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11:10  01 december  2020
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In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp

 In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp © ASHRAF SHAZLY An Ethiopian refugee sells tea, in a transit camp in Sudan, November 26, 2020 Samarwat Tkhali, 10, has been walking around for a week the streets of "Village 8" in Sudan, where thousands of Ethiopians have taken refuge fleeing the war in Tigray. To survive, she sells the chocolate cakes bought by her father. In this miserable village, where some 15,000 Ethiopian refugees are crowded near the border, she approaches the people by asking them timidly: "Do you want to taste one?".

A recent study found out which cars are most likely to exceed the 200k mark and some of the winners are surprising. The folks over at iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 13 million vehicles and found which models had the highest percentage of vehicles with more than 200,000 miles on the clock.

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David Prowse died in a London hospital from COVID-19, his daughter Rachel revealed following news that he died this weekend.

David Prowse sitting at a table © Nihonjoe/Wikimedia Commons David Prowse

The "Star Wars" actor was in the hospital for two weeks battling COVID-19. Rachel, of Croydon, South London, confirmed as much in a statement published by The Sun. Sadly, the family was not there by his side when he died.

"It's horrible that Covid restrictions meant we did not get to see him and say goodbye," the 50-year old said.

"But when we went to collect his stuff from the hospital the nurse said what a cool guy he was. He was such a larger-than-life character. He would have loved to see himself trending on Twitter," Rachel added.

Does a 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars make a real difference?

  Does a 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars make a real difference? There is plenty of evidence to suggest the accelerated ban will have very little impact on the new cars manufacturers would have been selling to us in 109 months' time anyway.After months of speculation, Boris Johnson has laid bare his ambitious plans to steer us all towards electric vehicles sooner than we thought - and many would like - by announcing an earlier date for the ban on the sale of new cars with petrol and diesel engines.

The cars most likely to be involved in an accident have been revealed - and the UK's favourite car comes in at the top of the list. Popular white van man motor the Mercedes Sprinter also featured on the list, while Vauxhall Corsa and Astra hatches also proved likely to be involved in a collision.

A list of the top cars most likely to be stolen and cars that likely won't be stolen.

Prowse's agency Bowington Management called the actor's death "heart-wrenching" and that it brings "sadness for us millions of fans around the world." Agent Thomas Bowington paid tribute to the dad-of-three with a line from "Star Wars": May the force be with him, always!"

"Though famous for playing many monsters - for myself, and all who knew Dave and worked with him, he was a hero in our lives," Bowington said.

Prowse played the villain Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's father in George Lucas' "Star Wars" trilogy: "Star Wars: A New Hope," "The Empire Strikes Back," and "Return of the Jedi." News of his death reached his co-star, Mark Hamill, who played his on-screen son. In a tweet, he mourned the loss of a "kind man" who was "much more than Darth Vader." He said the Bristol-born star "loved his fans as much as he loved him."

Alpina B3 Touring 2020 UK review

  Alpina B3 Touring 2020 UK review Buchloe's take on the BMW M340i Touring is a 456bhp, 516lb ft super-estate that melds finesse and ferocity to astonishing effectTake it as read that the 3 Series Touring now feels ideally sized for fast family-car duties. There’s plenty of space inside and you get a real sense of maturity on the move, but the car avoids the occasional awkwardness that comes with driving something as large as the 5 Series Touring – or Alpina’s V8-engined B5 Touring – through towns and along B-roads.

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"Actor-Husband-Father-Member of the Order of the British Empire-3 time British Weightlifting Champion & Safety Icon the Green Cross Code Man," Hamill wrote.

Star Wars, on its official Twitter page, also paid tribute to the actor who "will be long remembered."

Anthony Daniels, who played C3PO in all the "Star Wars" films, called Prowse an iconic figure whose legacy will leave on long after his death.

Aside from COVID-19, Rachel confirmed that Prowse was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's prior to his death. He was 85.

David Prowse sitting at a table: David Prowse at Mountain-Con III in Layton, Utah. CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Nihonjoe/Wikimedia Commons © Provided by International Business Times David Prowse at Mountain-Con III in Layton, Utah. CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Nihonjoe/Wikimedia Commons

Mank review: "David Fincher has directed an all-timer" .
After 30 years of gestation, Mank emerges one of the great films on the machinations of Hollywood . It demythologises the town while dealing with themes of authorship, self-loathing, alcoholism, fear of failure and the value of the word. It is sometimes savage, sometimes amusing, often both at once. Gallery: The best Pixar movies, ranked! (Total Film) 1/23 SLIDES © Pixar Every Pixar movie ranked, including 2020's Onward Normally with "best movies" lists, you have a pretty good idea as to what may take the number one spot.

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