Cars Why the steering wheel display is dimmed during F1 night races

13:40  27 november  2020
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Williams steering wheel /digital display (self. formula 1 ). submitted 3 years ago by vonvoltage. I 've noticed that Williams uses a separate screen which isn't attached to the steering wheel . They also did this last year ( I think). I 'm thinking its a driver preference, maybe Massa's experience and input.

Something like this, yes? It’s a matter of the driver’s preference. The display and steering wheel designs are different for each team. The designs must fit the driver’s choice so that they’re comfortable since there’s no regulation about the layo

Das Display am Formel-1-Lenkrad des Renault R.S.19 aus der Saison 2019 © Motorsport Images The display on the Formula 1 steering wheel of the Renault RS19 from the 2019 season

It's not just the daily routine that is different when Formula 1 is a floodlit race keeps. As Haas driver Romain Grosjean explains, this change must also be taken into account on the technical side, for example with the steering wheel display in the Formula 1 cockpit. This is also the case at the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend ( follow all Formula 1 races 2020 in the free live ticker! ).

"The most important thing at night races is: We have to reduce the brightness of the steering wheel display. That has priority because otherwise it is very annoying," says Grosjean. After all, as a driver you don't want to be dazzled.

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  Mini Urbanaut concept hints at how its cars could look in a decade It doubles as a relaxing sanctuaries for drivers and passengers complete with a comfortable sofa in the rear, fold-down dashboard day-bed,dining table, and even a leafy green potted plant. It is part of German parent company BMW's ambitious 'NextGen2020' programme showing how accelerating hi-tech and changing social attitudes are creating a new generation of green, zero-emissions cars with vegan leather-free interiors and parts made from recycled metals, materials and plastics.

The modern Formula 1 steering wheel is, therefore, the most amazing ever made. All of these settings can change several times during a race , or even a lap. Adjustments must be made while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the track, which is why a modern F 1 wheel might

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The lighting from the outside is not a problem, says Grosjean: "The visibility at night is almost better than during the day. In Suzuka, for example, you always look directly at the sun on the Degner curve. At night, however, the lights are like that positioned so that this problem does not occur. "

Because Formula 1 night races are usually held in regions with hot temperatures, there are "no clouds or poor visibility" there, according to Grosjean. The conditions for driving at night are therefore "always pretty good," as he says.

"I therefore use a normal, slightly tinted visor, which I also use when it is sunny or slightly cloudy, as usual."

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