Cars Two curves before the finish - the leader rolls out without fuel

18:15  18 october  2020
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Race of My Life: Thierry Boutsen on the 1986 Spa 1000km

  Race of My Life: Thierry Boutsen on the 1986 Spa 1000km As Autosport launches the latest episode in its Race of My Life podcast series, we take a look back at three-time grand prix winner Thierry Boutsen's choice as the race of his life - the 1986 Spa 1000km Race: 1986 Spa 1000km, Spa-Francorchamps Car: Brun Motorsport Porsche 956The Spa 1000km in 1986 was a very good race; it was a race that I wanted to win because I was leading the year before with Stefan Bellof when he had the [fatal] accident.I enjoyed doing sportscars at that time because I didn't have a good drive in Formula 1.

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On the second lap of the ADAC GT4 Germany in Spielberg, the leader Aleksey Sizov rolls two curves before the finish without fuel. A Porsche driver benefits.

Zwei Kurven vorm Ziel - Führender rollt ohne Sprit aus © Provided by sport1.de Two curves before the finish - the leader rolls out of fuel without fuel

What a bitter end for Aleksey Sizov.

In the second race of the ADAC GT4 Germany at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, the McLaren driver from Team Dörr Motorsport was actually on course for victory before he ran out of fuel shortly before the end. Two corners before the end, the driver had to switch on the hazard warning lights because he didn't have enough gasoline in the tank. Numerous cars passed him.

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In the end, Sizov and his partner Christopher Dreyspring only reached the finish line in tenth place.

From 18th place to first place

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Jan Kasperlik, who had been with the Allied Racing team in his Porsche until then, was able to benefit from the fuel problem on the McLaren had been in second place. Kasperlik and his partner Nicolaj Möller-Madsen were unexpectedly happy about the victory. They had earned this not only because of the failure of the lead car, especially the driving performance before that was impressive.

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The driver duo started the race in 18th place, and in the end the place was right at the top of the podium.

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"An amazing ride. I have to say that very clearly in the direction of Nicolaj. Yesterday it was difficult, this morning it was difficult again, but he's now the absolute race winner. He had incredible pace. I just had to take over and see that I bring home second. We knew that McLaren are unbeatable. But we also knew that they always have fuel problems. That the guys ran out of fuel in the penultimate corner was not that to be expected ", explained Kasperlik in an interview with SPORT1 .

Kreutzpointner twins retire

Behind the Porsche, pole-setters Phil Dörr and Fred Martin-Dye finished second in the McLaren. BMW drivers Gabriele Piana and Michael Schrey landed in third place.

The Kreutzpointner twins, however, dropped out prematurely.

Julien Apotheloz and Luca-Sandro Trefz, who finished sixth on Sunday, are still in the lead in the overall standings. Behind them are Florian Janits / Reinhard Kofler and Piana / Schrey.

The winning duo was able to move up to fourth place with 25 points for the day.

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