Cars Reliability Ranking: Tesla falls significantly behind - only one model recommended

05:50  27 november  2020
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minus 21 percent: Tesla shares record the biggest slump in company history

 minus 21 percent: Tesla shares record the biggest slump in company history © Shutterstock Tesla Logo. The Tesla share posted a minus of 21 percent on Tuesday. This is the biggest slump in a single day in the history of the electric car manufacturer. Recently, a market watcher had chosen drastic words to warn investors of an imminent massive slump in Tesla's share: The paper was ten times overvalued on the stock market, investment researcher and head of New Constructs David Trainer said in the CNBC broadcast Trading Nation.

Improved reliability reports from owners of the Model 3 and the Model S were enough to convince Consumer Reports to once again recommend both vehicles as reliable , a designation the organization pulled last year. Overall, the Tesla brand jumped four spots in the latest Consumer Reports reliability

Consumer Reports gave the Tesla Model Y SUV a "not recommended " rating because of significant reliability problems, dragging the brand to near the bottom of the magazine's industry-wide reliability ranking .

The annual reliability report from Consumer Reports turns out worse for the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Some of the Group's vehicles are getting bad reviews, so the organization can only recommend one Tesla model.

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• Tesla drops in reliability ranking

• Significant deficiencies in Model Y

• Gradation for Model S

Consumer ranking shows reliability of vehicle manufacturers

The US consumer organization Consumer Reports, which promotes the Aims to create a fair, safer and more transparent market for consumers, published this year's study on the reliability of cars from different manufacturers on November 19th. The report, which has been created since 2005, is based on data from more than 300,000 vehicle owners. Based on the number of problems reported, the analysts then assign a reliability rating to the models. In addition, the organization carries out evaluations on road tests, user satisfaction, safety systems and possibly crash tests.

Tesla: Model 3 is cheaper and continues to drive

 Tesla: Model 3 is cheaper and continues to drive Tesla significantly reduces the price for its Model 3 in China. Customers in Europe will probably also soon be able to look forward to discounts at Tesla. © Provided by Finanz.net DANIEL ROLAND / AFP / Getty Images • New batteries make lower prices possible • Demand in China below expectations • Model 3 could also be cheaper in other countries The US automaker Tesla launched a slightly modified Model 3 in China.

The original Tesla community on Reddit. Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) is CR in fact used their "body hardware" category to drop Model 3 from their recommended list earlier this year, as that was the only category Something has to be behind their hate of tesla and support of old school auto companies.

Tesla Inc. shares tumbled as much as 8% in postmarket trading Friday as investors who contributed to its jaw-dropping rally this year in anticipation it may join the S&P 500 Index will have to wait for another day. Tesla Falls After Anticipated S&P Inclusion Proves Illusory.

Tesla is at the bottom of the list of 26 car brands with below average reliability for three of its four models. The electric car manufacturer takes 25th place in this year's ranking and has dropped two places since last year.

Model Y with massive flaws

Tesla's poor result is mainly due to the recently launched SUV Model Y, which, according to data from Consumer Report, is not proving to be particularly reliable. "The Model Y had some problems with the build quality of the body panels and the paintwork," said the organization. "Many owners reported misaligned body panels that needed repair and paintwork mismatch. One owner reported that there was residue of dust, dirt, and even hair on the paintwork." In October, "The Verge" also reported on the case of a Model Y owner, who was driving his vehicle on a highway, when the glass surface of the roof came off and was blown away within a few seconds. This only happened a few hours after buying the electric car, when he discovered gaps and bumps that are said to often occur in Tesla models.

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Tesla shares fell after a new report, based in part on the reviews of thousands of vehicle owners While many Tesla owners may not be happy about the reliability of their car, Consumer Reports The lowest rated auto brands by Consumer Reports is Fiat FCA-IT , right behind Jaguar and Land Rover.

Tesla was ranked 25th out of 29 car brands in Consumer Reports' reliability rankings . The Tesla Model S was once the darling of Consumer Reports, garnering high But last year, Consumer Reports said it could no longer recommend the Model S, because its predicted reliability was below average.

Model S graded

While the Model S was classified as the best-rated vehicle of all time in 2015, Consumer Report rated it this year with below-average reliability. The reasons for this were, according to "CNBC", problems with the air suspension, the main computer and the touchscreen controls. "We see a variety of problems with this car," said Jake Fisher of Consumer Report. "Its reliability fluctuates throughout its life cycle." The Model S was first released in 2012, but has been updated with updates from Tesla since then. Normally, the reliability of vehicles increases with age since they were first released, but according to "CNBC" reports, Tesla tends to improve its models mainly through software updates, but neglect the exterior equipment of its vehicles in terms of improvements. This trend seems to extend from Tesla to other vehicle manufacturers as well.

Last year, the Model X was also rated with below-average reliability. This assessment has now been renewed by the analysts. The organization therefore only recommends the Model 3 from the Tesla portfolio.

Tesla share increases: Investors celebrate strong Tesla numbers - Goldman Sachs raises target

 Tesla share increases: Investors celebrate strong Tesla numbers - Goldman Sachs raises target The electric car manufacturer Tesla granted investors and interested parties a look at the books on Wednesday evening after trading on Wall Street. © Provided by Finanz.net Hannelore Foerster / Getty Images Tesla was in the black in a row in the fifth quarter and confirmed its ambitious annual targets.

Consumer Reports, which ranks the reliability of vehicles based on owner reviews, says the dependability of Tesla models has slipped in the last year as the automaker upgraded the hardware and software on its Model S vehicles.

Tesla was dinged again by Consumer Reports, which is pulling its recommendation of the Model 3. The report cited reliability issues with the car.

Known problems could lead to recall campaigns

According to "CNBC", many of the problems criticized by Consumer Reports have been known for a long time. Tesla is said to have offered refunds to owners of older S and X models who had to pay for repairs to the main computer themselves. Users should no longer be able to see any content on the touchscreen, and should have lost access to the temperature setting and reversing cameras. After the group informed affected customers about the repayment of repair costs, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expanded a safety investigation into the problems with the main computers of the corresponding models, which were produced from 2012 to early 2018. Depending on the results of the road and vehicle safety authority, they could initiate a recall that covers around 159,000 vehicles.

Tesla competitors do better

Despite Tesla's poor results in the study, other manufacturers of electric vehicles scored points. "We continue to recommend many reliable electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona Electric, which have lower running costs than traditional gas-powered vehicles," CNBC quoted Fisher as saying. "The initial issues we see with some of the latest EVs are still covered by warranty and may improve over time. We will continue to monitor EV reliability and cost over the long term as more models come out. " It should also be mentioned that Japanese vehicle manufacturers performed best in the latest report. Mazda took first place for the first time, followed by Toyota in second and the subsidiary Lexus in third. According to consumer reports, experience shows that Toyota cars are high up in the ranking. Buick, , Honda, and Hyundai follow in fourth to sixth place. Ford and his daughter Lincoln slipped significantly with their new SUVs, the individual parts of which have to be replaced more frequently - Lincoln even in last place.Redaktion finanzen.net

Credit Suisse analyst: Tesla's batteries outstanding despite underperformance rating .
Even if Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy expects a significantly lower price for Tesla shares in the long term, he ascribes the group a leading role in the manufacture of batteries. This advantage is also noticeable in Tesla's vehicle models compared to the competition. © Provided by Finanz.net ASIF HASSAN / AFP / Getty Images • Tesla can look back on a successful 2020 • Model 3 and Model Y score with battery range • Leadership role in battery production Successful 2020 for Tesla- Share Last year

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