to even out unevenness. Depending on the skin type, the following powder should be used as discreetly as possible or even omitted completely - this creates a great natural glowy finish. A creamy rouge goes perfectly with the look. ”And Loni Baur? "What I look forward to most is the big brands trying to cater to all kinds of different customer needs."

And we are also excited about the big beauty trends in 2021!

Jeep and Mopar Fix the Wrangler/Gladiator's Door-Off Side-Mirror Flaw .
The Jeep Wrangler and its Gladiator pickup sibling share an annoying flaw for those who like their driving experiences to be a little more al fresco: The side mirrors are mounted to the models’ removable doors, meaning they’re gone when the doors are gone. Ford went out of its way to avoid this issue on its 2021 Bronco, mounting the side mirrors at the base of the A-pillars to ensure the driver always has a clear view of what's behind the vehicle—even with the doors removed. Jeep drivers, though, must decide between a door-free driving experience or the safety and peace of mind that comes from a pair of exterior-mounted rearview mirrors.

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